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  1. WalleyeChaser

    announcement to members

    Or load up.some cars and just hit simcoe
  2. WalleyeChaser

    announcement to members

    Congrats tyler0420.. thanks for taking over the site.. hopefully we get some ice soon and we can have a nfn fishing day and celebrate the new proud owner!
  3. WalleyeChaser

    Price Increases

    Id doo-doo my pants if they gave me a raise of cost of living let alone 10 to 20 %.. it's exactly why the rich get richer... u take a rich person out fishing and they expect to catch fish and not pay for anything . take a regular guy fishing and they just wanna have a good time and split costs down the middle so everyone wins... c'mon 25 more years so I can retire to the north
  4. WalleyeChaser

    A longggg trip home

    Heard few perch + trout been caught at the mouth of canal..(lake Ontario....st.catharines marina area ) .. bit of a walk tho.
  5. WalleyeChaser

    Fishing tonorrow need partner

    Gotta work... but lower walleye r heating up
  6. WalleyeChaser

    I went a stalkin'

    I went out to one of my distant fall carp spots... got one small one around 5 lbs...but found a 6 ft skunk tree..... c'mon 17th
  7. WalleyeChaser

    I went a stalkin'

    Looks almost like one of those rapala jerk baits.... rip n stop I think
  8. WalleyeChaser

    Current conditions?

    East is least
  9. WalleyeChaser

    Boat questions

    Honestly spend the extra money now instead of later... lund or alumacraft are top notch... and if u can id go with welded aluminum instead of rivets... see the legend posts from before... 18 ft bowrider with the walk thru windshield will cover all your needs
  10. WalleyeChaser

    Fishing Today?

    Perch r heating up if u can find em... little deeper than normal but starting to school up...hopefukly thus cool spell brings em in and schools em all up
  11. WalleyeChaser

    Lower Niagara skunked for smallmouth

    Tubes.. dark green with silver fleck
  12. WalleyeChaser

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    Legends look.nice just don't last..
  13. WalleyeChaser

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    It'll be a job for sure but it'll be worth it....
  14. WalleyeChaser

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    I don't believe legend does... lund does tho.... i stayed away from the legends when I purchased my lund because of reviews and things ppl had told.me... I'd consider taking it apart yourself than having them do the work or don't even go to legend and go somewhere totally different... there's no warranty so why give legend more of your money
  15. WalleyeChaser

    New Niagara underwater video

    Always love seeing your videos, thanks man