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  1. yakfish

    Highest price ever ?

    I haven't made a trip north yet this year. I'd made 3 by this time last year...
  2. yakfish

    Thieves in Welland

    I have an axe and a machete!
  3. yakfish

    Thieves in Welland

  4. yakfish

    Thieves in Welland

    I'm speaking to my insurance company about it. The agent wasn't sure which policy it would fall under as some stuff was in the truck, some was in the boat and it was all in my driveway. My home insurance deductable is $1000 but my boat insurance deductible is only $250. If I get stuck with a $1000 deductible and they end up raising my rates as a result of the claim, then its not worth it and I'll just have to eat the loss. The problem is the result of a lot of things Smerch. Slaps on the wrist, bad parenting, not being "allowed" to spank your kids when they need it etc... Everybody feels entitled and has no more respect for anybody anymore. Makes me sick.
  5. yakfish

    Thieves in Welland

    Came out to leave for work yesterday morning. Found someone had gone thru my truck and stole some fishing stuff, a knife or two some change from the cup holders. But what really got me upset was that they stole a bunch of stuff out of the boat as well. They got my G Loomis E6X and Lews BB-1 pro, a St. Croix Eyecon with a Plfugar President XT, one of my soft sided tackle bags full of gear, a landing net. At least $1500 worth of gear. Probably more stuff that I didn't even notice because I was late leaving for work already. Please keep your eyes open on the facebook market place and kijiji. I guess I need to do better at keeping my stuff locked up.
  6. yakfish

    Bass on Lake Ontario

    I fished the Lower Niagara for smallmouth yesterday and today. Put 40 in the boat yesterday and about 50 in the boat today. They were hitting tubes and paddletails. Not far from St.Catherine's and great smallie population!
  7. yakfish


    I was out on the lower for bass opener too. The fishing was awesome! But yes, I'm burnt! Caught between 50-60 smallmouth with a couple 5lbers. Going back out Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Hoping for similar results! Waited too long for bass season!
  8. yakfish

    Uploading pics

    Seems to be working!
  9. yakfish

    Bullhead record

    I think I may have broke the Ontario bullhead record last week. I can't confirm unfortunately. The batteries in my scale are dead and I never even thought it might have been a record fish untill later. I caught it on corn while carp fishing. It was 15.5 inches and I estimated a good 2.5lbs (the Ontario bullhead record is 2.3lbs). It had a stupid wide head and I could almost fit my hand inside its mouth. Also an enormous girth. The kid I was fishing with wanted to eat it so I left it with him. It never occurred to me it might have been a record fish at the time. If I had thought about it I would have made sure to get an accurate weight. Have any of you ever gone through the process of getting a record fish registered? To late for this one!lol
  10. yakfish

    Port Robinson

    I fished there last year. I launched here:
  11. yakfish

    Uploading pics

    I get the "photo is too large" message also. Uploading to photobucket then linking to the thread works for me.
  12. yakfish

    Boat launch at sunset beach?

    I launched there a few weeks ago for the first time. Lake was flat the day I went. I could see it being a problem if there was much chop. But im not putting my 16.5 footer in if there's much chop anyway!
  13. yakfish

    Welland River Thursday 5/17

    I was in my 16.5 foot Legend this time, but its a great place for a kayak.
  14. yakfish

    Welland River Thursday 5/17

    I had Thursday off work so I hit the Welland River in the morning. Had a fairly productive day casting for pike and Walleye. The eyes were caught on a deep diving crankbait digging the bottom. The pike were caught on spoons. The biggest eye was almost 22 inches. First time actually targeting walleye there and first time eating fish from that river. They tasted excellent!
  15. yakfish

    2002 merc 115hp 4 stroke idle problem

    Seems that you're running fine now but a clogged/dirty fuel filter is always a first check for me. I had a similar issue with my 30hp Mercury 2 stroke a couple weeks ago. Hard start when cold and would stall when putting her into gear when cold. Once she warmed up all was good. Changing the plugs was an easy fix for that issue. I would add that much care needs to be taken when increasing rpms while putting the motor in gear. It would be a be easy to damage the lower unit if you give too much throttle in order to keep it running.