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  1. Gerritt

    Cali Dam

    Yup, heard to York.
  2. Gerritt

    Get Well Soon Gerritt

    Thanks guys, sorry I didn't post it here as well, I've been very tired and OFN has a lot of members from here as well.. Thanks for the well wishes! G
  3. Just a heads up folks. http://www.610cktb.com/news/2015/06/05/rescue-crews-search-for-missing-boater-in-lake-ontario Hope he is found safe and sound.. G
  4. Gerritt

    Access To The Pickeral Forum Deneid

    Or is it a Zander forum..... OP send me a pm.... I'll see what I can do. And yes.... So long as I am on two feet.... Pickerel is what I will call them so called walleyes G
  5. Poor choice to shoot..... Assumption..... Charges dropped. He should be looking at manslaughter, careless discharge of a firearm..... Nope he walks free... Something stinks here... Yet more two tier politics on 6nations G
  6. Gerritt

    Worst Fishing Purchase Ever?

    My worst purchase? Probably the private jet I bought to cart me and my family around the globe, fishing in exotic locations...for once in a lifetime species...... All paid for by the paycheck I receive for administering these forums I truely am the 1% LOL! G
  7. Gerritt

    Help Cast Out Hunger

    For those of us that are unable to donate food (due to location) is there a way to donate cash to this, to purchase items or too donate directly to the food bank? Thanks in advance G
  8. Gerritt

    Hot Pot: For The People Who Likes Spicy Food

    That's awesome! Thanks for the tips! G
  9. Gerritt

    Worst Fishing Purchase Ever?

    Yup also a browning rod for me.... Just casting spinner baits off a friends dock up at his cottage... And the store I purchased it from refused to exchanged it. ( it was brand new!) Put a sour taste in my mouth with that store since. G
  10. Gerritt

    Anyone Ever Deep Fry A Turkey?

    I'm doing one for Christmas will let u know how I make out! G
  11. Gerritt

    New Moderator

    You can say again! Lol
  12. Gerritt

    Please Welcome Tyler0420 As Nfn's Newest Mod

    Congrats! Just sucks your gonna bump me from first class on the private jet. Enjoy the extra leg room. G
  13. Gerritt

    Bass Pro

    It would be best if Jordan separates himself from BPS here... I only say this because he is a BPS employee, and is not their spokesperson. Large companies value their image, and market it in a certain way... I would hate to see him lose his job because of postings here... It is not his job to defend/offend or check on a item or hold one for you on this forum. Never mix business with pleasure. And yes BPS checks fishing forums... Just as they did on another popular one I know of.... I would strongly suggest posts involving Jordan and BPS be done via PM. We all know how things get out of hand on forums. I will personally enforce this, to ensure Jordan has a job and not a bunch if monkeys looking for deals. G
  14. Gerritt

    Bass Pro

    Like any business, if they see demand they will stock it accordingly. Let them know what you are after.... My guess is you will see it in a couple weeks. The demand has to be there to warrant the shelve space. Simple economics. G
  15. Gerritt


    Yup it is... Funny seeing them run up and down through that pipe... Can they get above the lamprey barrier that is upstream?