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  1. Queenston bottom bounce be good that time year.
  2. Man that sucks, the drug epidemic is to blame most likely. Car checkers around my area all the time looking for anything they can find for the next fix. Homeless signs at every intersection looking for handouts for the next fix. Its really bad, I feel for your loss.
  3. DaveC

    State side

    Yep, going to game on now!!! Next drop in the water will be easy pickins….Let me know if you have any weekdays off. Us retired guys its weekend every day..lol
  4. Nope, Its so easy I can turn the lights off and do it in the dark...😎
  5. DaveC

    State side

    Those are the best days..we had quite a few hookups and some good scraps. Those are the days you don't want leave the water, knowing you might not see the ideal conditions for a while after. Good Times !!!
  6. I have the rapala elec knife and works great for me.
  7. Hey Joey, nice going and nice to see your still around.
  8. Not so easy to do. And you have to use Aluminum flux paste. Most prop repairs are tig welded to avoid heat. Seen those advertised but never tried them...regular Aluminum rods are not easy to use with a torch, except a tig torch.
  9. DaveC

    Eyelet swap

    I can do it Tyler. Ive got some flex coat.
  10. https://itstillruns.com/adjust-outboard-motor-control-cables-5923297.html Also, check the actual throttle linkages as well. inside the motor.
  11. The cable should be secured, so that only the inside of the cable is moving, both at the motor and at the shifter. Usually they have an adjuster to take out any slack in the sheath over the cable. The actual outer shell of the cable could be moving and you don't want that. So check it at the motor, and the shifter to see only the inner cable moves. IF the outer liner of the cable is not moving then yes...could be stretched, doubt that's the problem though. You don't need to run it to check the movement of the cable from forward to neutral to reverse.
  12. No its not in the middle, its below the power plant alongside the canal trail.
  13. https://www.northernontario.travel/sault-ste-marie/gone-fishing-four-seasons-of-fly-fishing-in-the-st-marys-rapids
  14. Love fishing Florida. Any of the pass along side the rocks will have snook. They hammer shrimp. One of my favorite fish with their hard strikes and good fight. Ive also caught them on the beach surf casting if you find some structure. The rock jetties are the best for them...and they will not wander far from them...when they do, they are dolphin lunch. Good luck, let us know how you make out.
  15. DaveC

    Port Burwell

    friends I know have been limiting out in 30-40 ft of water 5 guys in 2hours, last few weeks. I don't fish walleye much, but they sent me a few pics with a nice spread of fish. All with dipsey divers/body baits. They were telling me 2 hrs they were limited out. Must be a pile of fish out in the lake. Had couple of bows in the mix as well.
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