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  1. Hey blue I grew up the 1st 8 years of my life in Puce which is just on the Windsor side of Belle river, the Puce River holds a lot of gar pike, some times they congregate out at the delta.
  2. water hit 65.....on sunday Larry Black and chartreuse has been my binbrook goto for years it produced well yesterday. north shore is stacked and in shallow.
  3. Larry I'd prefer a couple degrees warmer, the males should be sweeping the nests by now, females will be holding to deeper structure/cover, however the water was the dirtiest ive ever seen it. we did not have live bait or scent to add to the artificials.....it was a tough bite.
  4. I was out with a buddy on the 20th. water in 4 different spots was 18C. tons of breaches out in deeper water and also very few caught in tight to shore. Tom caught a cat on a flicker shad of all things water was double double. If I end up going back this Tuesday will update.
  5. ChefMick

    May? ^#*%@

    The following article is courtesy of: WKBW.com. WESTERN NEW YORK, N.Y. (WKBW) It is a question that everyone is asking: "When is the Ice Boom coming out?" According to the US Army Corps of Engineers, it is estimated that the Ice Boom could be taken out at the end of April. The reason is because there is still over 1,000 square miles of thick-packed ice in the eastern part of Lake Erie as of April 16th. Due to a misunderstanding, Eyewitness News erroneously reported that the Ice Boom might have to stay in place until the end of May. US Army Corps of Engineers report that recent satellite photos show about 50% ice coverage on the eastern end of Lake Erie. The Corps of Engineers will start "Ice Flights" on Tuesday April 22nd to study the ice properties on eastern Lake Erie. The longest that the Ice Boom was kept in place was May 3, 1971.
  6. fishsanity being from Hamilton I'm going to assume this is FishingWorld....don't quote me on that tho.
  7. Driving to work today I saw a guy out of Jordan harbour....would be interested to see if you got on anything, from my vantage point on the QEW you nailed the mud line.....although not huge in area it was like night and day between blue and brown!!
  8. I can't comment on the scotia centre show, I couldn't go due to work. However it was a simple pleasure helping my sponsor at the Niagara outdoor show. Way more intimate and one on one with any angler who showed interest in our brand. Bill IMO top notch, keep it small keep it $$$ feasible........winning combo.
  9. Welcome to NFN, great to have you!!
  10. I can't speak for every obn club but joining the hamilton bass masters was a great move. Annual dues are $50. And that's it. Of course there are extras but only if you want them. Do you want a club jersey, if so prolly around $75. Are your club meetings at a pub or restaurant? If so are you going to buy a beer or maybe an appetizer? Gas to and from the meetings which are held once a month. As for tourneys, depending on the distance from your home city you and the co-angler are responsible for splitting the days cost, the average tourney if it's not at your back door is around $200. $100 for both anglers, this includes truck gas to and from the launch, boat gas and entry fees. But again just because you are a member does not mean you have to fish tourneys. Another option is to volunteer your time at club tourneys., now there are some club members that are there to try to get to the classic,, club points, to angler of the year, to national contender etc....but that scenario doesn't fit with a lot of people. If you want to step up your game and meet some great people......join a club. P.s between hamilton, st. Kitts and the Niagara club.......all across the board, a great and helpful bunch of people.
  11. To our good friend Cliff Plummer, here's wishing you a super happy birthday, hope you have an outstanding day buddy!!!!!!!!
  12. Both have their advantages, however unless you know the path out is 200% safe! use the sled. Pressure cracks on Erie happen all the time and every day. If your whippen along on the ATV and can't stop in time......well. If you need to go out a few miles with the ATV take her slow.
  13. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1268/13539227/24233904/408712900.jpg
  14. Whoa killer paint job man....looks amazing, I'd be proud to put that on my wall.
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