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  1. Fished stateside last week...everything still locked up pretty good with ice. Lower sections are solid ice. Did find some open water further up but mostly fishing standing on ice shelf everywhere. Nothing for me...my brother did hit one big fresh hen and that was it. Might be quite a while, after this thaw before anything over there is fishable. They have a lot more snow to melt...catt wil be months not weeks..lol
  2. DaveC


    I have connections to IPTV for $10 month and android boxes that come with lifetime support and a dedicated server that provides the updates. As will all boxes come with quick support so if you have have an issue any of the world wide support team can connect to your box. Run 2 apps and you have a complete factory restore with all the latest greatest. 1. $10 month 2 Paid by etransfer 3.Yes to all of those questions, as well as live PPV and local channels, movies, on demand has it all. No Porn. 4 Yes both 5. IPTV is always a risk. Our guy is stationed off shore. Never been shut down...having said that. You prepay 6 months service and guy goes down forever and you have 3 months remaining then too bad,,,you lost your money. Not going top happen...been with him 5 yrs already. the most you could ever lose if service disappeared is $60. 6. Can happen but rarely. All depends on your internet speed. Best choice is direct connection to box. I use wifi...with no troubles. 7. Yes you need a android box. My guys are all custom boxes, with high tech firmware like no other box around. Have a facebook, discord, and telegram support group, online dedicated server with all the latest apps and custom for only the customer. No I don't work for them....but been in the Android /IPTV game long enough to know whos who in this game and what the top hardware and support is. Trust me....don't waste your time with cheap android box with glutware on it and inferior firmware. The product we use is call GHOSTWARE. Find it on facebook and if you need the rep for your area feel free to PM me with any questions you might have. Cheers !
  3. My brother was telling me its best to keep your line stored in the freezer. He researched this somewhere. I don't have room in my freezer so F...That.
  4. True, that line is junk. Works good...so long as you don't knot it..hahah maybe hang Christmas ornaments with it.
  5. Mechanics, Dentists, Lawyers all the same....The honest business man struggles to survive. Corruption is an everyday event these days. When you do find someone honest best take all your business to them and send them any other business too.
  6. DaveC

    Cold hands!!!

    Few tips that help me. I wear body under armour. With fleece pull over and sometimes my fleece track pants. I have a nice loop fleece neck collar and a cheap pair of fleece dollar store gloves. My wading boots are also over sized by one size for toe movement. I also carry a usb hand warmer that you can precharge at home in my pocket. It lasts about 3-4 hours. I dont like the gloves as hooks get caught in them often so i take them off frequently and put them inside my jacket against my body...and grip the hand warmer for a bit then put the gloves back on every so often. Those wool work gloves are ok...but the rubber nibs on them stick to your line. When ive had enough or the action slows down im done for the day...then grab a tims on the way home. A heated rod handle or electric gloves wow..you could be a rich man...lol
  7. DaveC

    Fishy day

    I was laying down looking at these pictures..LOL. Nice job getting er done !
  8. DaveC

    NFN meet up

    Sorry guys..i cant make that weekend. I rented ice bungalow from my buddy who recently bought out Rob Hyatts on Nippissing. Be a first to sleep on the ice. Hope you guys have a good time!
  9. Maybe PM Tyler, Im sure he might be able to use some advice or help with the site.
  10. Im still here Tyler. Not as often, but drop in once in awhile. Social media sites on facebook have taken away a lot of the attraction of fishing forums as times have changed. But its always good times with the members here as well. Tyler and I have fished together many times and always a good time. Cliff was the first person to reach out when he took over this site from Dan and offered up some free fly tying lessons. Myself, and a few other guys took him up on his offer. I have to thank Cliff for the extra $5000 Ive spent now on flyfishing HAHHA. Kidding aside, there is some great people here...Ive participated in a few cleanups at Jordan harbor, and the Whirlpool and met some great people through NFN. Because of Cliff and this site I took up fly tying and flyfishing….I took spey lessons with Rick Whorwood and some friends taught me single hand and Nymphing. I participated in fly fishing competitions and done very well over the years. I bought equipment from sponsors of the site at the Time, Kingpin and Bill Shearer. This site has always been a great resource of knowledge and people who are passionate fisherman and like minded people.....THANKS CLIFF !!! And CONGRATS TYLER, get some more admins/mods so your not bogged down and no time to fish...lol. If you need help with anything let me know...I can make the time if your stumped. Cheers everyone !!!
  11. Simms or Patagonia are the most popular of breathable waders. The reason for this is the lifetime warranty. A good pair of waders does not come cheap, as are the boots. Think of it as a one time investment. yes, you can find cheaper waders and boots but don't expect them to last nearly as long. Neoprene waders are pretty much a thing of the past...great for cold weather wading but you sweat like a donkey with any hiking in spring and early fall. Waders are a serious investment in keeping you comfortable and dry. Quality boots with studs attached and good ankle support are just as important. I wear a size xl wader and my shoe size is 11. I buy my boots in a size 13. two sizes bigger than my shoe size. My feet fit my wading boots nicely with wiggle room for my toes and extra pair Marino wool socks. I wear cheap fleece track pants under the waders in cold weather. Never feel cold at all even in winter run rivers. I highly suggest a reputable good fitting quality boot and wader over the cheaper versions if your any kind of avid fisherman that goes out often. Cheap will work...no doubt, but for how long before you have leaks.
  12. Smerch is right...that's a male. You can see the tiny hook on the bottom jaw.
  13. when you go to milk it and no eggs come out...hahaha. I thought I had a fat female that did not have the Typical big kype and only had a barely visible small bottom Kype hardly even noticeable. I found out the hard way...hahaha. Some big males are easily spotted by the large hook top and bottom...but Ive mis-identified before. Lesson learned...lol
  14. Snag city...lol. Hey that's where the fish are. Im sure you have to know where to go on the upper. Might have to move around a bit.
  15. I know your out in the boat Cliff...Call me a baby, but I like to have my feet on solid ground on that river. When crap goes wrong, id be the one there...lol
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