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  1. Try going to this site - all the area resorts are on there.... www.quintefishing.com
  2. My co-workers son forget his tackle bag down by Nichols Marine on Friday. It was red canvas with plastic trays. He's pretty upset - it had a knife given to him by his grandfather. Any info, send me PM, appreciate it.
  3. Nice fish, but no way it's 19. I've seen 13's from Erie, hard to believe that's 6 more than those.
  4. Have gotten some nice smallies there in the bays. Be prepared to pick off a lot of weeds from your baits.
  5. I've owned both the regular buddy and the big buddy. Now I have 2 big buddy's and sold the regular. Reason being I have 2 huts, but the big buddy is better in my opinion because it has the quick connect for the 20 pound tanks. Granted, it's heavier to lug that out, but well worth it. I won't buy those $5 one pounders anymore. Use the 20 lber and get it filled at Costco for under $15. Lasts me a long time. The quick connect hoses they sell at Gander Mountain for $40 I think. They also sell the bags there for $35 for the big buddy. You can get the $30 hoses for the 20 lb tanks, but they thread into the same fitting that the 1 pounders do. Will still do the job, but the extra $10 for the quick connect saves a lot of frustration when you're cold and unpacking/packing up out there. These heaters work great. And yes you can cook on top of them. You don't need to remove the safety grate, I wouldn't, too easy to burn yourself, but just google for ideas guys come up with for cooking on top. My buddy has a good one, I wish I had a pic of it, but he just built a flat rack with 2 arms and it sits right on top of the heat. I use it for nachos and cheese, anything in a can, etc. Works awesome. Best deal on the BB's I found was reconditioned ones at FW in Hamilton. But yes, they come on sale at TSC sometimes, but good luck finding one in time......usually.
  6. Was out today as well. Out with the pack, 4 miles out of PC, 65 FOW. Bite started slow but was non-stop around noon until we basically ran out of minnows and got our limit. Only bad part of the day was losing my Navionics C-6 chip, I believe somewhere around the Sugarloaf ramp....if anyone comes across it or hears of someone who does, would appreciate letting me know. I think it possibly fell out of my pocket when I was pulling out my keys.
  7. Wow, beauty job! I've always wanted to get out there for some fall musky fishing, how late into the fall does the action typically stay decent? Any good recommendations on somewhere cheaper to stay overnight?
  8. There were lots of fish on the line in front of Sherkston on the weekend but they were mixed in with a lot of silver bass. We didn't find any fish at the can. I found some bigger fish Sunday west of the can but there were not a lot of numbers.
  9. You don't use leadcore with dipseys. Leadcore is designed to sink it the water on it's own so you don't need a diver to get your bait down. Typically you run leadcore off your planer boards or straight out the back. If you're going to start trolling now, do like the guys say here and get braid to use with dipseys. And again, like they're saying, go to a tackle shop and get advice, all the local shops are run by great guys who will for sure point you in the right direction.
  10. Noticing the same thing this year. Usually would get some in August, but not nearly this bad, and never this early. I'm not into using mono for divers either. I thought I was going to be able to hold off on getting wire combos for the fall salmon but might have to get them sooner if this keeps up.
  11. When I read this I had thought walleye as well, if its salmon, then Brendan is spot on. Only difference for me is I run all my dipsy rods at 90 degrees but just using shorter ones closest to the stern. That way the shorter one (I use 9'0") is inside the longer one (I use 10'6") so they aren't banging into each other. Leadcore off the boards.
  12. Jets or shorter leadcore off the planer boards early season. Big dipsys with no boards and little dipsys or longer leadcore off the boards when it warms up. Don't give up on the big dipsys, they are consistent producers if you get them to the right depth.
  13. There was definetely none in tight on Saturday, I found that out the hard way. But spoke to guys at the ramp that did well out in 170 FOW.
  14. Going out to give it a shot out of Jordan.
  15. Anyone been out this week? Thought there might be lots of boats out with the great weather and low winds. We fished in front of Sherkston on Saturday and got our limits, but they were all on the small side. Only got 1 fat female for 3 hours of work. The weekend before we were over by Abino and got less fish, but lots more fat females. Heading out tomorrow AM and was debating which area to hit....
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