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  1. Fishing has been crappy since everyone cleaned out the sunfish population. You have to get to the less accessed areas to catch them.
  2. Its interesting to see another person not happy with Legend boats. I have a problem where the bow of the boat where the trolling motor mounts broke inside as 3 of the 4 brackets welds failed. I talked to both Legend dealers and they were useless, I was told to take it into a welding place on my own and get it repaired. I took it in and they looks at the welds and laughed at the pitiful welds they did originally at the factory. I'd never buy one of their boats again.
  3. Hamilton is the closest dealer. I need some work on my Legend and they also told me No.
  4. www.nationalboatcovers.com You can search your boat model to find the right fit.
  5. jay33


    I got one about a month ago.
  6. I had one bite my slug-go in half just behind the hook.
  7. Wow the green slime is everywhere. Great video!!!!
  8. Its terrible in the upper river. Every cast I haul in more green slime
  9. I bagged one little muskie on Sat. Only out for a couple of hours.
  10. Have you caught one of the Gar? I was casting and it was swimming back and forth along short. I could not get it to bite.
  11. Oh yes, you have to call in with everyone's passport information, it only needs to be done once a day. Of course a sign with the number on it at the ramp might help.
  12. So why does the MNR have Bass open all year long up north except zone 11? Stupid rules in this province, when they have different rules depending where you are in zone 10.
  13. So people must know what I'm fishing for just by what baits I'm throwing?? I mean pike and bass like the same things. You throw a square bill in the spring to catch gar pike in the shallows, thorold has Gar. If I do that you all going to scream I'm going after bass? Let the MNR decide who is right and wrong, go fishing and enjoy the time. Dont forget you can fish catch and release in NY State and the fish populations are fine across that invisible line in the water.
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