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  1. Ended up getting the shimano aerlex 8000, see Tuesday when I pick it up how it works.
  2. I'm looking for a quality reliable bait runner, I use 13 foot rod and like fishing at distance at times. Can anyone give advise about what they use, what they like and disike ? I'm looking for something with a massive spool, but light and yet strong, also must not be fragile Ie falls and drops. Not saying which way im leaning due to wanting opinion of what been tried and tested. I'm looking to upgrade the one I have, not that I have much complaint about it.
  3. When we having paylake style tourney Lorne ? I'm in for whenever, just let me know.
  4. Ive always used home made boilies and find they work the best, has taken a few recepie attempts but I've now out fished store bought baits. I think home made work better due to ingreediants being mere like they would find around here. Most baits are Europe based and tested, their efficiency does not always transfer to here.
  5. Anyone know any spots up there ? I'm going there today for other matter but thinking a carping session is in order afterwards, never fished up there before. Will be setting up around 4 pm.
  6. Just would like to thank Lorne for putting on the great event, just would have been better if the fish were made aware of it lmao. But none the less, i will take that championship title and enjoy going 1 for 1 in tourney fishing so far this season. Everybody provided great competition and in honestly anyone could have had won. Btw lots/all sarcasm in this post, bottom line is i won cause im far superior carper hahaha. But in all seriousness if anyone plans on having a inpromptu tourney or just go do some carping feel free to send me a message.
  7. Thanks Lorne from your undisputed champion lmao:) great day none the less.
  8. Can't wait, caught first one of year the other day on center pin
  9. That's awesome, i will be there for sure. Thanks. You know of any up coming tournaments anywhere around here, and by around here i consider anything under a ten hour drive.
  10. Are we meeting in a specific place? What times it starting? Any info be appreciated.
  11. Thinking about going to aquaduct tonight if rain holds off for some cats, anyone have any luck yet ?
  12. i plan on going out later today and off till wednesday just wondering if anyone was planning on going out around the niagara area.
  13. If anyone has any info on tournaments can you please let me know, i know about the one on the fifth of may which i plan on attending. Im just wondering if there are any others around southern ontario or close by in the states. Again, any info would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the info guys, went on carp kit international and found almost all im looking for and im sure i just didnt see the things i didn't find. If anyone is up for a carping session feel free to email me.
  15. So im looking online and the only place to buy stuff is on new world carp in canada, bass pro carry not much. Im looking for a table to make boilies, and a brolly or some sort of shelter. Can anyone point me into the right direction, this is proving to be more difficult be the day lol Have seen many places but imagine shipping would be horrendous.
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