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  1. Lewiston bridge access help

    Have you tried the Niagara Glen? Lots of shoreline access down there, and a great scenic hike if your into that? Look for a gift shop stone building along the parkway and beside that is a park with Steel stairs that lead down to the Glen. Theres a map at the top of the stairs with the trail options. Might want to look at that...and yes, there will be fish there...just be carefull and fish the shoreline areas that don't show signs of danger.
  2. Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    Damn straight that's a good deal. Plus you forgot to add the parking ticket you get on the way home...lol
  3. Careful out there everyone

    Always a good idea to carry a set of the hand ice picks. Keep them in your pocket, least if the worse happens you have a chance to grip the ice and pull yourself up.
  4. Please, do not post ice fishing topics in the main forum. As requested by members, the ice fishing forum has a 20 post min count to access. Introduce yourself, ask logical questions until you have the required amount of posts to access the ice fishing section. Thanks.
  5. Oh my aching hips.

    Agreed, this should have been moved to the ice fishing section of the board. Too late to move it now, it was missed.
  6. Newbie, advice extremely welcome

    Nice Intro Limey...had a chuckle at the English Language. Lots of great help here. Welcome aboard.
  7. Frabil Nets

    Have two of the frabil nets, one is a conservation net and the other is a n extension net. Both are the rubber coated nylon ones. So had issues with both of the nets rotting out within a year of use. So contacted them about it...owned by Plano now, and explained the problem. They did justice, and sent me out new hoop, and nets... Always nice when a company comes through like that. Why they rotted out I have no idea...none the less, I'm happy to have new ones.
  8. Ice conditions

    Not worth a gamble or anyone's word on ice conditions for a fish...be sure of the conditions through reliable sources.
  9. Christmas

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all and your families. I'm off to absorb my first Florida Christmas..cheers everyone!!!
  10. You cant judge a reel on just spinning it...LOL. All though it looks impressive its not indication of the quality of the reel. Whats the reel start up like with a 4mil float and little split shot? Whats it like after you fought a few fish with it or put it under load? Is there any line interference on the spool or problem with the clickers. Ask those questions after you have owned it for a while and put it through the paces...Any wobble, even the slightest is unacceptable in a pin reel. Haha, after watching the video again theres way to much wobble right from the start. LOL. When you load line on that reel and fish it a few times, youll be coming back to give your results lI suspect the reel fails fairly quick
  11. MNR - Your Voice Matters - Zone 16

    Yes, your 100% on all that. We run a small flyfishing club and to host a tournament is one major pita. We had to have a 5 million dollar insurance bond freeing County of brant from all liability to fish a fun tournament on the grand with about 15 people. Jump hoops, and letters sent around to the local residents for their permission and input to use the grand river from our own personal boats and canoes. We also had to obtain all sorts of permits as well. Same scenario on the upper grand river. Seems like these rivers belong to a select group of people and you need their permission as well or expect to be frowned upon. We needed a permit to use a public park for access to the river, because we are a club and running a not for profit tournament. A release waiver is not sufficient enough apparently. Money involved with everything...and the city and local townships want their piece or its not happening. That's what I'm saying about a voice....you really don't have one, and your talking to deaf ears unless you belong to one of the OLE BOYS clubs that its built around.
  12. MNR - Your Voice Matters - Zone 16

    100% agree...when it comes to stake holders, its all about how they can best fill their pockets at the expense of the resource and nothing else. After trying to organize public fishing events and dealing with local townships, including but not limited to conservation groups. If there is not something in it for them, it can be a difficult challenge. Here is a link to one such example of what a township really thinks of protecting a well known section of the grand River through Fergus and Elora. Anytime a gov agency is in the mix of decisions here is what you can expect. http://www.wellingtonadvertiser.com/comments/index.cfm?articleID=36132 The all mighty dollar is what its really about !!!!!!!!
  13. Centerpinning during the winter

    Good thinking, get that cast down and youll be good for line twist. I always opt for slip floats for that reason as well even when I have it in a fixed position with stoppers so its not spinning and putting line twist in your mainline. I don't know much about the Wallis cast, as I'm a typical side caster...but much like a bait caster I believe a bigger float with more weight makes it easier...at least in the learning stage.
  14. Centerpinning during the winter

    Join this group on faceook, always lots for sale there or post an ad of how much your looking to spend (River Rats - Classified ads for Float Fishing/Centre Pin/Fly Fishing)
  15. Centerpinning during the winter

    I have a cool usb hand warmer that I keep in my pocket, but it only works for a few hours. I cant stand any type of gloves..tried them all, but cheap cotton gloves are ok until your pulling the thread apart with hooks or they get wet. Tried the hand warmers inside my jacket sleeves as they say if you keep your wrists warm helps with frozen hands...just a pita though. Frozen hands it is most times. One thing I find very usefull in the winter is my loop fleece neck collar, never leave home without it.