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  1. If you can't see the fuse or breaker it is most likely not there! Even the stupidest installer would put the fuse/breaker where it is accessible! Lol make sure you put one in.
  2. Once the water levels and flows drop to normal, things will pick up
  3. So you have no experience fishing for bass in heavy cover but go all out to trash a guy who does? Trolling for salmon and flipping for bass are two different animals entirely. He wouldn't use a Calcutta 400 for flipping any more than you would use an smaller low line capacity reel for trolling.... apples and oranges people.... As far as drag systems go, when you are done your day, lossen off you drag completely, it will last forever, I've got a number of $25 reels I've owned for 20+ years that will attest to that no different than my $200 reels. It's all in the care and maintenance you put into them.
  4. Silent Lake PP gets another vote from me, as well as Bon Echo PP. Lots to do nearby as well if the weather is less than ideal, canoe/paddle boat rentals at both places
  5. On a pontoon like that you just need it to be submerged, you won't have to worry about it getting a reading at planing speeds like on a power boat. Take into account if you will be fishing in any type of waves including from your 'toon while you're shifting around while casting etc. 2-3 inches should be more than enough
  6. Got some nice browns out of Camp Creek, wasn't a place I fished much but when I did they always seemed to be biting
  7. Nice job! Didn't get out for the opener for the first time in a long time.... pinched a nerve, can't walk for the long periods required for my trouting spots, left them all for you this year! Lol
  8. Nice job! Haven't fished for trout down that way in quite a while.
  9. The closer to the headwaters you get, the less the water levels /clarity will be affected, that said, the water may still be stained or high, but will clear up and return to normal levels (sometimes in as little as a few hours) much quicker than downstream areas.
  10. jjcanoe

    Boat Vinyl ?

    True enough, if there is no minimum length you need to buy or "cutting fee" each place I looked when I ordered mine seemed to have one type of charge or another to add to the final price I paid lol
  11. jjcanoe

    Boat Vinyl ?

    $15/ foot is a decent price
  12. jjcanoe

    Boat Vinyl ?

    OK I found it, , London kijiji posted 4 days ago (searched boat vinyl) Please view this ad: Marine Vinyl Flooring > Save BIG !!!, http://www.kijiji.ca/v-boat-parts-trailer-accessories/london/marine-vinyl-flooring-save-big/1158981902 Price: $ 15 Download the application from the Google Play Store. http://goo.gl/Hs9Yg
  13. jjcanoe

    Boat Vinyl ?

    Home Depot also sells it in the flooring section,(special order) that's where I ordered mine when I did my boat. Check out kijiji, I swear I saw someone selling some extra on there last weekend
  14. On thing I've always found is that if Erie is a write off, Ontario is most likely (but not always) good to go. If both are too windy/wavy, the upper or lower river will be your best bet. Failing that, the Welland river is always flat!
  15. The other plug I installed is an auxiliary jack to plug in my satellite radio or sons Iphone, as well as a USB charging port
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