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  1. a 5wt or 6wt would be your best start. Okuma SLV makes a cheap reel and pretty durable. Plenty of setups you can buy used. Bass are lots of fun on poppers. Reel is least important...all it is to hold the line so no need for expensive reel at this point starting out. Always good to take a fly fishing lesson to start out doing it the right way and so your not wearing a hook.
  2. DaveC

    Upper river

    Very few, but I know of a couple caught in Erie tribs this past fall.
  3. Facebook market place has boat loads of used PCs for dirt cheap. $200 will get you something alot more efficient than what you have with windows 10 already installed. Not worth investing in your old PC or upgrading, as likely its cheaper to buy a used one that would suit you much better and cost you less as well. Most times, specially with people like yourself who are not so computer saavy your PC is probably bogged down with things that are causing the freezing and pop ups. I don't know what speed your internet is...but lots of options out there for unlimited data at reasonable costs.
  4. I had the battery knocked out of the tray of my camry and car would not start after hitting a massive pot hole in Canadian Tire parking lot. I boosted car and it started, and got it home. Checked and it was not charging. So I bought a new alternator $450 and $190 for a new battery. Then next day I went and took pictures of the pot holes almost 8" deep. I sent the claim to Canadian Tire to the place they instructed me to, and they sent me complete amount I paid. I had to send back a dispute settled form to them was all. Then about 2 weeks later they re-paved half of the parking lot. I told some friends, you can thank me for getting the Can Tire parking lot paved...lol. The person I spoke with on the phone was telling me that the people hired to look after maintenance on the lot was being notified of not properly maintaining the property. I hear most cities will pay for reasonable damages from road work of its a tire, rim or suspension..in fact Ive even heard Cambridge mayor advertise it on the radio if your car has suffered damages from neglected road repair to submit a claim. A lot of it is the regions responsibility. I doubt they get many claims, so Im sure youll get paid for damages...I think it cracked your fishing rod too, and damaged the bearings in your reel no? haha
  5. DaveC


    That's awesome Bruce!
  6. DaveC

    License Time

    The natives hunt the reservation for deer, so you often hear gunshots. I dont have a clue what the hunting regulations are...i dont hunt. The other thing i found interesting is that any native on the reserve can ask to see your license...not thats ever happened...but this is what a native told me. I mind my own buisness and dont go looking for trouble...cause your on thier land and its thier rules. And...dont tresspass. And to answer your other question about MNR over there its DEC officers...and yes see them all the time...not to say they dont have illegal activity over there because they do and its sick as well. But there is presence and i see them often..as well they post on the DEC website all the stocking details for every river.
  7. DaveC

    It's on!

    Hey Jack, lets meet up and fish a weekday? Ive only got time on my hands now..lol. Im looking to get a decent bottom bouncing rod/reel? Any reccomendations?
  8. DaveC

    License Time

    Cost me $100 for both US licenses and I buy them every year. From Cambridge, it takes me 1.5 to 2hrs to reach most of the places I fish on that side. It takes me an hour to reach the credit or longer for Bowmanville etc and traffic in east. 3 hrs to Saugeen. For me..its a no brainer. Your across the border in minutes that time in the morning...just don't go on a long weekend or black Friday weekend as the traffic coming back is bad...most other times its fine. The fishing is way better, and if you know where to go there is plenty of good water and never this elbow to elbow stuff...they do have that there too at certain places. Ive fished over there long enough I have found some great places...sometimes well go on a sat morning and stay overnight and split on hotel like $40 each myself and my brother. Without being specific here is a few options: Chitauqua Creek, Silver Creek, 18 mile Creek, Cattaraugus Creek, Buffalo Creek, Johnson Creek, 12 mile Creek, 18 mile Ontario ( that's a zoo ) but tons of browns if you don't mind crowds. Oak Orchard. Theres always some water that's fishable. My favorite is the Catt, and I know plenty of places to fish it with few or any people. Johnson creek gets a great run of bows and browns and if you hike a bit nobody around. Most Americans have not figured out float fishing yet.Still using fly rods and spinning reels and so we can fish the same water they just spent hours fishing with no hookups, walk in and we are banging fish right away..lol. google Bill and Mikes Angling adventures and watch some of his videos...we know the guy pretty good, but gives you an example of what kind of fishing to expect and notice rarely anyone fishing around him. I just cant do credit anymore..too many jerks.
  9. DaveC

    License Time

    The part I really don't like about this license thing, is most of my fishing I do in the US simply because I find better water with less people and more solitude. However, if I decide in early or late Nov to go fish say the Niagara for a couple days I have to buy a license that gives me two months of fishing and expires Dec 31st. Not always do I buy a Ontario license mostly because I don't like fishing here, but if I did pay for a yearly license in Nov lets say...I expect it to last a year not two months. The US side is so far ahead of us here in Ontario. Rarely do I see a conservation officer, or creel surveys or decent stocking of our waters. At least the DEC has it figured out and so does the indian reserve. I see DEC officers all the time, I see reserve conservation officers all the time...Ive been stopped several times for creel counts and fish samplings. We put shit into the resource on this side of the lake. I used to love fishing the credit...wont go near that place anymore its a joke what goes on there now...and the MNR is clueless. Id much rather fish the US side where I have met lots friendly people and had many great fishing days not seeing another person all day. I buy a yearly NY and Rez license every year...and its funny really. Border patrol have said a few times...ohhh theres already few guys ahead of you this morning when crossing. Lots Ontario guys now head to the US for much better fishing...so our money, coffees, lunch, licenses is going over there instead. Exactly same senerio when Niagara Casino opened...US people were pouring over here and spending there money...US got smart and opened the Seneca casino after realizing how much dollars were coming over here. Ontario needs to get there head out of the sand...
  10. DaveC

    License Time

    I wish they would change this license deal here...NY and Seneca Res licenses are now good for a year from date of purchase.
  11. DaveC

    Port Dalhousie

    3 rows deep on opener..lol. We saw a guys son fall in one year and float right through the entire run.
  12. DaveC

    Port Dalhousie

    Most certainly do remember those days....not much changed either except the runs are not as good anymore. That river can be loaded one day and everyone hooking fish and the next day nobody hooking fish. I like the slow drift out to the lake, but its always got somebody in it.
  13. DaveC

    Port Dalhousie

    Went ther once on opener about 4 yrs ago...Never again!!!! a bunch of madness at its finest. Shame what goes on there really.
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