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  1. Without question Gunner. I would need to see a third party go through the app and explain what data is sent where. Much like Tik Tok has been proven to be a bad app with the permissions it takes and does not need (among other things). At the end of the day, the liberals are pushing us more and more towards being China 2.0, and enough of the population is buying into it since The Great Leader gets a free pass on everything from ethics violations through to brown-face since he took a knee in a BLM protest in Ottawa.
  2. If I hook into a big one (hasn't happened in a year plus now) ... tire the fish out so it is a little more mellow in the net and in turn on shore while I remove the hook. Once the fish looks to have given up, the net goes in the dominant hand and the rod to the other with a little praying to the fishing demons (since the fish gods don't hear my thoughts it appears).
  3. You are better off staying away from that App. Great in theory but I still have too many questions on it. Also I have read that it is a battery killer since it is always broadcasting.
  4. Got out for an hour to try for a muskie or two from shore, the radar told me I had some time. No fish No follows No signs of life in the water outside of a few carp and a turtle Driving home I did a double take, pulled over, and snapped a few photos.
  5. If you think the garbage dumping is bad now, wait till the fall when you are allowed garbage service every other week. The winter won't be a big deal, but I can tell you in the summer I don't want stuff sitting in my garage for two weeks.
  6. This is the least of the worries for the region. The city should really look into banning those awful dui-scooters that are more and more popular here. No insurance needed. Coming home tonight, watched one blow through a light that even a car would have been able to stop for.
  7. Depending on your son's age and how "he is driving" (trolling at a slow speed to giving it a go) ... it might be up for a discussion, but at the end of the day ... you don't have a G1, you don't get behind the wheel of a car and that would be the counter argument.
  8. Those of you saying it is not enforceable ... if they issue the ticket you will have to take it to court to fight it. Everything put out is very vague, vagueness works to the advantage of those writing tickets but it may not work for the courts.
  9. No launching of gas motors from the conservation area. They can't stop people from coming in off the lake or those who have their own dock on their property. If you don't know that area though, definitely not somewhere you want to rip through blindly.
  10. How large is the net? I would be wagering a cisco or whitefish? https://www.ontario.ca/page/cisco-or-lake-herring https://www.ontario.ca/page/lake-whitefish I would suggest sending the info into the MNR to be safe if it has not been done already.
  11. This one came in around 27" give or take one. Very close to the spot where my last pike came from, and on the same Snags created spinnerbait ... I think I have found a winning pattern for one of the bodies of water I fish.
  12. Please stand by ... incoming pike picture in the next while.
  13. One other reason it won't work ... 3D printers ... better ban them as well.
  14. Was out fishing and looked up ... three deer were running in my direction, I must have spooked them while I went for the phone for a photo because they then jumped into a creek and went to the other side. Never seen the deer in that immediate area I was in ... but none the less awesome.
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