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  1. No launching of gas motors from the conservation area. They can't stop people from coming in off the lake or those who have their own dock on their property. If you don't know that area though, definitely not somewhere you want to rip through blindly.
  2. How large is the net? I would be wagering a cisco or whitefish? https://www.ontario.ca/page/cisco-or-lake-herring https://www.ontario.ca/page/lake-whitefish I would suggest sending the info into the MNR to be safe if it has not been done already.
  3. This one came in around 27" give or take one. Very close to the spot where my last pike came from, and on the same Snags created spinnerbait ... I think I have found a winning pattern for one of the bodies of water I fish.
  4. Please stand by ... incoming pike picture in the next while.
  5. One other reason it won't work ... 3D printers ... better ban them as well.
  6. Was out fishing and looked up ... three deer were running in my direction, I must have spooked them while I went for the phone for a photo because they then jumped into a creek and went to the other side. Never seen the deer in that immediate area I was in ... but none the less awesome.
  7. Today was a good day ... maybe a little too much sun. Started just washing the lures, but then changed locations and had one that went for it but didn't get hooked. An hour or two later and this bulldog hit. It managed to make the net man bleed. I should add ... on one of my creations as well.
  8. Take a look at the USA though, they have had a few people wear masks that resemble (or are) related to the KKK. Only a matter of time before we see that up here, most likely it will be Alberta or the East Coast.
  9. Is firemans even deep enough for trout to be able to survive more than a few hours? I know there are some good carp in there though.
  10. Like I said Smerch ... if you are gonna go for a pike walk, let me know.
  11. A net isn't needed for a pike that size, I mean it was slightly larger than my spinnerbait.
  12. The pike ... measured up around 27". I have re redo the spinnerbait as it was a bad hook combined with the spinnerbait getting caught in the net ... it is a mess. No pic of the fish on shore, as the goal was get it back into the water ASAP since the unhook tool a little longer.
  13. One pike today, had one hit, and had another one on that fought like a bat out of hell, that one wound up getting off. Pics later when I have some time.
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