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  1. There is a bait shop open in Clinton on Hwy #8. I don't have their number but suprised to see them open last Sunday as we drove thru for a visit with family. I think they are doing better now then in the summer.
  2. Grrr. I just took today off to do a bit of shore fishing. Have a great day. You are very generous to be putting out the offer.
  3. x3. Just went out with Paul. Great guy and easy to get along with. If you're going to spend the day fishing with somebody it had better be someone you can do more than just tolerate. That's best left for a business meeting. Fishing with a buddy should be just that. Paul becomes an almost instant buddy and the people here who speak of him all consider Paul to be there buddy. From what I understand he is pretty much booked for November. Get on the phone and get booked.
  4. Download the free photo bucket app. Upload your pictures to there thru the app. For each pic you want to post on the forum click the info on the pic and copy the IMG info (click it and it copies, easy). Paste that line into your forum post and voila the pic is there. It's a little tedious on the phone because you can't see multiple windows at one time but if you upload your pics first and then start tying your post you can leave the post open double click the home button on the phone to open photobucket, grab the IMG info, go back to safari which will still have your started post. Paste in and continue. It might take a couple times to get used to it but fairly simple after that.
  5. Went out this morning (Wednesday October 10) with two guys from work on a charter with Paul @ Cast Adventures. Gotta say he is world class. He was nothing but supportive this morning even when he thought we might pack it in when the rain storm hit. While the fishing wasn't manic we still had fun. All three of us got into a few fish. Our boss is the only one of our three who owns a boat and he now has a better idea of how to fish the lower Niagara. One phrase - boat control. We did the popular drifts and fishing ultralight made the bite exciting. I was able to land the only walleye of the morning when we switched from drifting to rip jigging. The change of technique was welcomed as it helped to warm us all up with a bit of physical movement. I will post a couple pics when Paul emails them to me. If you had any thought of booking yourself a charter to get out fishing I would highly recommend him. I'm looking forward to going out again. I'm pretty sure I could convince my wife to join me next time (in the spring). I'm also hoping of doing a walk and wade with Paul. As a side note, Paul was mentioning that the water temp in the lower coming down nicely and we should start seeing some more crome soon. Cheers.
  6. Looks like fun. Congrats
  7. I'll be watching this one. I've just picked up an 11ft float rod and some floats. I'll be running suffix braid as my mainline then tying a swivel to 10lb floro for my split shot then swivel to leader and hook. Haven't tried yet but I'm itching to get out. I'll be tying up a few weight lines and leaders so when I do get out I can hopefully spend more time in the water then tying. The one tip I've picked up is to spend time at home figuring out how much split shot you need to get your given float to sit vertical and neutrally boyant. Depending on the water and current different float weight is required so pre tie weight lines to go with the given float. We know that we'll lose tackle. It's a given. No point losing fish cause we are standing on the bank tying up a rig.
  8. Great report. Exactly what this forum is about. Sharing information and trying new techniques or species. Thanks for sharing
  9. Thanks for all the great pics. We had a really good time. My daughter was telling everyone about what we did.
  10. Just got home from the event and we had a really good time. Perfect weather for working in. Thanks to organizers and sponsors for making garbage pick up fun.
  11. Any moving part should have lubrication. Without it the parts will heat up and wear quicker. The proper grade of oil and grease will make a huge difference in performance. Too thick an oil and everything will feel slow, too thin and it will just allow dirt to collect. Most swear by Quantum Hotsauce for both oil and grease. It's pricey compared to 3in1 oil purchased at home depot but it is the right viscosity for the reel. You did have the correct idea though. Degrease first. Remove all dirt and old oils before applying new oil. Just like a car, adding oil helps but changing it is better.
  12. Well two of kids won't be there but my oldest(7) and my wife will still be joining me. Looking forward to it. My last outing with the focus on picking up garbage rewarded me with a couple hours of fishing and my first walleye. Who knows what reward this will bring. All I'm hoping for is fun.
  13. Congrats. With two girls and a little boy I remember the birth of each very well. Thanks for sharing.
  14. adelves


    Bills Bait & Tackle on the Hamilton Mountain have minnows.
  15. I was hoping to get out and try my luck at salmon fishing but all the stories tell of people really not enjoying the sport of fishing. What is it about salmon that people need to act like fools? It's my understanding that the fish really arn't for eating. What is going on. Enjoy the sport. Fish legally. Have fun.
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