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  1. DaveC

    announcement to members

    Maybe PM Tyler, Im sure he might be able to use some advice or help with the site.
  2. DaveC

    announcement to members

    Im still here Tyler. Not as often, but drop in once in awhile. Social media sites on facebook have taken away a lot of the attraction of fishing forums as times have changed. But its always good times with the members here as well. Tyler and I have fished together many times and always a good time. Cliff was the first person to reach out when he took over this site from Dan and offered up some free fly tying lessons. Myself, and a few other guys took him up on his offer. I have to thank Cliff for the extra $5000 Ive spent now on flyfishing HAHHA. Kidding aside, there is some great people here...Ive participated in a few cleanups at Jordan harbor, and the Whirlpool and met some great people through NFN. Because of Cliff and this site I took up fly tying and flyfishing….I took spey lessons with Rick Whorwood and some friends taught me single hand and Nymphing. I participated in fly fishing competitions and done very well over the years. I bought equipment from sponsors of the site at the Time, Kingpin and Bill Shearer. This site has always been a great resource of knowledge and people who are passionate fisherman and like minded people.....THANKS CLIFF !!! And CONGRATS TYLER, get some more admins/mods so your not bogged down and no time to fish...lol. If you need help with anything let me know...I can make the time if your stumped. Cheers everyone !!!
  3. DaveC

    Chest wader advice

    Simms or Patagonia are the most popular of breathable waders. The reason for this is the lifetime warranty. A good pair of waders does not come cheap, as are the boots. Think of it as a one time investment. yes, you can find cheaper waders and boots but don't expect them to last nearly as long. Neoprene waders are pretty much a thing of the past...great for cold weather wading but you sweat like a donkey with any hiking in spring and early fall. Waders are a serious investment in keeping you comfortable and dry. Quality boots with studs attached and good ankle support are just as important. I wear a size xl wader and my shoe size is 11. I buy my boots in a size 13. two sizes bigger than my shoe size. My feet fit my wading boots nicely with wiggle room for my toes and extra pair Marino wool socks. I wear cheap fleece track pants under the waders in cold weather. Never feel cold at all even in winter run rivers. I highly suggest a reputable good fitting quality boot and wader over the cheaper versions if your any kind of avid fisherman that goes out often. Cheap will work...no doubt, but for how long before you have leaks.
  4. Smerch is right...that's a male. You can see the tiny hook on the bottom jaw.
  5. when you go to milk it and no eggs come out...hahaha. I thought I had a fat female that did not have the Typical big kype and only had a barely visible small bottom Kype hardly even noticeable. I found out the hard way...hahaha. Some big males are easily spotted by the large hook top and bottom...but Ive mis-identified before. Lesson learned...lol
  6. DaveC

    Who fishes Peace Bridge?

    Snag city...lol. Hey that's where the fish are. Im sure you have to know where to go on the upper. Might have to move around a bit.
  7. DaveC

    Who fishes Peace Bridge?

    I know your out in the boat Cliff...Call me a baby, but I like to have my feet on solid ground on that river. When crap goes wrong, id be the one there...lol
  8. DaveC

    Who fishes Peace Bridge?

    Nice Alex, you'll have to show me the ropes up there. Im sure its bigger floats and more weight. Crap that...to working on the bridge !! Ive seen them up there with the wind and all...lol No way Id do that !!! Do you get any browns at all ? I took Tyler down to the Boat docks for the first time and he slammed a nice big bow on his second drift....Im not to keen on bottom bouncing but I,ll do it if that's the only option. Good to see your still out there !!!
  9. DaveC

    Who fishes Peace Bridge?

    Believe it or not Ive seen a spey guy wading there when I was passing over the bridge...no thanks to that !! Im curious if you can float fish there or is it all bottom bouncing? thanks for your input though..
  10. DaveC

    Who fishes Peace Bridge?

    Never fished the Peace bridge, but I hear people do. Is it drifting roe bags from the wall? Or is wading required? My knees are shot so no risky wading for me...lol. Just curious, I might give it a go sometime. Can anyone share their experiences and approach to fishing there? thx
  11. DaveC

    Legend Boat Followup

    Good Idea to take it to proper shop. Have you tried to contact the manufacturer on this? That's a defect and at the very least they should stand behind the boat in some manner. I hope everything goes well for you and its repaired properly...no boat should fail like that, definitely a defect and no fault of yours.
  12. DaveC

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    You can buy what they call a head maker to match any solid rivet you use. I work in the transit bus trade and have done lots of solid riveting. The chisel gun with headmaker on the outside and someone on the inside with a dolly or small solid block of steel. Do a few practices on some scrap metal and after couple times you can feel and listen for a good mash of the rivet. I would dip each rivet in 221 Sikaflex prior to hammering it for a 100% seal. Use aluminum anodized solid rivits not bare aluminum as they corrode to easily. Need any advice on solid riveting PM me...Ive only got 40yrs experience doing that. Much the same as aircraft builders.
  13. DaveC

    New to fly fishing ish...

    The grand between Bellwood lake and West Montrose is brown trout, single barbless hook C&R. The Grand between Paris and Brant park pedestrian bridge is also single barbless hook C& R. Having said that, the grand has been fishing poorly this year for bass. The ice jam this past winter and low warm waters have made the fishing poor. There is plenty of Bass in the grand from Kitchener all the way to Brant Park. Crayfish patterns and anything white are productive. Glenn Morris area can be really good for Bass, but again this year has been tough. If you want to have a day of fun, to practice your casting and hook some big trout...Lyndon Trout pond in New Dundee has some monster trout in it. For $35 you can fish all day barbless hook C&R. Blobs and boobie flies at the pond will have your arms worn out in no time....a great place for kids and for sure your hooking huge trout, just don't buy the fish very expensive. No fishing license needed there either. Steelhead will be soon arriving in the grand lower between Paris and Brant Part, that's another option. Hopefully the grand responds better next year, but like I said this year has been poor with huge weed growth..almost weeds every cast.
  14. DaveC

    Brantford to Caledonia Grand River

    So true, exactly what you have said. The fishing has been really poor. Lets just hope it can recover from the bad winter and soup like summer temperatures have taken a toll on things. I have really noticed a huge increase in weed growth with the high summer temps. The rain the last few days has been badly needed. It might take a few years for the grand to bounce back and I did see a few good schools of baby bass so that's something to look forward too.
  15. DaveC

    Android boxes

    PM me if you want the best custom Android Box on the Market. Custom firmware with Online Technical support and updates where the support team can actually log into your box. Run two apps to do a full factory restore with the latest updates. He is in Norfolk and can ship to you. Also a great IPTV option through the same guy. All android boxes are not the same...These boxes are the top with custom firmware and best support team out there.