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  1. Thanks guys, sorry I didn't post it here as well, I've been very tired and OFN has a lot of members from here as well.. Thanks for the well wishes! G
  2. Just a heads up folks. http://www.610cktb.com/news/2015/06/05/rescue-crews-search-for-missing-boater-in-lake-ontario Hope he is found safe and sound.. G
  3. Or is it a Zander forum..... OP send me a pm.... I'll see what I can do. And yes.... So long as I am on two feet.... Pickerel is what I will call them so called walleyes G
  4. Poor choice to shoot..... Assumption..... Charges dropped. He should be looking at manslaughter, careless discharge of a firearm..... Nope he walks free... Something stinks here... Yet more two tier politics on 6nations G
  5. My worst purchase? Probably the private jet I bought to cart me and my family around the globe, fishing in exotic locations...for once in a lifetime species...... All paid for by the paycheck I receive for administering these forums I truely am the 1% LOL! G
  6. For those of us that are unable to donate food (due to location) is there a way to donate cash to this, to purchase items or too donate directly to the food bank? Thanks in advance G
  7. Yup also a browning rod for me.... Just casting spinner baits off a friends dock up at his cottage... And the store I purchased it from refused to exchanged it. ( it was brand new!) Put a sour taste in my mouth with that store since. G
  8. I'm doing one for Christmas will let u know how I make out! G
  9. You can say again! Lol
  10. Congrats! Just sucks your gonna bump me from first class on the private jet. Enjoy the extra leg room. G
  11. It would be best if Jordan separates himself from BPS here... I only say this because he is a BPS employee, and is not their spokesperson. Large companies value their image, and market it in a certain way... I would hate to see him lose his job because of postings here... It is not his job to defend/offend or check on a item or hold one for you on this forum. Never mix business with pleasure. And yes BPS checks fishing forums... Just as they did on another popular one I know of.... I would strongly suggest posts involving Jordan and BPS be done via PM. We all know how things get out of hand on forums. I will personally enforce this, to ensure Jordan has a job and not a bunch if monkeys looking for deals. G
  12. Like any business, if they see demand they will stock it accordingly. Let them know what you are after.... My guess is you will see it in a couple weeks. The demand has to be there to warrant the shelve space. Simple economics. G
  13. Gerritt


    Yup it is... Funny seeing them run up and down through that pipe... Can they get above the lamprey barrier that is upstream?
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