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  1. Davidp16


    Hello everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has ever caught leeches in the upper Niagara river? Like in the creeks, I have never heard of them. But I'm not sure if they would be in creeks. I love to use leeches
  2. Haha never will have the sperm but the eggs taste really good and exactly if your going to keep the big hens myswell keep the eggs. The eggs are good
  3. hello everyone! I am just curious as to what's your guys opinions on perch eggs? ya or nah? I personally eat the eggs. my dad has brought me up that way and so has his dad. there is nothing wrong with them they are really good! but those are the only eggs ill eat. but yeah what's your opinions?
  4. I target them in the spring on the upper and do pretty good. I only catch them for a few weeks then they take off till next year.!
  5. Davidp16


    would any one know where I could get some bow roe or skein. I live in fort erie.
  6. Davidp16


    Hi guys, I am wondering what is the difference between roe and skein? I am just starting to get the itch for trout.
  7. I like this idea, sounds good!!!!!
  8. yeah im not trying to hijack this but where could I find chubs on the upper Niagara?
  9. I was wondering if there is a site i can find sand bars on the upper niagara river because i can not find any threads on here or on the internet and was interested in finding some.
  10. you got to find your own spots, you'll get no where's asking for spots we all had to find our own.
  11. lake erie perch, and Niagara river trout.
  12. the bacon wrapped pickerel looks so good, I love having bacon wrapped scallops oatmeal cookies look good and so does the BANOCK!!!
  13. I hope this link works its got the same package as this one but imagine it all gold with realistic scales on it as a mini fish and a tiny dorsal fin on it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Dealer-Card-10-Snyders-Lures-Spoons-Palmerton-PA-/330928987459?nma=true&si=c14TTbmhQO%252BLVma8nGkthG6fBRo%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 its the bottom picture at the very bottom
  14. hey everyone I have a mystery lure I need help with. I've googled it and cant find a picture of it. does not say what its called or made but its an old one. it looks like its made out of gold and has like gold one treble hook on it. its almost a flat lure but got some curve on it, its maybe 1.5 inches long. its unopened and has scales on it and a little dorsal fin on the lure so if any one can help me identify it and the price thank you.
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