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    I love fishing!
  1. I am going to be spooling a baitcast reel with fluorocarbon line. I am using it for crankbaits and am putting on 14 or 15 pound test. I was wondering what Fluorocarbon you think is best because I have done some research and didn't find much. Thanks for all the help in advance!
  2. 3 nice largies at gibson on Strike King Coffee Tubes
  3. Does anyone know of any "Honey Holes" for around this time of year for bass? Please give details. (Understandable if you don't wanna tell of a secret spot!) Thanks for the help in advance!
  4. I am unaware of what is happening at Martindale Pond can someone fill me in please?
  5. Would that be the 3/8oz?
  6. What size Husky Jerk would be a generic size? I am looking for a size good for bass and pike. And what size Rat-L-Trap is "average"?
  7. I mix it up alot and try different retrieves to see how they work when I go.
  8. I am looking for an all around amazing rod. Durabilty,Sensitivity and an acceptable price point are key. I am looking to spend no more than 150 including taxes. And it needs to be 2 Piece. All suggestions would be helpful! Thanks a bunch! Sincerely ~Beatts19
  9. I was thinking of getting a Shimano Sahara Spinning Reel. Is this a good choice as I am looking for a decent intermediate level reel for a good price. I am fishing for mainly Bass, But very much enjoy targeting Pike and Muskellunge during their seasons. I already have a Shakespear Sigma Handed down to me from my dad for Salmon and Trout Fishing. Thanks for The Help In Advance! Sincerely ~Beatts19
  10. I am trying to add some lures to my arsenal. All help would be appreciated! What Sizes and Colours are the best for around Niagara and what seasons.(Generally around Welland and St.Catharines) -Bill Lewis Original Rat-L-Trap -Rapala Husky Jerk -Rapala X-Rap -Bass Pro Shop Enticer Football Head Jig -Strike King KVD Square Bill Please take time to go on Bass Pro Shops Website and browse these lures to help me out! P.S. I am mainy fishing for Large and Smallmouth Bass, but I enjoy going for Pike aswell! + Feel free to suggest lures! Sincere Thanks ~Beatts19
  11. Hello, I am 15 and love fishing. I have always wanted to go to the Whirlpool and/or the Glen for Trout and Salmon when they come through. How is the fishing there right now? (What is being caught and with what?) And when do the Trout and Salmon usually come through? Thanks For The Help! Sincerely ~Beatts19
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