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  1. Bill, go on facebook and contact Gary Matthews: Hes in Norfolk. Ghostware Android box, custom and Expat IPTV for $60 for six months...excellent best out there !!! You even get the world fishing Network. Tell your cable company to go pound it.
  2. fished bronte pier from 11:00 - 4:00 am spoon tossing. Seen one guy out of 20 guys, catch a small nook. Still slow out there.
  3. Hey Yolo, welcome. I do a fair amount of competitive fly fishing all over southwestern Ontario. River, Lake from the bank, lake from the boat. If your interested PM me and I can give you more info on it. You are correct in that you don't require a nymphing line. I learned that the hard way...lol. I do however have a ver nice 2 wt Maxia nymph rod and its amazing the sensitivity of a quality rod. Tungsten beads are a must for Czech nymphing in order to maintain contact with your fliy or flies. Very productive method. Casting, well that takes practice since your not really casting...your flicking your line in the direction you want to go. Unlike fly fishing your casting the line...Czech nymphing is not casting really...more directly fishing at your feet...however you can get some decent short cast with practice. Our group only has one competition left this year on the Thames river London. But shoot me your info and I can hook you up with our group. We have some really good European comp anglers, and also some of the Top Canadian anglers that fish internationally we compete with as well. I came in a green horn, 2 years ago and Ive picked it up pretty good. I have a individual 3rd seasonal trophy, a seasonal team 3rd, and the last comp a team 3rd on the grand river. So I'm learning...and with much thanks to those guys who have shared their skills with me...I love fishing comp. It makes everyone better anglers and great learning experiences. We are always looking for new guys to join the club...you wont be disappointed.
  4. Awesome as always Jim !
  5. Our Club is hosting a Fly vs Spin tournament on the Grand River between Bean Park and Brant Park. July 15th, Start time is 8:00 at Bean Park and Finish at 3:00 Brant Park. This is a boat or canoe / kayak event. Teams of two but not mandatory. Barbless, no live or organic bait. Details are available at www.sffcl.com The entry fee is $20 person with %100 payout to top 3 finishers. Each team will be provided with a measuring trough to take your photo of your best 5 fish that will be presented to judges at the finish. Should be a good time...lets see if the spinners can beat the fly guys in this Fly vs Spin competition !!! Hope to see you there...btw, we will be working with grand river rafting for canoe or yak rentals for anyone needing those. Please follow website details to register and submit payment. Any questions your not sure of ask away or pm me Cheers, Dave
  6. Yes, very typical. Not just from a boat either. Two guys float fishing, and one guy pounding them all day while the other guys using same setup. Then the next time out the guy who was getting nothing is pounding them. Have to wonder about many small things...maybe scent of the hands, maybe a slightly longer or smaller diameter tippet or like mentioned a erractic running bait. One time they are hammering pink bags, next week they want nothing to do with pink, its chartruse or nothing. Is is all too common though for sure.
  7. Condolences to the family and friends of Charlie..
  8. Wow, what a tank. Great story!
  9. Casting trout beads and egg patterns at the Queenston boat docks and bottom bouncing with pencil weights can be productive. 10lb braid with a 5-6ft floro tippet be fine for most steelhead fishing. Be prepared to lose some weights and some snags. If you cast out ten oclock to two oclock and keep a tight line on the drift with 5/8 to 1 ounce pencil weights is the strategy. You can also catch them on many of the vibrax spinners, but not my style. Like Tombo said, most effective steelheading is with float rods, not the only way but one of the most productive ways. Ive had some good days at Queenston from mid to late Nov for Browns, Steelhead and Lakers all from Shore.
  10. Uploading pictures is very simple. 1. Get yourself a web hosting site like http://www.photobucket.com 2. Upload your photos to that site 3. click on the image (URL IMG http:// Pic IMG URL) till it highlights in Blue....then right click and select copy 4. Open a reply box or thread topic on box ( on this site NFN )and at the bottom right of the screen it says insert other media...select that 5. Select insert image URL 6. Put your curser in the box that pops up and select paste. 7. That's it your done.....the picture wont appear until you select submit or reply 8. You can insert as many pictures as you like into one post. Very simple process....test it for yourself. If it does not show up correctly go back and edit your post until you get it right.
  11. Uploaded a few pics from the outdoor show for computer saavy Bill...haha
  12. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  13. Anyone getting out? Hoping to get out this weekend and pursue some early spring runners.
  14. Being a smoker myself, Ive got in the habit of flicking off the burning end of my butt and balling it up in my pocket. Only to pull out a crap load of spent butts out of my fishing jacket regularly. This past fall while walking across the river, talking to myself geez I feel wet on my one leg...turns out after I get out of the water for further inspection I found my leak !!! The butt ends I was flicking off my smokes all the time one of the ends must have landed in a crease in my waders and burned a nice 1/4 inch hole right through my $600 waders...I was pissed at myself !!!! Nasty habit, but one I have tried several times to quit without success...
  15. Anyone interested in some friendly fly tying and competitive fly fishing discussion is welcome to attend the Royal Canadian Legion waterloo branch on Marsland Ave in Waterloo this sat from 11:00 - 6:00 pm. There is no charge involved, and we will talk about a schedule of competitive events planned for 2017. If you are new or experienced fly fishing angler interested in joining a bunch of good guys with various degrees of expertise in national and international competitions and fishing lakes, rivers, ponds around Southern Ontario please come out. This is all non profit, and organized by our group and volunteers. Its a lot of fun and great learning experience for anyone starting out. I'm a sponge when it comes to learning and I can say in the two years Ive been doing this I have really enjoyed it.