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  1. river guide

    2015 Ontario Kayak Fishing Series

    right up to this Friday.
  2. river guide

    2015 Ontario Kayak Fishing Series

    There are about 25 signed up so far, with many hailing from Niagara-Hamilton-Brant regions.
  3. river guide

    Bronte Kayaking

    Bronte has been a dud this fall so far. I've heard better things about Fishermans Pier in Hamilton.
  4. river guide

    Kayak 'eyes!

    Very nice. That second one is way too fat to be roe.. oink! Crayfish type baits are very underestimated for catching walleye.
  5. river guide

    2015 Ontario Kayak Fishing Series

    South River event is this weekend and registration is still open. Lots of great prizes plus an Ocean Kayak Big Game II will be raffled off! Everyone gets a free raffle ticket with their entry fee.
  6. river guide

    Hamilton Bay Stocked With Walleye

    They've been stocking walleye at the hammer for years. I caught my first at that end of the lake this year when fishing Bronte. A respectable 5-6lber.
  7. I'd get in touch with Tyler Dunn Guiding, and spend a day with him. Will save you a pile of time figuring things out and he will give info on most places/species you are after. Atlantics are best in July but August should still be ok.
  8. river guide

    2015 Ontario Kayak Fishing Series

    If you insist. Are you actually looking at how to Catch-Photo-Release fish from the yak?
  9. river guide

    2015 Ontario Kayak Fishing Series

    Not sure if we can post links on here? http://www.ontariokayakfishingseries.com/info--registration.html
  10. river guide

    2015 Ontario Kayak Fishing Series

    You will be waiting a long time to see video coverage from any angler in any tournament unless they have a dedicated person to do so. No one is going to spend time to film when they are tourney fishing.
  11. river guide

    2015 Ontario Kayak Fishing Series

    Just a month away from the South River event. This is always the biggest turnout of the series due to the excellent bass and pike fishing. For $110 you get entry fee, camping, pot luck dinner, draw prize tickets, great fishing, wicked prizes, and a chance to win an Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game valued at over $1500. You can't go camping for a weekend at that price!
  12. river guide

    Ice Boom Coming Out Today

    Figures since I just decided to take tomorrow off and go down there.
  13. river guide

    2015 Ontario Kayak Fishing Series

    Less than a month until the first event!
  14. river guide

    Lhfc School Salmon Hatchery Program Leaps Into The Future

    Strong work as always Richard, and big thanks for helping preserve and grow our fisheries!
  15. river guide

    Pautzke Cure

    Pautzke is a very good cure but so are many other cheaper ones - Atlas shake-n-cure is my fav. Follow the instructions on the container, and your eggs will last a year in the fridge or two in the freezer. Pautzke has excellent online instruction. I never water harden because it causes a membrane to cover the pores and they don't milk out as well. Properly cured eggs will release a huge cloud when they first hit the water, and keep milking for a few drifts. Best cure is none at all but if you aren't going to be using them for more than two weeks, they need to be cured.