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  1. Just been put on long term disability due to issues with my knees. Don't plan on returning to work, going to let that run its course and retire. Full time fishing is going to be where its at for me. Going to be nice not having to deal with crowds, and cant wait to hit the fall steelhead haunts during the week. Im going to chase some resident fish until then. Get out of bed now, and don't remember what day it is...lol. Can get around ok, just cant do the whirlpool and hikes like that anymore. More of a park n fish type of guy now...lol.
  2. Whitemans creek off the Grand, plenty of water to try further upstream. As always barbless is the way to go.
  3. Sorry about the loss of your dog. Our pets, are our family and his lost is like any other family member. I love animals and have gone through the loss as well. Take a bit of time, and get yourself another young pup that you can groom into being your pal and best friend. Best of luck, and sorry for your loss.
  4. wise guy ! I probably fished that hole when you were just a thought..lol. The credit, and meaford is where I spent most of my growing up. Perfect for the parknfish type of guy I am now..lol.
  5. Bottom pic, looks like the legion hole @ bighead. Surprised you hooked fish in the upper pic, that's pretty chocolate. Sometimes I find I do better in the dirty water though. Rather fish it then the gin clear stuff.
  6. Yep, and dropping real fast. The east is like that...they run up sooner. The one fresh fish. With the rain in the forecast most fish will be gone from those creeks pretty soon. Had a fun day though. I cant hike, so park n fish was it. Slammed a nice one on my second drift just as my brother arrived. If I had more bags I would have stayed longer, but hey all good.
  7. Well I stayed home on opener. My brother went to and east ditch and had a very good day with no crowds. I went out Sunday to another east ditch and went 8-9, and losing a monster that cart wheeled and peeled line like crazy. Fought it for about 10mins with my arms ready to fall off and had it worn out...so I thought another big run and leap and gone. Was a great day. I only tied 15 golf ball sized bags the night before cause I was tired figuring Id just use bead/worms jigs. Well they wanted nothing to do with anything other than chartruse bags. Water was dirty brown with about 8-10 vis, but no trouble finding fish. Most of them within 4-5 feet of the shoreline. Hooked a couple almost right at my feet. Weather was great..All but one fish were spawned out drop backs.
  8. Was showing sunny all week towards weekend. Now we are getting 100% chance 25mm of rain all day Friday. So much for opener fishing this weekend. If there is anywhere with little rain there will be tons people.
  9. Carp, Cats and you can go right out to the lake. Maybe, steelhead or browns closer to lake mouth or under the QEW. Others can tell you better...but that is to my knowledge.
  10. what about Sun, Mon, Tues, lol? let me know...
  11. Ahh man that sucks, Im sure he will be fine...Best of Luck Dad ! Make sure you get him a box of popsicles about all that works for the sore throat afterwards. Im sure must of been complications never heard of anyone so young having them removed. I,ll be drifting upper credit Norval to Eldorado Park. I hear the numbers are way down this year. Well see I guess. Might hit up some other places Sun, Mon. Definitely not the ganny circus that's for sure. Did one year there was a joke...guys fishing 4" water and lining fish on beds. Not for me. Might hit US some secret spots we know of. Did not make it to the credit at all this past fall. Grew up on the credit, and pound for pound the best fighting steelhead...too bad the MNR cant get their head out of the sand and allow these fish to the head waters.
  12. Opener this sat...what is everyone's plan of attach? I've got some new UV soft beads, and UV rubber worms to try out. I think the water levels are going to be perfect this year. All the best boys and girls !!! Tyler, fishing all weekend into Monday txt me sat.
  13. Story of my life...lol. Water looks perfect.
  14. Not sure, but you could try flymart online. He carries a big variety.
  15. My Dads 36ft Searay was call " The Last Nickle" the name was perfect, twin 454's that swallowed the fuel. $800 got you a half take of gas. Glad to see it go...I was the mechanic to keep it running.
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