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  1. mykiss

    Boat Launch

    I've been wanting to get out with the family on our boat and I thought the lower Niagara would be nice, can anybody recommend a good boat launch? thanks in advance
  2. mykiss

    Centre Pin Reels

    I disagree. On every outing I start without a swivel above the float so I can get a feel for the deeper holes in the river, while doing this I inevitably get some line twist so I put in a swivel above the float and not only do I not get anymore twist it also gets rid of the twist that i already have.
  3. mykiss

    Centre Pin Reels

    That's interesting RN, what do you mean by flexibility? If you go with 10lb main, do you mean that you have the flexibility of going to 8lb leader?
  4. mykiss

    Centre Pin Reels

    looks like Santa came early congratulations, as far as line goes I've never used hi-vis but I've used Trilene XL for about 20 years now and it's never let me down and Raven or Drennan flouro leader, I usually go 8lb main and 4 or 6lb leader.
  5. mykiss

    Centre Pin Reels

    your reel has no way to cause line twist, the twist is caused by your cast. If you use a side cast you most likely will get line twist, either put a micro swivel above your float or switch to a different cast like the Wallis cast.
  6. mykiss

    Centre Pin Reels

    I've seen quite a few posts that mention the new Zepplin and everybody says it's over priced but nobody ever mentions the price...........is it supposed to be a secret?
  7. Hello everybody, another newbie here. I love to float fish for salmon/steelhead. This looks like a really good board and hope to learn a lot while contributing as much as I can....I'll try not to ask to many stupid questions lol.
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