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  1. No we were at Air-Dale Lodge, just east of Wawa.
  2. Nice Bruce, looks like a good time. Pontoons are great way to go. We are heading up to the Sault, and Wawa for a getaway this coming weekend. Hopefully we can get some brookies, and at least check out the St Marys if I can make the walk or even wade with my wonky knees. Hoping to find some fish regardless, and make an adventure out of it.
  3. Take a look on Amazon as well if you have not already bought the Cisco. I googled school bus wiper motor and amazon lists quite a few. Not sure about the pound ratings, but something for you to look at anyway.
  4. I converted a manual set to electric with school bus wiper motors. and I used a foot pedal indicator switch with a incorporated toggle switch. So flip toggle switch then put foot on floor switch to retrieve, and switch toggle switch opposite way reverses polarity to retrieve with the same foot pedal switch. Was really good because you were hands free to fight the fish while retrieving the ball with the foot switch. When I got rid of my boat, sold all my gear to a member on this board, and my riggers went to a guy on Lake St Clair.
  5. Lots of motors will fit the BJ. Same motor as school bus windshield wiper motor. Easy to install. Take your old one off first and youll see its not difficult at all. Just pay attention to the clutch washers on the reel and the order you take them off.
  6. Man that sucks, I have no problem paying for a repair...but to get something back that your charged for and has not been resolved. What Marine shop does not have a test tank? A crappy one....thats who. Leave a google review as suggested.
  7. LOL. Still alive after 2 yrs. for sure 50" by now..hahaha
  8. Thanks Bruce, we had thought about doing that. Was just checking, but I dont think its up with Covid.
  9. Making my first trip to Sault Ste Marie the second week of Sept. I have a guide for two days, one fishing brook trout on a lake and the next day fishing pinks on an inland waterway. I will try the rapids on my own. The plan is to make the drive to Wawa for couple days. Any tips or advice on places to stay along the way or fishing advice up there. Be just the wife and I for a two week journey. Im told the drive to Wawa is a must do...
  10. Great video Jim as always. Thanks for sharing your adventures.
  11. I see deer quite often, but really got spooked one morning on the Nottawasaga early in the morning when a couple of turkeys flew, or tried to fly out from under big pine tree...scared the crap out of me not suspecting it. I was almost on top of them when they made the move.
  12. What do you do with a bivy? Sit inside and drink bevi? LOL. I bought a New 5" Canada fishing reels ( Umbra ) that I will receive this summer off the waiting list. I bought a Hardy salmon 2, spey reel, and a bunch more fly tying materials, and I bought a Low Kilometer 2016 Toyota Tundra, ohhh and I bought my wife some ice cream.😝
  13. Kind of figures, but its ok you can go to homedepot.
  14. Mattcrash is correct. There is brookies in lots of southern Ontario streams. When I was volunteering with TU we did stream rehad on few creeks that had good populations. Just have to look around a bit and look for off the beaten path cold water streams. I don't target them myself but I do know where to find them.
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