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  1. floatman

    announcement to members

    There are many former popular fishing websites that are now very slow. J. Collinas being a prime one. Social media has taken over. Would people be willing to pay for this one to be worthwhile? I doubt it. Would I personally? No. I am Admin on a site that has all the Floatfishing reel builders in Ontario and US on it as well as Float builders, and many rod builders, and it is basically dead. Sign of the times, and great in it's day, but sad to say things are moving on. I've enjoyed being here for many years, and have contributed when I had information to share, whatever the topic. A wise decision Cliff, in spite of the pain it brings. That's my 2 cents.
  2. floatman

    Lake conditions today

    https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45142 Looks good to me!
  3. floatman

    Bay of Q. colour

    Matches the colour of Hamilton Bay which is a swamp of algae, weeds, and foul smelling water. Glad I'm not a fish that has to swim in that!
  4. floatman

    Downrigger releases

    Like Smerch says, Walker releases were the cats azz back in the day. For less than $10, it was a release that never failed. Garage sale only find now, I guess.
  5. floatman

    Attacked by a Muskie

    Great video! Your explanation of the event prior to it happening was excellent! Replaying at half speed showed how subtle the 'posturing' of the fish was! That fish was just telling you to give it some space. At least that's the way I would describe it. I'm sure with all the years you have been diving you were thrilled to have the interaction with it. I would have been as well. Thanks for providing the video, and your very descriptive analogy of the event! Just excellent.
  6. floatman

    Highest price ever ?

    I buy on the Seneca reserve when I'm over. Something like .78/litre CDN! Freaking joke what is going on! My F150 has a 136litre tank which saves me at least $75CDN/tank! Doug Ford can stick his 10 cents /litre!
  7. floatman

    Simms wading boots

    Simms will replace the BOA system if it fails, but laces are eas y to carry in the vest, and cheap too. I've worn Simms for the last 20 years and won't go anywhere else. Expensive? Yes! Worth it? Yes! I use the G3 Guide Boots. Best there is, IMO
  8. floatman

    Uploading pics

    Doesn’t work for me Tyler. Says files are too large. My go to is using a photo sharing site like Imgur. I find it much easier using the medium thumbnail option.
  9. floatman


    Fishing with a kid has so many benefits! Good on you! Welcome, and thanks for saying HI!
  10. floatman

    is it smelt time?

    My experience from a long time ago was that the smelt run on the first warm rain, after a long warming spell and that isn't the one coming tomorrow.
  11. floatman

    Searching for sucker

    The OP asked about where and how to catch suckers to use as catfish bait. I'm offering another option; I've used suckers, cut in chunks, about 1 1/2"square. Filleted, but skin on. And we did catch some nice cats. On the positive side, going out to catch the suckers provides at least one day of fishing, but low on the fun scale, at least for me. Plus you have to fillet the fish, dispose of the entrails/carcasses, as well as bag and freeze the bait. What my fishing buddy and I have found to work every bit as well is squid and shrimp. Cut the uncooked shrimp in chunks, and the squid in large rings. Now you could say that it's expensive, but if you watch the ads, (or enquire at your local supermarket fish counter for past saleable shrimp/fish) you can get great bait for cheap. And believe me shrimp or calamari rings are super for the big cats! We freeze in small ziplocs that provide enough bait for a day. Re-freezing is not a problem since smellier baits only help. The good thing is that the supermarket has bait at the last minute, should an opportunity arrive, Some are open 24 hours! I am looking forward to the spring cats more than the spring steelhead season! 20, up to 20 lb fish/per day each is super fun!
  12. floatman

    Posting pic

    Use a hosting site like Imgur. Very easy once you get the hang of it http://www.tomsguide.com/faq/id-2373240/upload-image-imgur.html
  13. I'm somewhat in agreement with deech on this. However, learning on poor equipment can be very frustrating as well. Learning to cast, especially BC, or Wallis, can be difficult with great reels, and terrible with a reel that doesn't spin well. Fishing slow water or back eddies is tough with a reel that doesn't spin easily. Feeding line by hand to allow a perfect drift is much harder than feathering the rotation with your finger to apply the correct amount of tension to trot the line correctly. Ralph Field was right on the mark when he mentioned line getting in behind the spool on reels with large tolerances. (The original Stantons were terrible for this). So my take also is buy the best you can afford, and as deetch says, upgrade if you like it. If I were to suggest where to spend the money first, I'd opt for the reel every time. A cheap wimpy 13-14' stick will help forgive mistakes on learning how to apply drag, but a reel that constantly causes aggravation while learning will drive you back to your level wind, IMO.
  14. floatman

    Saugeen River KOTD Report

    WE can NEVER use cost as a value to the day spent fishing. I too remember fishing 40 years ago, and having 20-30 fish days. Most guys were bottom bouncing, and CP fishing was just getting established. The improvement on rods and reels and new ideas on presentation has turned steelhead fishing on it's head! The internet has made novices into masters overnight. Yarn was the big heads-up in my day. Now soft beads, glass beads, plastic beads, jigs, commercially cured roe, and tandem presentations tease the fish into submission. You should be proud of getting any fish in ever harder conditions. Anymore if I get a couple of fish a day on that river I figure I've done well. Big congratulations to the winners. Well done!