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  1. rbrwrm


    going out Friday from Crystal Beach, if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated Thanks Dave
  2. rbrwrm

    Erie ice

    keep watching for a favorable ice report, is anything good happening out there and is the icebarrier out yet wishful thinking Dave
  3. thanks for the info W.C. when I say Sept we are planning towards the end of the month
  4. planning a Sept week a little closer than Kapuskasing and would like to know if any of you have had any experience with this lake or Ravenscroft camp hope to fish for pike and walleye Thanks Dave
  5. ya put them in the garden and wait till next week when Fido digs them up and wears them like jullery
  6. havn't been to Port Maitland for years, is that bait shop by the parking lot still there or has the gas station back at Bing got minnows warming up for some of those perch Lundastic showed us Dave
  7. my new Terova is sitting at Bay City right now, just waiting to get my boat out of storage, really looking forward to using it off C. B. and the Tecumsa reef Dave
  8. thanks for posting that Gunner, and now about the bass Dave
  9. rbrwrm

    NFN is safe

    mine works fine now,now we need some good perch reports Dave
  10. I am old and panic easy GO SLOW so I can hear and understand you Dave
  11. to fish or not to fish,,,,stupid question couldn't help myself I like em both
  12. to fish or not to fish, I think I'll fish
  13. I would be more than happy if if any work done for me was that good, good job Gunner Dave
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