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  1. Does who have served in Canada's Armed Forces but were not issued an NDI 75 on release can apply for one here; however, if you were released prior to February 2016 you have to wait until this summer before you can apply.
  2. I'll get back to you in the New Year, what do you typically use for bait in the winter?
  3. I found it on Google Maps, I also found a newspaper article stating the City of Fort Erie wanted to develop the area into a park, It would be a great place to build fishing platforms.
  4. Anyone interested in earning extra money, Bass Pro Shops is hiring people for the Christmas season. Applications can be made at the store.
  5. The last fine should have been in the $10,000 range.
  6. I was under the impression that the closest Legend dealer was in the Barrie area, this morning l receive a letter from Dewildt Marine requesting that those who purchased their Legend boat from the former Nichols Marine to use their services. Dewildt Marine is located in Hamilton.
  7. My first 2007 Legend boat was riveted, and always had a gallon or two water in it, I traded in for another Legend boat in 2015, this boat is welded and has never leaked.
  8. Does IPTV use a lot of bandwidth?
  9. A new brewer has agreed to Ford's Buck-a-Beer, they now get premium space at the LCBO's which will help increase their volume in sales.
  10. I have two newer Walker Releases I don't use.
  11. I haven't experienced a single line release while dropping the ball using a Chamberlain, I also have mine set up for a light release upon a fish strike, it hasn't failed me once. I haven't dragged a single fish this season.
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