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  1. I use epic stream as a paid sub and another free build but can't think of the name of it right now
  2. Canadian side as well out by waverly beach
  3. No problem. If your looking for something specific let me know I may have it i have all my add ons linked to a guide really helpful for the wife
  4. I use the Made in Canada add on it has chch and a bunch of other channels plus US, UK, special events and a full hockey list from ahl to nhl. Fishermans cove is another good one also goodfellas, lilly sports, sanctuary and a buch of others.
  5. Good stuff. Ya i'm looking to match my reel i have a fox 10000e Definatly want to go bigger
  6. I generally use it for pike and tossing spoons it seems a bit under sized when paired with my carp reel. I will xheck thise out as well
  7. Grimsby doesn't carry carp gear. i may pop into peters this weekend though. Good luck! Nice right now i just use a 9' clarus it does the trick for smaller fish
  8. Any suggestions on a carp rod it would be mainly used for pond lake and possibly river fishing. I generally fish method feeders, boilies and just about anything with a hair rig. thanks
  9. Ya i noticed the lake was clear tons of rock bass small and large mouth bass and pike. I know of a channel from one side of the lake to the other possibly pickerel there. Not a big deal but would be nice one day. I may try a local tackle shop on the way and see
  10. Heading back this week to do some fishing at a friends cottage. Got into pike and bass last year but heard of walleye and lakers in the lake hopefully we can track some down
  11. I know for the mainline he only has spicy left I may just get the halibut hemp stuff. I ordered 2 korda method feeders and 2 inline feeders
  12. Ya right now i have the stuff from peters but it doesn't seem to break up I've been looking at the mainline geound bait or the envy stuff. I wouldn't mind driving up but after work time is limited as is weekends between work and a 7yrs and 5 months
  13. I think I may have found my go to place for carp supplies after the order of the reel. So far it casts smooth and was easy to set up I am yet to catch a fish on it yet though I did manage a decent size pike on my sons 5' ugly stick in the mean time. Prices and selection is good and I have put together another order with the basics. Just not sure what to use for the feeders.
  14. I don't have an extra but you could try lawn sales and flea markets. Possibly kijiji
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