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  1. The Senecas past a law that bans the use of lead on the reservation. Need to use alternative stuff now.
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    NIce!!! Wait until you get a fresh steelie trying to rip the rod out of your hand at the end of a swing. Its unreal!
  3. My best fishing has seemed to always occur around the new moon. The early morning walleye or salmon bite is usually bad for me during a full moon so i usually don't head out until 930 on those days. The theory I heard is the fish feed all night during full moons and don't really start feeding again until late morning or afternoon.
  4. Looking at getting a cheaper spey set for my son and people who fish with me who don"t get out as much . Looked at a few reviews and they have been pretty good. Anyone have any experience with the 10/11 integrity or SLV reels or the 13' 8wt spey rod? I can get the whole combo for less than $200 and I already have the spey line .
  5. X2 with Fish for life. Smallie fishing has been great in the river in the last few weeks. Just find the structure...you'll definitely know when you found the structure they're using as it will be constant action for a while.
  6. Both have their advantages. Centerpinning is great when fish are in longer runs and pools but its a pain when the rivers/streams are crowded. Fly fishing works great when fishing in a crowd or when the fish are in shallower fast runs or riffles. I use both depending on what im in the mood for. I really enjoy both but i personally prefer the jolting strike of a swung fly over a float going under.
  7. That surely is a huge bowfin. I've caught some while ice fishing for walleye before with jigging Raps but they were only 3 lbers. Great job!
  8. The max I use around here( North east) is 50lb braid. Its helped pulled fish from some serious slop and pads. I've fished Florida lakes where at least 50lb braid was almost a must in order to bring the bass out of the milfoil. Even then, you might not them them out. Lately , Ive switched some of my smallie reels to 10lb superslick braid with flour leaders and have really liked the results-however, I dont't like braid on my dropshot rods. For some reason I missed too many hits on the braid dropshot-probably set the hook too early before the fish could take the bait bc the braid is so sensitive.
  9. fischer

    Holy Moly

    Thats ridiculous!!!!! I cant believe the gut on that fish! Amazing.
  10. Kwickfish is considered a banana type plug that can be fished with the slightest currents. It gives off a distinct wobble . Run it off a three way swivel from a boat off a 6-8 foot lead in sizes k8-k9 . Good colors are usually silver or gold combined with pink or chartreuse colors.
  11. Nice Fish . Looking forward to hitting some western ny piers soon for some of those chunky browns!
  12. From Shore, I usually only use a 6-8" dropper as it will get tangled if its too long. From a boat, I'll usually start off with about 2 foot dropper so when I break off I can just re-tie another weight on.
  13. fischer

    Myrtle Beach

    Lived down there fo a few years. Charter fishing this time of year is mostly for sea bass and its hit or miss this time of year due to cold water temps. Fishing from a pier, you can catch croakers, whiting, skates, and black tip sharks and occasional sea trout. I usually did better in the surf than piers this time of year. Use heavy wieghts and braided line in the surf- get your shrimp from a grocery store. Vary your cast out- sometimes the fish are inside the surf area, sometimes just where the swells end and the surf starts and for some reason, outgoing low tide has the most bites. Dress up too, its cold down there when the wind comes off the ocean!
  14. Don't get me wrong. I'll fish through almost all weather. In fact, my biggest fish from the Niagara have always come during the off bite times versus the feeding frenzy times. Less fish but usually trophy fish.
  15. Here's my experience from the Niagara. When water clarity is bad due to wing stirring up Erie, shore fishing can be outstanding while fishing from a boat is tough. During these times the fish pretty much hug the shoreline. In Mid -winter, fish definitely have a certain bite time and hopefully your on the water when it happens.From November to April, fish are very aggressive for a few hours before a front passes and then almost shut off completely. Niagara trout and steel act almost like fish in the Great Lakes... changes in barometric pressure( fronts) affects their behavior as compared to regular feeder stream fish which you can catch in almost any type of circumstance.
  16. I have a Sheffield and use it many places...not so much on the niagara any more bc its more of a pain to bring in the big floats and wieght every drift. Its my primary float reel and I have it filled with 10lb High Vis Suffix Siege. Stuff never breaks before the leader or shot line and casts well. The one thing I did do is change the bearings and replaced them with boca bearings and its has made a huge difference in wallace casting and trotting. Further casts and smoother runs. Hope this helps.
  17. For fishing the lower niagara, I find using a longer rod is more useful. I fish a 13 footer with an old diawa 1600 tournament reel. I used to fish a 10 footer and found I have way more control of a drift with the 13. Less line on the water and now I need less weight to get to the bottom which means way less snags. I actually use the Clarus 13' -4piece designed for float fishing but use a spinning reel. It works perfect and costs less than $100. Good luck when you get out there.
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