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  1. L.E.T.S Lake Erie Tournament Series 2013 New Bass series for 2013 The Lake Erie Tournament Series has set its dates for the 2013 season. This series will operate out of the eastern basin of Lake Erie. Lake Erie is home to monster Bass, extreme weather and some of Ontario’s best anglers. The series will operate out of 3 different launch areas: Port Maitland, Crystal Beach and Port Colborne. All tournaments are open to Canadian and American waters including the Classic. All tournaments will run on set dates if weather does not permit teams to access the lake, tournaments will be moved to the Upper Niagara River out of the Chippawa launch, boundaries will be set to ensure anglers safety. The Classic will be the only event that may be rescheduled due to bad weather; this will ensure that teams can fish the lake for the final event. Teams are to be made up of a two persons. Captain and Partner 5 Fish bags Entry Fee’s Tournament entry fee $200.00 *Includes big fish entry ($20) Classic entry fee $200.00 Scoring will work off of a 10 point system multiplied by the number of teams entered into the classic. First place receiving the highest amount of points moving down the list in 10 point increments. Using each team’s top 3 tournament finishes, the top 50% percent (Plus 1) of the field will progress to the Classics tournament with a shot at the Classic payouts. Teams that make the top half cut and are eligible to fish the Classic will be competing for best weight, points do not continue or determine who wins the Classic. Payouts 95% payout on every tournament! 100% payout on big fish! 100% payout on Classic! For every 5 teams- pays a spot, Payouts will be rounded to the highest tenth and will come off the last paying place. Payout based on 20 teams 1st- $1370 2nd-$1030 3rd-$690 4th-$330 (40%, 30%, 20%, 10%) Big Fish- $400.00 Classic payout based on 10 teams 1st- $2180.00 2nd-$540.00 60% 3rd-$360.00 40% Big Fish-$120.00 Classic payout will change with every 5 boats entered and may be rounded to the nearest tenth. Moneys charged for Classic goes directly to first place, normal tournament fees for the day still apply and will be paid out. Classic payout based on 15 teams 1st- $3180.00 2nd-$590.00 47% 3rd-$390.00 31% 4th-$280.00 22% Big Fish-$160.00 Tournament Schedule June 22 – Port Maitland Blast off 7am – 3pm August 17 – Crystal Beach Blast off 7am- 3pm September 28 – Port Colborne Blast off 7am-3pm October 5- Crystal Beach Blast off 7:30 am – 3:30pm Classic- November 16- Crystal Beach Blast off 7:30am -3:30pm Registration To register for the Classic payment can be made in advance or can be made morning of at Port Maitland event. All tournaments are open to public except for Classic. Morning registration and boat checks will be at all events. If you have any question feel free to msg me or email perry@fishon-tario.com Website and sponsor information will be updated soon.
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