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  1. Years ago someone stole a wallet and car keys from a buddy's gym bag ... in the end he got his ID back and was able to put a hold on his credit cards, so all he suffered was inconveniences. Car keys were left in the car after nothing of value was found. Eventually the cops showed up and someone tossed the question out on "What if we walked into the locker room and caught him in the act" ... the answer was simple ... "it all depends on who is responding, but in my book, whatever you boys decided to do, I might have to stop and get a coffee if you guys caught him, you would do more to him than we are even allowed to think about". I think that sums up the lack of teeth that exist as a whole, and of course if it was a different cop answering that question the answer would be "you hit him you are being charged with assault". This will be an interesting case to monitor and see how it does going through the courts from a "protecting your home perspective". https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/eddie-maurice-rural-homeowner-shooting-trespasser-lawsuit-intruder-watson-1.5295370
  2. Going to disagree on the vehicles travelling faster and headlights Smerch. The brighter headlights are a requirement if you are outside of city limits, as someone who has had close calls with deer, caribou, coyotes, and such ... my vehicle would have become a write off at least once if it was not for upgrading the headlights. At the end of the day the "brighter headlights" are often very poorly aligned and not properly set for illuminating the roads as opposed to someones backseat. Vehicles aren't travelling faster nowadays ... just there are more idiots on the roads and people who truly don't give a **** if they hit you or not. As much as they upped the QEW to 110, find a time where you can actually go 110 plus outside of midnight.
  3. Since you like playing in the kitchen ... ditch the sriracha and make your own hot sauce, relatively easy to go and fairly inexpensive if you can control yourself when buying the peppers. In the freezer I have a pineapple mango ghost pepper one ... only down fall is it is too thick for most squirt bottles compared to a proper sauce. I think the cost for about 2 litres of sauce was around $20 and that was mostly peppers because I could not control myself.
  4. I really hope they don't make it much further. The reading I have done on them has ZERO positive impact on the environment so it is a definite scary potential combined with how aggressive they can become. But I am sure some animals rights group will stand up for them.
  5. Firstly I did vote. Secondly I am not happy with the results. The unfortunate thing is how any political debates has turned into name calling and slinging mud. Because of that it is so hard to find proper information on the parties. I saw tons of articles pushed through on Facebook from different friends supporting one party, half of them were from sites that have no credibility and made my preferred party seem to enjoy eating the hearts of newborn babies while making their candidate seem like they sh!# rainbows. Unfortunately there is no reporting that is done without a political party spin/push so to read anything unbiased is impossible.
  6. Just a poll on curiosity, no need to actually comment since this current election has such a strong and divided opinion out there.
  7. No it isn't Thundermist ... they manufactured the nasty girl/boy series of spoons.
  8. Question ... I can't find any information on Lure King, saw something that is was a Niagara-ish company ... Anyone have any information? Is the company still in business?
  9. End of day this is bullshit. If it passes it will solely be so someone can take a large bonus with "cost savings". It makes sense since plenty of "garbage" can be put into recycling, but at the same time, how much of the stuff that goes into recycling winds up going to the dump since it can't be recycled? One item I saw was the potential that all garbage needs to go into clear bags ... which is kind of a public shaming. At the same time, the homeless population goes through my subdivision looking for cans/bottles. This would be an invite into them opening garbage bags up. An article I read on this tended to indicate recycling and organics would still be weekly.
  10. If they were in Erie they can get into Gibson. There used to be stores in TO that sold them live as well. I am sure if you know "someone" you can still get them.
  11. So I have put in quite a few hours searching for pike/bass/muskie this season and it has been a $#!t season. Most of the waters I have fished are all linked back to Lake Gibson, or the canal, or lake erie, or go back further ... lake st. clair and lake huron ... In my mind something was dumped that has killed off plenty of the life within Gibson/12 Mile/Martindale. Q. F*** YOU, you just suck at fishing ... A. Maybe, but talking to plenty of people the conclusion is all the same ... something is off in these waters. Q. Evidence? A. Today, fishing the 12 ... the water is down because of the rowing ... I saw no fish in the shallows, previous years they were fighting to attack my lures. The other thing I noticed is that when my lure hit the bottom, no gobies moved in to investigate, and to top it off I could not find/see one zebra mussel ... which got me thinking and I have not see many zebra mussels this year, let alone many gobies. The few times I have put a worm on ... I have reeled a full worm back in. On the subject of zebra mussels ... if they are lacking ... that would be why the water clarity has been pretty s**tty this year for those of us who like that system. Also I have seen a whole lack of minnows through this system this year. Q. Where? A. Anything that is an offshoot of Lake Gibson ... so that includes the 12 Mile and into Martindale Pond. I am thinking maybe there was an attempt to poison the Asian carp and it backfired, or some factory or farm dumped something they shouldn't have ... with how positive Erie has been for fishing it would be something coming in from the canal or in the Gibson area, doubt it would be anything from Erie. Or we just blame the cormorants and accept that those birds are the devil.
  12. Was nice talking to everyone out there … and congrats to Smerchly taking everyone to school in how to carp.
  13. Using a spinnerait …. or 5 … tossed some for about two hours, the end result was one pike, took a second cast to hook it … about 20 inches or so, two smaller ones following the lures, and something smacked a spinnerbait when it was too deep and far out to see. The pike are definitely acting like the water is a little too cold right now. Cut the fishing shot, since Amazon let me know my package arrived … and in it was an electric lead melter to get away from using an open flame since that is frowned upon in my neighborhood. No picture of the pike, but some pictures of the lures created today to continue the hunt for those toothy gremlins. One is a duplicate of one made last year that brought me a muskie pushing 50".
  14. Snags

    A few pike

    I am still in search of pike #1 this year … had one follow and tried to hit the spinnerbait, but it missed and it did not come back around for seconds.
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