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  1. Guess your not getting my 6 colourmyarn fly lol
  2. Im sure I can get a day off this weekend to give the brookies one last go, send me a message buddy!
  3. We must follow the same people on facebook lol I just watched that movie today! West coast is more well known for steelies eating dries and the east is know for there atlantics.... our great lakes tribs specifically steelhead alley has started to make a name for itself in the last 5 years or so. Before 10 years ago a steelhead on a dry in the great lakes was considered a pipe dream. Specific conditions are needed for it to happen, its knowing what to look for when your on the river and making the adjustment. I personally always have a rod rigged with a dry so its ready to go when the time arises. lol pun intended
  4. do alot of hardcore fishing people play paintball as well! Im finding a trend!
  5. Im looking for a couple guys to split gas with heading to some New York streams and the grand for rainbows browns and brookies. Whos interested in a little stream action to get warmed up for the Steelies.
  6. Im finally back in Ontario boys Im down to head out that way this fall... Might even hit a couple PA streams too! Matt got married last week, Im hoping hes game to do alot of driving this fall. If not Im gonna need some guys split gas with!
  7. Carp are some of the hardest fish to target on the fly! Congrats!
  8. You need to read more carefully... He gave the first fish away, illegal in canada but not in his state. That was his honest mistake. Mnr is rediculous ... our 2 teer liscence system is a joke.
  9. Sunday... western new york as long as the tribs cooperate
  10. Who wants to fish ny on sunday ? The question is steelies or natives... Cc? What are you up to?
  11. check out the sage boat box..... its pretty expensive but is awesome
  12. A few smallmouth streamers And more PIKE!!!!
  13. this thread died out more pike flies!
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