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  1. try chicken liver but let it get stinky first like where you dont even wanna deal with it youll get some 20lbs prolly if their in there still also try by the mouth of the bay if you can go on the lake side
  2. you could even go as far as temagomi lake region to rabbit lake or one of the other small lakes around temagomi that are perfect for yaks and camp sites along the banks
  3. jackz905


    anyone know if the inner bay is safe for fishing ?
  4. what model is the helly hansan float suit
  5. it does work i do it all the time if your on the bank fishing and gunna use the whole spool just throw it in the water reel it in till you hit the knot and ur good to go
  6. i am interested in the sit in version yaks but i willing to look at a sit on top where are you located
  7. i would prefer a used one but cant find any that i would like im looking to spend about 400-600
  8. i am currently looking at getting a kayak to start fishing out of could anyone recomend a good yak at a cheap price i want to be able to go in small water plus the big waters of lake o
  9. hey cliff i got a question for ya where did you stay and have you every stay at the provincal park at sauble falls
  10. paul and if he is busy ask him for a refferal
  11. this monster brown someone caught in lake michigan.... weight said 30lbs you take your guess but all i know is WOWWWWW that is a big brown https://www.flickr.com/photos/85802768@N03/13939485740
  12. i used go to pickerel park all the time we used to just bottom bounce worm harness and clean up even got some really big cats that way to
  13. hey cliff are they starting their run up there would love info thinking of going next weekend to owen sound
  14. nice boat court but i am looking for something i could down rig out of comfy
  15. ya my uncle is cheap im trying to get em to throw in a better deal the only thing its got going for it is the biminey top he bought last year i know it doesnt take on water but i dont trust the age of it for that much i will look into it further once i take er for a rip and check the floor boards and what not
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