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  1. WalleyeChaser

    Fishing Today?

    Perch r heating up if u can find em... little deeper than normal but starting to school up...hopefukly thus cool spell brings em in and schools em all up
  2. WalleyeChaser

    Lower Niagara skunked for smallmouth

    Tubes.. dark green with silver fleck
  3. WalleyeChaser

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    Legends look.nice just don't last..
  4. WalleyeChaser

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    It'll be a job for sure but it'll be worth it....
  5. WalleyeChaser

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    I don't believe legend does... lund does tho.... i stayed away from the legends when I purchased my lund because of reviews and things ppl had told.me... I'd consider taking it apart yourself than having them do the work or don't even go to legend and go somewhere totally different... there's no warranty so why give legend more of your money
  6. WalleyeChaser

    New Niagara underwater video

    Always love seeing your videos, thanks man
  7. WalleyeChaser

    Boat prop problem question

  8. WalleyeChaser

    Boat prop problem question

    I broke down and got my 300 hr check from their.. cheaper and faster than bay city marine in the hammer... bay city couldn't make the time for me and everyone was busy but them.. not that I wanted too but I wanted to fish
  9. WalleyeChaser

    Boat prop problem question

    I hate to say it but bass pro is pretty slow and could prob get ya in and out in a day or two
  10. WalleyeChaser


    Unless your boats under warranty go else where
  11. WalleyeChaser

    Large tackle yard sale

    Fawk... any line counter reels
  12. WalleyeChaser

    Carping on the fly

    You can sight fish em in Jordan and along beaverdams with 2 feet and a heartbeat just bring some water and get ready to cover ground
  13. WalleyeChaser

    must haves for basic tackle set up

    Check peters first
  14. WalleyeChaser

    Thieves in Welland

    Brutal man I hope your day gets better.... I never keep anything in the boat at home even with the dog.... trusty 12 g pumps always ready for a late night investigation tho... todays day in age show those f@ck$ the same courtesy they show us
  15. WalleyeChaser

    must haves for basic tackle set up

    Large black and gold rapala minnow... shiner coloured jerk bait.perch coloured crankbait... white spinner..... drop shot weights and standout hooks with xzone natural coloured slammer... white swim baits....large torpedo ....leaders...flashlight...bug spray...