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  1. Botchegalupe

    Nichols Marine Shutting Down

    I asked him that, he sold the land, he has no idea what buyers plans are, the business is being shut down. He recommends Chris at the marina in Port Dalhousie, he used to own Marlon Marine.
  2. Botchegalupe

    Nichols Marine Shutting Down

    Tim Nichols called me this afternoon to cancel an appointment. He sold his property and closing down his business at the end of September and retiring. All stock is being sold at 20% off. I have no idea whether or not he is discounting his boats and outboard motors. Anyone looking for a motor or boat may be able to negotiate a good deal.
  3. Botchegalupe

    need a new boat cover

    My cover has 3 vents.
  4. Botchegalupe

    need a new boat cover

    I purchased a mooring/travel cover from Nichols Marine when I purchased my boat three years ago. I keep my boat in the water for six months of each year and the cover never leaks. They're expensive, the material is similar to oilcloth very well put together. These covers should last for years. There is a business four buildings past the boat launch next to Nichols that makes boat covers.
  5. Botchegalupe

    Outboard Stolen

    Check Kijiji.
  6. Same here buddy . Getting a bunch but small.only 3 over 5 lbs and one nine.the rest 2-3 lbĀ 

  7. Botchegalupe

    Walker Downrigger Release

  8. Botchegalupe

    Filing A Fishing "report"

    It would be nice to have one of these. Lake Erie Hot Spot Map
  9. Botchegalupe

    Walker Downrigger Release

    Do you turn clockwise or anti-clockwise to tighten them?
  10. Botchegalupe

    Erie Tomorrow any suggestions

    The lightning was something else, we really got soaked putting the cover on the boat after we tied up.
  11. Botchegalupe

    Erie Tomorrow any suggestions

    It could be the weather buoy, it looks like a mini oil well platform.
  12. Botchegalupe

    Erie Tomorrow any suggestions

    I was out this evening for a couple of hours just south of the weather buoy. Got one on a jet diver using a Williams spoon with a worm, lost one a downrigger using a worm harness. Got caught in a thunderstorm and was soaked when I arrived back at Sugarloaf Marina.
  13. Botchegalupe

    Downrigger problem Help!

    Here's a Youtube video on downrigger maintenance. Downrigger Maintenance
  14. Botchegalupe

    Erie Tomorrow any suggestions

    I'll probably go out tomorrow evening.
  15. Botchegalupe

    Downrigger problem Help!

    The part is available at Bert's Custom Tackle, it is probably best to contact them by phone. http://berts-tackle.shptron.com/p/edr-10-toggle-switch-specify-electric-or-auto-stop?pp=8 Bert's Custom TackleManufactured by Tecla Company, Inc.1250 Ladd Road, P.O. Box 1177Walled Lake, MI 48390P: 800-367-3726F: 248-624-4421