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  1. try the thin rubber strings from a spinnerbait...you can buy just the skirt at a tackle shop......half hitches will work. I still have some of the old whisker style string silencers....they are a little stronger than the skirts but you may find some heavier skirts
  2. brookie... be careful cause what you are doing can be interpreted as hunting and with out a controlled tag... well you do the math
  3. Saw 5 deer today...2 in the dark going in....3 in the dark going out have fun Tuesday........50-80 km winds......I think I'll stay out of the tree stand
  4. Thank god for global warming......just think how bad it would be without it
  5. The hawks like the seed we put out for the critters, i.e. bait and you can tell when they are around because everything disappears and the squirrels freeze in the trees. They don't just take little stuff either. One time I was out hunting rabbits with the beagle and just as she was bringing the rabbit around she stopped barking. Thinking she had lost the track or the rabbit went into a hollow tree, I went over to where I last heard her howl. The snow said it all...... rabbit and dog tracks and then just dog tracks and scuff marks in the snow. The beagle started bark at a tree and looking up I saw the thief.....a big red tailed hawk had picked off the bunny as it was looking over its shoulder to see where the dog was. All I could do was salute a better hunter than I was and go find something else to chase. I think the dog was disgusted with me for not shooting the hawk.
  6. Farmers benefit in the higher price for corn due to ethanol. But corn is very hard on the land and needs a lot of fertilizer plus the roundup to kill the weeds before planting. Put the land to use growing corn for ethanol and you don't put it into food grains like wheat ..... guess where the price of wheat and bread goes ....up. plus the corn goes to ethanol not food. My understanding is you can get ethanol with a cellulose based process. So..... take a "weed" like switch grass which will grow on any piece of c*&p soil and use it for ethanol. NOPE! Big agriculture has too much invested in corn for ethanol. Besides it makes too much sense for the politicians and could cost them votes with the farm lobby if they lose this type of income. As usual a lot of bs and people making money and forgetting common sense and the bigger picture.....the rest of us.
  7. I'm probably too picky but I like wild game too much so I butcher them myself. The last meat I got from a butcher was as part of a group and I was disappointed in the results. It was all bone in and a significant amount of fat was left. The meat surface appeared grey from the smeared fat and bone dust from the bandsaw. In my experience most of the gamey flavor people associate with wild meat can be attributed to the fat and bone marrow left on the meat. I debone everything and remove all fat and connective tissue. I find that the fat doesn't keep well after several months in the freezer. I am fanatical about removing all bloodshot, hair and washing the meat thoroughly. I also vacuum seal rather than use butcher paper. I have a deer I got today that I will butcher up and make roasts, chops, burger and maybe some sausage. When my brothers and I go up for bear in august we butcher them all up there. Not a problem and a lot of good eating. Don't get me wrong, if you don't have the time or a place to cut up the animal by all means go to a butcher. I just feel that I get meat the way I like it and find it a satisfying part of the ritual of being a hunter.
  8. The first consideration is budget. The second consideration is your shooting experience. Third is what kind of hunting are you going to do. How popular is the caliber and how easy is it to get the factory ammo you need if you don't reload. If you are on a budget buying one caliber to do everything may be a better idea. A used gun will save money. Taking it to a gunsmith to check out the bore for wear and throat erosion is a good idea on a used gun especially in a hot caliber that may have been used for a lot of long range target shooting. Shooting experience and being able to deal with the recoil from a magnum caliber is something to consider. No matter what the caliber, the bullet still has to be able to hit the right vital spot. Better a caliber that is comfortable to shoot than one that punishes you with each shot. What kind of hunting you plan to do is very important when choosing a gun/caliber/scope combination. Under 200 yards and often in thick bush? Stand sitting or hiking all over the country? Time to pick your shot or shoot offhand or off a hasty rest? Long range up to 600 yards. Each type of hunting has its own requirements. Having good quality glass on a gun can cost as much or more than the gun itself but a 4x12 scope on the rifle may not be the best for a close shot in thick cover on a moving target. I reload my rifle ammunition so I have some versatility in tuning a load for one species versus another. I shoot a 7mm Remington magnum with a 3x9 scope on it. 175 gr. Nosler partitions have taken moose for me. 140 gr Hornady loads have taken deer. I also have a 6mm Remington I use for coyote, jacks and deer. I have 75 gr loads for the smaller critters and a 100 gr load for deer. For all practical shooting distances I will find in northern Ontario for deer I prefer the 6mm because it is lighter and easier to handle. And if the going is thick and most shots are close for deer I really prefer the 12 ga. slug gun. I suppose the best thing is to see if any of your friends have a gun in the calibers you are thinking of using and see if they will go to the range with you and let you shoot it. Some guns and calibers are not pleasant to shoot. A hot caliber in a light gun with a poor recoil pad will hurt you. A poor scope on a good rifle will disappoint you. Whatever you buy, practice, practice, practice in a variety of shooting positions and rests until you have determined you distance limit to put your bullets in a paper plate, i.e. the vitals of most big game animals.
  9. Years ago we were up at a camp on Laronde Creek near North Bay. A couple of rods went missing from some of the boats so we staked out the docks to see if we could catch the thief. Nothing the first night but on the second we heard a splash and saw a rod go over the side of a docked boat. The "thieves" were fish seeing a lure hanging over the side of the boat and dangling just above the water. Always pay attention.
  10. Go to these addresses and see if this is the location you are looking for http://www.adventurefishingmaps.on.ca/gulllake(temagami)fishingmap.htm http://www.sportfishjunkies.ca/fishing/gull-lake-ontario-canada-7
  11. It's not just this area that's getting flooded. Just got back from a job in Kapuskasing and every lake and river we passed was over the banks/shoreline. One boathouse I saw had only a foot of the doorway above water. Passed by our camp river just north of Kirkland Lake and the railroad bridge we normally sail through had the water only a foot from the span. As for the fillets on the shoreline....what a bunch of ignorant slobs to leave them there. There is no excuse for that kind of behaviour from anybody.
  12. Do not spray yourself or pets with permethrin products...it is very toxic when applied to the skin!!!!! Apply to clothing in a well ventilated area and do not put clothing on until completely dry....then it is safe to wear. The first time I tried it was after turkey hunting when I had lots of ticks. After the spray dried I shook the clothing out and two dead ticks fell out of a pocket. Never had a tick on me after that.
  13. I had a problem with rats coming to the bird feeders last fall. The neighbour was getting upset. Three days later I had killed 15 with the target air rifle....8 the first day. Only saw one during the winter and not at all in the last two months...keeping my fingers crossed and the rifle handy.
  14. The Thorold Legion Conservation Club has practice facilities for members and in the summer we have 3D shoots at reasonable prices every two weeks.
  15. Went out for the first time Wednesday. First set with the rabbit squeal - out came three coyotes 600 yards across the field! A few more calls and the closest one hung up at 175 yards with the other two at about 350 yards - including a huge blonde coyote. One shot with the 6mm. 75 grain handload dropped him in his tracks. I yelped at the other two and stopped at the far edge of the field but they eventually went into the bush where I didn't have permission. No other coyotes there that day. Followed some jackrabbit tracks for a couple of hours but they didn't freshen up and called it a day.
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