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  1. DaveC

    Berlin Germany

    Spaten is a decent beer. I like to try them all though...lol.
  2. DaveC

    Beginners Luck

    Mine is really soft tip and great backbone so hooksets are smooth, but plenty of backbone for a 5lb fish. I'm using a Maxia. Its a euro comp rod...so sensitive you feel fly ticking bottom and slightest touch. A 5 wt is a little much for residents...but can be done as you have shown. A nice 3-4wt matches well in places like upper grand / whitemans.
  3. DaveC

    Berlin Germany

    https://www.kaiserslauternamerican.com/fishing-in-germany-within-anglers-reach-2/ I think youll be fine Tyler. Take your Canadian and American Fishing Licenses with you. Read the Article link above about translation of the license. Lots of opportunity for a variety of species of fish. Pack to go fishing, as a visitor and proof that you hold valid Canadian and US licenses youll get it figured out. Have fun buddy...German sausage and Beer / Fishing what else could you ask for !!!
  4. DaveC

    Beginners Luck

    Nice going Derek. Nymphing is so productive. I have a nice little 2wt and its a lot of fun to fish.
  5. DaveC

    Trout Opener

    Nice, Which is north shore? Is that trailer park side or the other side? I like the Saugeen, just not up near the dam. That, and its 3 hour drive one way. I need to make a trip up there as Ive not been for quite awhile.
  6. DaveC

    Trout Opener

    4 @ duffins, 2@ Bowmanville all on pink bags, or pink beads. Seen lots fish dropping, but not very active feeding.
  7. DaveC

    Sad news

    Never met Lorne, but really enjoyed his postings and carp adventures. If anyone knew carp fishing it was him. Condolences to his family and friends.
  8. I have a problem with these meetings. The MNR listens to nobody and has its own ideas. When groups like the credit river anglers association cant get the message across we are all left at the hands of the MNR with no say in any decisions made regardless of what you might think. Ive seen so many of this style of meetings go on deaf ears. If only all of the licensing fees went into fishing and to hire more conservation officers to monitor things and ticket infractions of the regulations. Groups have tried many many many times to have the MNR revise regulations and make adjustments where needed and it all falls on deaf ears. Personally, I'm so tired of these dog and pony shows...what people need to do, is not go to give them the message that we don't agree with their crappy decisions regarding our resources.
  9. DaveC

    Lewiston bridge access help

    Have you tried the Niagara Glen? Lots of shoreline access down there, and a great scenic hike if your into that? Look for a gift shop stone building along the parkway and beside that is a park with Steel stairs that lead down to the Glen. Theres a map at the top of the stairs with the trail options. Might want to look at that...and yes, there will be fish there...just be carefull and fish the shoreline areas that don't show signs of danger.
  10. DaveC

    Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    Damn straight that's a good deal. Plus you forgot to add the parking ticket you get on the way home...lol
  11. DaveC

    Careful out there everyone

    Always a good idea to carry a set of the hand ice picks. Keep them in your pocket, least if the worse happens you have a chance to grip the ice and pull yourself up.
  12. Please, do not post ice fishing topics in the main forum. As requested by members, the ice fishing forum has a 20 post min count to access. Introduce yourself, ask logical questions until you have the required amount of posts to access the ice fishing section. Thanks.
  13. DaveC

    Oh my aching hips.

    Agreed, this should have been moved to the ice fishing section of the board. Too late to move it now, it was missed.
  14. DaveC

    Newbie, advice extremely welcome

    Nice Intro Limey...had a chuckle at the English Language. Lots of great help here. Welcome aboard.
  15. DaveC

    Frabil Nets

    Have two of the frabil nets, one is a conservation net and the other is a n extension net. Both are the rubber coated nylon ones. So had issues with both of the nets rotting out within a year of use. So contacted them about it...owned by Plano now, and explained the problem. They did justice, and sent me out new hoop, and nets... Always nice when a company comes through like that. Why they rotted out I have no idea...none the less, I'm happy to have new ones.