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    I have a few questions about this for those who subscribe. I am not looking for a provider, so no need to post usernames or "business names". Yes I know … illegal as a whole. Just wondering about a few questions. What is your monthly bill? Do you have an option for paying for a set period of time upfront for a cheaper rate? For payment, is the charge put through on your credit card from a local company or is it a third party back in China? What channels do you have access to? Does it include things like the NHL/MLB/NFL networks? Does it include tons of European football? Does it include PPVs (boxing, wrestling, UFC, etc)? Is it only live TV or does your provider have on-demand options available? How stable is it, has a previous provider been shut down on you? Ever had lag issues? Is that a channel problem or a provider problem? Do you need an android box, or is it through a website if your television has a browser? If you need a box, is that included in the monthly rate or is it a separate charge? If you need the android box, does your monthly fee include fixing it when it goes down or are you SOL and need to buy another one? Again, just looking into some questions, not looking for a recommendation of a "business name" or any of that as I have two in mind, I am just looking for peoples opinions since searching or asking on facebook brings out the lowest common denominator in the population.
  2. That's what smoking does Smerch … how I look today since taking the hobby up yesterday.
  3. Smerch … the coyotes in St Kitts eat very well. Probably full on cats and geese mostly.
  4. You would be surprised ... I know of a small creek ... some holes might be three to four feet at a best case scenario ... and I have seen trout from October through April in it. Did I fish them? No, but they will find spots to hide if it gets cold enough that it starts to freeze up.
  5. The e-test is an absolute joke, while I am not a fan of the Doug Ford politics, this is one of the items I enjoyed with it being eliminated shortly. Mind you if the Federalies have their way none of us will be driving with what they plan on doing to the prices of life with their carbon tax in a few years times.
  6. Snags

    NFN meet up

    Was once in Port Robinson and using an underwater camera ... swear it came face to face with a rainbow ...
  7. I was out for a drive today and went by a few of the areas associated with the "old canal" and it is such a shame it is fenced off. Looking at how much has collapsed, it only makes sense to try and close it off, but for that area specifically it is a GM fence I think. I think this year, I am going to do some exploration of there coming in from the golf course side since the "security" is definitely not associated with the Seaway, and see what fishing can be had, but if I recall correctly, there were not as many trails and access points to the water.
  8. It isn't a matter of the fines but the risk of being "caught" is minimal. It is a gamble that you are more than likely to win, multiple times before you get caught. As someone who will fish pike as soon as ice out happens, pike and bass like the same habitat as a whole and I have never been questioned pike fishing by the MNR in some well known spots ... and it is not like I am fishing at 5 AM or 10 PM, well outside of normal hours of operation for them. However on the other side of the equation, I have been asked for the license once catfishing in areas where there are no "sportfish" and a second time we were more looking, but it caused the MNR officer to pull into the park and come question us to see if we had rods around ... and fair on his part. The officer tried to say he was local but he knew very little of the local areas talking with him, so we pointed him in a direction where he definitely would find people who had more than their fair share of fish in the buckets. They are understaffed for the region and can't cover all the ground that they need to, to be an effective organization and put the fear into people. I always buy a license, but I have gone multiple years without an interaction with a MNR officer, so technically ... yes I feel I could risk it and skip the purchase of the paperwork and there is a good chance I wouldn't be caught/questioned.
  9. There is a second video as well ... Video #2 I have fished that whole stretch from Glendale to the southern reservoir on that strip and done very well until the fences went up. Had many multispecies days with plenty of smallies, carp, and pike. One channel cat, potentially a few muskie ... now the bass, pike, and muskie were all in on the smaller side of the scale ... biggest pike I saw might have been pushing 24". The carp seemed to be in the 5 to 8 pound range as well. From talking to others fishing it, there were also plenty of sheepies to be found. Salmon were butchered there by the masses, but with the lock north of Glendale collapsing, I don't even know if they can make it to Glendale now. Following the salmon were the browns and the bows, saw some amazingly colored browns over the years. Items of note from my history there: Once found a putter that I fished out and kept, was near the golfcourse It may look shallow ... but depth is deceiving ... what I thought would be up to my knees at worst very quickly became waist deep Tons of coyotes and deer One saw a giant print with no claw marks ... that day I decided to skip fishing, the hair on the back of my neck was standing up saying BAD IDEA Once might have bumped into a rattlesnake (and talked to someone else who saw one) ... all I know is I heard a very distinct rattle and opted to RUN, put the net in front of my legs just ran hoping if it lunged it would catch the net and not me Almost had a fisher steal a small pike I had hooked As it is fed by the canal, there is no warnings to water level changes (when ships go through), had more than enough times where I had no room for error in jumping rock to rock to get back to the shore Once saw a gar pike pushing 40 inches ... before the days of cellphone cameras, so by the time I got the digital camera ready it had disappeared And for those who see me out and about, feel free to ask about my encounters with some rainbow trout I would love to get back in there and fish, but the lack of parking in the area has me not caring to try. I understand why they needed to fence it off with the damage all the off roading was doing, combined with the number of cars being dumped into the old locks. Also remember that depending on the draining of the canal, plenty of that area gets drained as well, so the years where the associated part of the canal was drained ... the fishing was very slow in the old canal for the first while once the warm weather came around. The years where that section of the canal was not drained ... the fishing was awesome from the start through to the end of the seasons.
  10. https://www.stcatharines.ca/en/governin/sunset-beach-vision.asp Looks like the city is thinking about fixing up the ramp and revitalizing the area. However a few of the plans involve paid parking. Take a gander through the link and the documents and email your representatives to voice your opinion if this might be something that will affect you.
  11. Well this is just f**ked! Returning bottles to the Beer Store? Beware of possible breath test by police Police in Canada can now demand breath samples in bars, at home I am all for eliminating drinking and driving within reason, but with how we seem to be going, you can't even have a beer in your own house now. Before anyone screams THAT WILL BE DEFEATED IN COURT or IT IS AGAINST OUR FREEDOMS ... read both articles and think about the consequences. I enjoy a few different beers, most nights having one or two beers at home before calling it a night, so last night I went out with a buddy, we had a drink, shot the sh*t, and I went off to home where I cracked another two before bed ... so that would have been three pints in about 2.5 hours. Or nights where I am staying in and watching the hockey game ... depending on how the Leafs are playing (or giving me anxiety), I may have upwards of six while watching the game ... If I had someone with a vendetta against me, they could have called the cops HE WAS DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED and it is up to myself to prove otherwise ... the engine would be warm as the car is in a garage, I definitely would be over the limit (since they can account for time in their calculations) and such ... Now the question is what happens if you choose to not answer your door? Well I am sure they would be able to obtain a warrant, just a matter of if it falls into the two hour window. So in time the case would make it to the courts, where I imagine it would eventually be overturned but life as I know it would be over, there would have been the license suspension, which means my job is terminated since I require a valid license for it, I would basically be unemployable since my name would be out there as being caught drinking and driving, and you can't erase The Google. Regardless of the trial outcome, anyone going through a hiring process has their name googled at some point or another, and the first few results are all they look at. BUT THAT ISN'T RIGHT/FAIR ... prove it in court that you were the best candidate and they discriminated against you ... unless you know the rest of the talent pool ... you have no clue and won't be able to, or you have deep pockets that can afford the fight. A coworker just got back from Poland where you can't operate a vehicle with any alcohol in your system and it is obvious we are going that way, but the infrastructure of public transit is not growing enough, the bus system in Niagara is a joke, taxis cost a small fortune to go across the city, and if you choose to use an unlicensed cab, the wait time can be hours. I love to have a beer or two with friends, especially if we go out for dinner, but I will now be sticking to ice tea as it is not worth the hassle to even think about. Probably much less going out and more staying in now. If I lived in the GTA where the public transit is better, a whole different world. At the end of the day, driving is a privilege, but the real dangers are still out there with all you @$$holes who run the red lights, speed, and/or drive those e-bikes that are unlicensed. The roads are far from slick but there is some snow out there ... motorcycles seen today while driving ... 0 ... @$$holes on e-bikes who are ignoring all traffic rules ... 3.
  12. Moodie and Gibson are hard bodies of water to fish once the temps spike, so the shallow areas around the shoreline are not favorable for anyone.
  13. Snags

    Liscence renew

    If I am running a store and need to pay for the computer equipment for the licenses ... I want territory rights to an area to ensure I recoup costs and encouraging people to buy other items while visit for their license needs. If I need to outlay money for the printing of the papers for licenses and I get no territory rights ... I probably don't want a part (but it would all depend on how expensive the system is) ... I guarantee you it is not a $800 Best Buy special.
  14. Best tip for a big fish ... buy a small net or leave it just out of reach
  15. This has been posted elsewhere on this site ... but no MODs have commented ... Fish Forum Slow And I mean slow in terms of speed loading, not the posters, the quality, or the quantity of posts.
  16. Snags


    Smerch leave me a PM if you are getting out tomorrow AM
  17. Welcome ... well you are positioned in a great area for some shore fishing. Muskie and pike exist in most of Niagara, Lake Gibson has a healthy population of both, just a matter of finding them. You will find me out there whipping spinnerbaits around at ice out and then when pike open up after spawning ... missed a really good one this past year that got the heart racing, the monster left a pretty solid wake behind. Martindale Pond has dropped off in recent years, not sure why but the fish numbers have drastically dropped, mostly carp, bass, and pike. If you want to get into muskie intentionally, the Niagara River is where you want to be. They get some decent sizes out of there for the muskie, most specifically on the upper ... there is a member on here who posts scuba diving videos showing some of the fish sitting on the bottom. The unfortunate thing is, there is plenty of closed off spaces in Niagara, so you do need to be aware that sometimes you could be faced with some trespassing concerns ... for example Gibson is not to have any boats (electric or paddle) on it and the Security that patrols it will gladly call the NRP. As Smerch said, 12 mile creek can be productive, and when they kill the current it is really interesting to check out, however there is no warning that they will turn it on. Almost got caught a few years ago. Takes about 5 to 10 minutes for everything to be back to whitewater conditions in some spots. Definitely get yourself familiar with the regulations as there are plenty of exceptions and sanctuary areas in Niagara. Combined that with seasons that don't really make sense. Unless there was any changes there are three zones you will need to know, 16 (inland - Niagara), 19 (Lake Erie), and 20 (Lake Ontario).
  18. And because someone will probably whine about one of these click your BACK button if you are a sensitive person who feels the need to complain about being offended to everyone.
  19. Quoted as this is the best advice ever given on this site. The regulations can change annually and there is no excuse for not being up on then if you are fishing. The MNR won't care that you can recite the previous years version if there was changes.
  20. All the better so your friends don't see you riding one.
  21. ... Might be time to put them away for the season and take a cab ... almost got hit by one today because they had no intentions of stopping at a red light (and probably couldn't) with the slush on the road ... you may not care about your life ... but don't ruin mine by running into me while I am driving because your vehicle can't handle the conditions. You don't see any motorcyclists out there once the weather turns to what we had today, let alone when there is rain. Rant over. Put the e-bikes away, their season is done.
  22. I was down there walking around Smerch ... saw about 20 of them sitting in Martindale Pond near where it flows into the little water fall that goes into the harbor.
  23. I am going to disagree on the bounty as it would encourage too much stupidity since there is money attached to a cormorant. There would be some idiot trying to get a quick buck in Port Dalhousie or in the Niagara River. Most hunters would respect the rules, but certain areas there would be a very quick buck to be made and it would just be a matter of being caught or making your buck. One area I used to ride my bike (within the city limits) ... there would be anywhere from 5 to 50 sunning themselves near the water waiting for a reason to jump in.
  24. Does anyone here own an actual machine? If so, where did you get it from?
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