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  1. 2018 Spring Salmon Derby

    Cmon April 7th.... I got a feeling Angela's gonna be paying me that prize $ this year lol well that' my hope anyways... I got my ticket anyways look for me at the top of the leaderboard...... 🤔😁
  2. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    Depends on the wind... like posted above it might be free of ice now but in an hour or 2 could be locked solid if the wind changes.
  3. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    Shore fish where the water is open... it' panny season... ice out crappie bud... slip float with a minnow and your rocking... got 4 decent ones last night just before dark.... didn' keep em but they fight like an S.O.B in this cold water
  4. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    Unless u wanna fish lake o... beacon open and so is scfg
  5. Bass season!

    I have fished there a bunch spring and winter.. caught lots of crappie and a few catfish and bass.... stopped fishing there because they limit where u can ice fish so they restrict you to 1/4 if that of the lake and also there was a flood a # of years back that brought some pollutants into the lake and fish was deemed unedible at the time so I scratched it off the list considering the travel time and catch and release only
  6. John carpenter

    Thank you... he was a great uncle
  7. John carpenter

    Hell of a fisherman. I will miss fishing together and your never ending stories and wisdom. I won' forget the good times RIP
  8. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    I think itll be a few more weeks yet even if the ramp does free up I'd be wary of the wind blowing any ice in while out fishing..
  9. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    Id say were more for the positivity of.fishing and and the joy, help.people and share how when where maybe to catch more fish or bigger fish and even just more consistently... but the whole wanna fish in a boat go buy one is of the more ignorant philosophies considering you easily could have stated why u don't like new company aboard but give a recommendation for a charter instead perhaps... negativity and fishing don' mix well................troll
  10. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    If the #s in your handle mean the same to you as they do me it'l be a goodtime
  11. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    Tyler... get a salmon derby ticket when the time comes and I'll have a spot for ya... I bought a boat cause I love fishing and so I can go whenever I can or want too.... 2 young kids makes it tough anymore to get out but still find time.... but it's always better with company
  12. Carp

    I thought that was your van I seen... I've never had any luck at the bridge but see ppl there lots...
  13. Otters in port D

    There river otters and we do have them.. seen em in the niag river and seen one in the 12..... the mink is much smaller than the river otters... just cause u haven' seen em don' mean there not there... kinda like the walleye in the 12 and lake Gibson... it' easy not to believe until you see it for yourself.... but we are fisherman so we do constantly lie lol
  14. Otters in port D

    We do actually
  15. Otters in port D

    Common.... they're everywhere