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  1. Was nice talking to everyone out there … and congrats to Smerchly taking everyone to school in how to carp.
  2. Using a spinnerait …. or 5 … tossed some for about two hours, the end result was one pike, took a second cast to hook it … about 20 inches or so, two smaller ones following the lures, and something smacked a spinnerbait when it was too deep and far out to see. The pike are definitely acting like the water is a little too cold right now. Cut the fishing shot, since Amazon let me know my package arrived … and in it was an electric lead melter to get away from using an open flame since that is frowned upon in my neighborhood. No picture of the pike, but some pictures of the lures created today to continue the hunt for those toothy gremlins. One is a duplicate of one made last year that brought me a muskie pushing 50".
  3. Snags

    A few pike

    I am still in search of pike #1 this year … had one follow and tried to hit the spinnerbait, but it missed and it did not come back around for seconds.
  4. I am off for 3 weeks beginning Wednesday … looking forward to getting in a ton of pike and carp over that time … anyone want to get out let me know with a PM.
  5. On the east side (St. Catharines) you can fish the whole strip from the fence where the hydro generation is through to the fencing keeping people off the end of the pier. The marina seems to not want anyone fishing there based on some signs that were put up last year, not sure if that would still be the case. Basically if you can be there without having to trespass you can fish it. On the west side (Port Dalhousie) I don't know if you can fish technically off of the walk bridge, but basically from behind the restaurant down to wherever they have it fenced off. That parking lot, people have fished from there into the water behind the old factory.
  6. Snags

    St. John's

    The cold front would probably shut the trout down combined with them being skittish since they would have only recently been dumped in.
  7. Port Dalhousie falls into Lake Ontario's rules. Zone 20 I think. If you have to jump a fence or barrier ... it is probably illegal. If you are talking about the little waterfalls. You can't fish within 75 feet of it and that includes casting within 75 feet of it. The trespassing is one charge and then fishing close to a dam would be another. People will fish it but if the MNR or NRP feels like talking to you, you are SOL. Also don't try the arguement of NO SIGNS ... they don't go up since they would be ripped down even faster.
  8. Snags

    St. John's

    It is reflective of being a pond. Although spring fed there is no where for runoff to go, so overtime it fills in and gets shallower. Same could be said for dufferin islands in the falls. It has become very shallow. Both could probably use a dredging to help restore them.
  9. That is good news, but planned for an early finish and under budget three years out … give me a break, plenty of time for things the government is involved in to go wrong. I saw a local politician trying to say it was their doing for ontime and under budget.
  10. Looks like a Wels … stories of them reaching 600 pounds. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wels_catfish
  11. Once bass seasons open, they are relatively easy fish to get assuming you don't care on size. One of the simplest spots (until the dog days of the summer hit) is Beaverdams … any of the ponds. No size to be had/found but good enough if you want quantity over quality. If you are looking to keep them for a feed … you might glow in the dark after consuming Beaverdams bass … for those I would say Niagara River, the smallies there are pretty easy to hook into.
  12. If you are talking these ones https://www.google.com/maps/@43.1492581,-79.3726529,357m/data=!3m1!1e3 I will be giving it a go once bass season is open. From what I have asked, it may appear to be sunfish only though.
  13. Depending on the location of your bedroom to the attic, they will move on with noise, so if you can put a speaker up there, it should drive them away.
  14. Snags


    I have a few questions about this for those who subscribe. I am not looking for a provider, so no need to post usernames or "business names". Yes I know … illegal as a whole. Just wondering about a few questions. What is your monthly bill? Do you have an option for paying for a set period of time upfront for a cheaper rate? For payment, is the charge put through on your credit card from a local company or is it a third party back in China? What channels do you have access to? Does it include things like the NHL/MLB/NFL networks? Does it include tons of European football? Does it include PPVs (boxing, wrestling, UFC, etc)? Is it only live TV or does your provider have on-demand options available? How stable is it, has a previous provider been shut down on you? Ever had lag issues? Is that a channel problem or a provider problem? Do you need an android box, or is it through a website if your television has a browser? If you need a box, is that included in the monthly rate or is it a separate charge? If you need the android box, does your monthly fee include fixing it when it goes down or are you SOL and need to buy another one? Again, just looking into some questions, not looking for a recommendation of a "business name" or any of that as I have two in mind, I am just looking for peoples opinions since searching or asking on facebook brings out the lowest common denominator in the population.
  15. That's what smoking does Smerch … how I look today since taking the hobby up yesterday.
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