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  1. snakeman4

    Who fishes Peace Bridge?

    less then a foot vis this morning.
  2. snakeman4

    Who fishes Peace Bridge?

    there is good fishing all along the upper river Dave. I float roe bags with a centre pin setup all around there. it can be very productive fishing if you know where to go. i used to work at the peace bridge (pictured behind me) and i would regularly catch 3-4 fish in under 45 mins before work most days i went out. i find it most productive at first light. you can wade certain areas quite easily or fish from the break wall for those long hero drifts. if you fish from the wall, bring a very long handled net.
  3. snakeman4

    Carping on the fly

    bag of dog food, chum the water, it should all float, wait till the carp come in and are actively feeding. Tie a few "egg patterns" in brown to mimic dog food, once they are actively feeding, toss your "dog food fly" into the mix, fish on, hold on.
  4. snakeman4

    Upper Niagara Visibility?

    very clear today. 15ft + vis. (from my perspective on the bridge looking down)
  5. snakeman4

    went for perch caught bows

    your welcome Smerch!
  6. snakeman4

    Ice boom GONE!!!

    yep white caps in the river this morning before all hell broke loose. we could barely walk on the bridge this morning. safe wind for us on the bridge is capped at 70k. we packed it in early. No amount of money is worth our lives. amazing to watch all that ice come down the river tho. some of those ice bergs the size of 4 square city blocks at first!
  7. snakeman4


    gas was 89 c/L this morning at the seneca one stop gas station beside the casino in niagara falls new york haha. saved 25$ even after the exchange on gas filling my truck and a jerry can.
  8. snakeman4

    From shore niagara region spots

    lots of perch in the upper niagara river this time of year, just have to sort threw the smaller ones. put in your time and you'll have enough perch for a nice meal.
  9. snakeman4

    emerald shiners

    upper niagara.
  10. snakeman4

    What and awsome weekend!!

    weird my phone didn't even ring once haha
  11. snakeman4

    Sittin' on the dock

    smerch i read this article in the standard, thought of you. Looks like you got some competition south of the border. This looks like a tank. 10 yr old catches 33.25lb carp, pic in the link. http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/2017/08/06/10-year-old-reels-in-record-setting-3325lb-carp
  12. snakeman4

    Suggestions for fishing charter

    +1 for Paul at Cast Adventures.
  13. snakeman4


    grey under belly, little crystal flash, and olive green on top, absolutely dynamite on the lower niagara.
  14. snakeman4

    Welland River Pike

    nice fish.