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  1. I see deer quite often, but really got spooked one morning on the Nottawasaga early in the morning when a couple of turkeys flew, or tried to fly out from under big pine tree...scared the crap out of me not suspecting it. I was almost on top of them when they made the move.
  2. What do you do with a bivy? Sit inside and drink bevi? LOL. I bought a New 5" Canada fishing reels ( Umbra ) that I will receive this summer off the waiting list. I bought a Hardy salmon 2, spey reel, and a bunch more fly tying materials, and I bought a Low Kilometer 2016 Toyota Tundra, ohhh and I bought my wife some ice cream.😝
  3. Kind of figures, but its ok you can go to homedepot.
  4. Mattcrash is correct. There is brookies in lots of southern Ontario streams. When I was volunteering with TU we did stream rehad on few creeks that had good populations. Just have to look around a bit and look for off the beaten path cold water streams. I don't target them myself but I do know where to find them.
  5. I have a 5wt that I have hooked 5lb bass on, I can nymph with it, or throw poppers on a floating line. Its a 9ft BC custom rod and does the job just fine for most species. I would not hesitate even using it for steelhead. I have used it at Lyndon trout pond and handles big 8/9 lbers no problem. The biggest problem with flyfishing is too many rods, lines, reels, its just crazy...unless your dedicated to one style of fishing and one species and you want a rod specifically for that, its just as easy to adapt the rod you have...it wont be ideal in every situation but I can honestly say I can fish most species with my 5wt. When I nymph with it...I just put my 3wt reel on it and good to go...
  6. Look great Dave ! I like the sculpin pattern. I find the grand bass like anything white or olive.
  7. DaveC

    Trout opener

    Can anyone tell me if the pool, glenn or queenston are open to fishing? I heard something the steel stairs are closed? In my opinion fishing should be either open or closed....this guessing is no good. And if its open it should be open everywhere...otherwise its just going to crowd out at the known open spots with no regard for distancing. The open and closed is so confusing. Im hearing parks are closed...with some people saying you can still fish, and others I have been told have been told to go home from police at an east golf course. So vague....the courts are going to be busy with this for sure later on.
  8. DaveC

    Lower Niagara

    Beauty fish !!! Those jerk shads can be real good on the meat bit. Ive had good success on the white with pink or red jig heads
  9. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/boy-lake-erie-opp-1.5465695 Pretty sad....that poor girl is scared for life. And given the fact the grandfather was close by to assist, I assume may have been with them or overseeing. Just a sad reminder about the dangers around unsafe water.
  10. a 5wt or 6wt would be your best start. Okuma SLV makes a cheap reel and pretty durable. Plenty of setups you can buy used. Bass are lots of fun on poppers. Reel is least important...all it is to hold the line so no need for expensive reel at this point starting out. Always good to take a fly fishing lesson to start out doing it the right way and so your not wearing a hook.
  11. DaveC

    Upper river

    Very few, but I know of a couple caught in Erie tribs this past fall.
  12. Facebook market place has boat loads of used PCs for dirt cheap. $200 will get you something alot more efficient than what you have with windows 10 already installed. Not worth investing in your old PC or upgrading, as likely its cheaper to buy a used one that would suit you much better and cost you less as well. Most times, specially with people like yourself who are not so computer saavy your PC is probably bogged down with things that are causing the freezing and pop ups. I don't know what speed your internet is...but lots of options out there for unlimited data at reasonable costs.
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