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  1. Fair enough like I said not trying to be a douche but wondering your thought process as to why the negative opinion... only way to beat the stigma is open conversation
  2. I'm all in for the safety and well being of animals as I am and animal lover and have a rescue as well... but smerch why is the "reck-weed" atop your list of police's plates..... weed has been around for centuries and I toke but dont drink..dont like it.. why is it the perception is everyones stoned driving now because it's legal ? Should the smokers assume everyone's driving drunk? Not trying to be a douche or anything but I just don't like how people look down at smokers or even the thought of it... The meds most people take now are 10x worse for your body... yes police do have plenty to deal with already and don't need more...maybe we need a task force purely for this instead of everyday cops
  3. I hope your right... fishing just seems to good to last
  4. Grands already peaked IMO get there fast I give it a week before it slows down.. still catch but the bigguns will be less frequent
  5. Cpl more weeks man... even if the ramp was free of ice there's still so much on the lake if the wind blows wrong way you wouldn't get back in
  6. Won't make it guys sorry.. got offered OT for tomorrow and Sunday and I can't say no... $$ makes the world go round... good.luck all and enjoy the company/festivities/fishing...
  7. Or arrange vehicles and go to.simcoe..........
  8. I'm in for sure either date is fine.. wknds r best but I could do evenings since I'm finally off afternoons after 9 yrs... I'll bring some 420 supplies.. as for giveaways I think you did plenty saving this forum so a great day fishing and celebrating your ownership is plenty for me.. bbq would be a good idea.. could talk to Shawn at tendercuts bet he'd hook us up....
  9. Or load up.some cars and just hit simcoe
  10. Congrats tyler0420.. thanks for taking over the site.. hopefully we get some ice soon and we can have a nfn fishing day and celebrate the new proud owner!
  11. Id doo-doo my pants if they gave me a raise of cost of living let alone 10 to 20 %.. it's exactly why the rich get richer... u take a rich person out fishing and they expect to catch fish and not pay for anything . take a regular guy fishing and they just wanna have a good time and split costs down the middle so everyone wins... c'mon 25 more years so I can retire to the north
  12. Heard few perch + trout been caught at the mouth of canal..(lake Ontario....st.catharines marina area ) .. bit of a walk tho.
  13. Gotta work... but lower walleye r heating up
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