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  1. yes that is definitely a Rudd. I find them a real good looking fish but they are an invasive species so.... They were fun to fish for in the creeks/ponds back in the UK.
  2. Congratulations Jordan, the trout have been elusive for me. Gone out every other weekend with nothing to show for it, glad there are still some out there.
  3. Mike your posts always give me the itch to get out after them. Glad you got into some action. I haven't had much luck over the hot summer months but enjoy this time of year when the runs can come fast and furious.
  4. Great time of year to get out after them. When they are trying to fatten up to get through winter the bite can be awesome. Keep at it lots of big fall fatties will be getting caught soon.
  5. I finally got down to the river to float worms for the bass this week and had a real good day. But my rod doesn't look anywhere near so beautiful. Awesome build Cplummer can only dream to have something like that in my arsenal.
  6. we were just asked to not park our vehicles on the gravel side of the parking lot and leave those spaces open for vehicles with boat trailers.Instead to park on the tarmac side.Also that signs will be posted to inform everyone that this parking restriction will be enforced. Nobody wants to come back from fishing and their car is towed, so thought I should let everyone know. As smerch and a few other members frequently fish there.
  7. Still enjoying the carp fishing and looking forward to some plump fall fatties. Then going to try for some salmon this year as I've never caught one. Then bring on the brown trout run! Wont take much to twist my arm and get a couple of outings for pike either.
  8. rab546


    I normally get mine from Centerpin angling. Hopefully this year I can get a salmon
  9. Yeah I'm jealous. Looks sweet, your gonna have a lot of fun on that.
  10. I was there earlier in the week the shelf was still in place but with this warmer weather it will start to break up so be very careful on it. Stairs down were treacherous and cleats came in handy. Only 1 fish hooked didn't see anyone else get anything but only 6 or so ppl down there.
  11. I think everyone has been there at least a couple of times. Normally the best fisherman stories start with the huge one that got away
  12. It's going to take a few days after all this rain to get it fishable again. I drove past today on an errant for work and its flowing high and muddy.
  13. Absolutely without a doubt Perch. Altho a fresh trout on the bbq with a few herbs n some butter gets my mouth watering waiting for it.
  14. Priceless. Although I'm normally the guy cursing
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