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  1. Sooner.Are you the 4 guys from Vaughan.
  2. Mud so thick u can walk across the river Mud
  3. Where's catfish when u need him? Where's catfish when u need him?
  4. I can't seam to find a answer . I take my son and his Buddy's fishing often . I know the book said my keep limit but what about the kids? Do thay have there own limit or does it count on my limit ? Wrc
  5. Why kill it let it go to swim another day we have people from other parts of the world here and we can't just through them on the bank to stink it up
  6. What do u all expect u put it on a public web site . might as well killed the river in one post . there is a guy in a little alum boat I tryed to talk to he asked if I was a nfn member when I said yes he told me beat it and would not talk any more .
  7. the man up above needs a new DJ R I P u are truly missed
  8. how come snagging a fish that is going to dye any way with out reproducing is so fround apon but it exceptable to milk a brown on the wall in port delhouse and let it go? the law is the law. wrc
  9. ?????? line twist ?????????? wallis cast ??????????? am i missing some thing wrc
  10. Went out early yesterday and hooked 7 or so and landed 5 all on a center pin. im going Friday morning if any on want to do a little carpin on the pin . wrc were fishing in the MIGHTY welland river
  11. It was way better when it was a hand full of stairs and a rope to get down.Way less people down there . Dreaming of the old days WRC
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