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  1. I was waiting for this lol. Too bad a typhoon will be coming.
  2. Some models are auto inflate others are manual in flate. Mine inflates when submerged in 4" of water. Yes they can be expensive but so are funerals. They are really comfortable and great to fish with. Don't save move when it comes to safety
  3. Well said! -Wear PFD I attach mine to engine kill switch -have a cell or radio, tell someone where your going & when your coming back. -make sure you have all safety gear on boat, I have a flare gun just in case. -if to have a trolling motor always clip to you just in case you slip off. -bring water water water dydration can kill on boat! You may not relize how bad and pass out overboard and your done. So make sure your pee is clear then you have enough water in you. -watch weather and be safe rather then take more casts.
  4. When are they putting the docks out for the port ramp
  5. Does anyone know if there will be any trolling gear? Also is it going to be cash only purchases?
  6. What kind of donations do project share need??
  7. Any update here? I also hope for lifetime ban, but this guy will still fish regardless he needs a hit in the wallet.
  8. He used planner boards on masts. That takes some ballz running 12 rods, respect that guide. And getting over 30 that other day is remarkable.
  9. Super trip!! Wow 12 rods that's a handful. Was he using inline boards or planner mast??
  10. People are saving drowning squirles and saving ducks!! Awesome people on this site!
  11. Great video, glade this is posted. Can't believe how ignorant people can be to such a world class musky fishery. Lifetime ban for that guy and his attitude is the minimum punishment.
  12. Awesome! Port D wouldn't even need such a complex set up. That would be nice to see happen.
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