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  1. coyotes

    Gunner.. I'm busy this week but next week during the day ( mornings as I work afternoons) or whichever wknd.
  2. coyotes

    Good luck gunner.... that time of year plus the frigid temps there hunger out ways their fear and theyll take whatever they can find.... if u need a partner lemme know... had the .243 out on sat but didn' see nothing... got three diff tracks in my backyard today from last nite and I'm in the city by the pen centre......
  3. MA Nature making ice

    Martindale had 4" - 4.5" where I checked
  4. Christmas

  5. Bulk perch fillets

    I've got a bunch of fillets in the freezer........
  6. What's in the water ?

    Great job smerch
  7. Kids Derby In Port Dalhousie

    It is a yearly event
  8. Who wants yotes?

    Id join ya if ya want some company but no interest in the yote itself tho... call a taxidermist locally and see if they have any interest... may give u $ depending on colour and quality
  9. Controlled Deer Hunt

    Congrats thats a great week if u ask me and congrats on tagging out... tough call on the big buck but really no wrong answer... personally I woulda stalked him but coulda woulda shoulda, you never know, like u said, next yr...
  10. Smoked rainbow trout

    Maybe try the lower
  11. Outboard Stolen

    I use an insurance broker.... get the best price every yr since they find me the best rate for everything I need.
  12. Bison Revenge

    I thought buck fever was b.s...... man was i wrong.. Lol
  13. Bison Revenge

    It could have just been bad shot placement and could have just hit bone or none of the vitals... maybe he had the bison fever
  14. Sharoomin Time ...

    Wild mushrooms.... they'e delicious and hunting for them is quite the hobby
  15. Outboard Stolen

    It's all a sham....insurance won't cover, the cops don't do sh!t but file a report and tell you they'll be n touch but they won't be...... thats why I got 2 rottis and cameras.... u want somethin done u gotta do it yourself....