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  1. WalleyeChaser

    record perch

    Check Grimsby tackle Facebook
  2. WalleyeChaser


    It' just like poaching tho... if you legally allow any tom.dick or Harry to sell game/fish mounts you might as well be poaching your creating a market for the sale of dead animals... which is illegal........ but since it's not a silverback or white rhino we should just mind our own business it' Canada right that stuff won't happen here.... 👍
  3. WalleyeChaser


    Well if your not sure it's a crime wouldn't be calling mnr be the proper way to find out anyways... besides that if we "minded" our own business you might as well be poaching too because your just as guilty by enabling... If it wasn' for half of this forum not minding their own business most fishing spots would be over run with garbage worse than it is now and people would be pillaging our local fish stock with nothing left for the real outdoorsman and woman...This is our business.. if you fish if you hunt if you like the outdoors than it is our business..... but sure keep enabling just don't b!tch when it' gone
  4. WalleyeChaser

    Boat launch at sunset beach?

    Jones beach is just down from st.cath marina... As for sunset launch it's not great by any means but if the lake is flat it' fine but if it's windy at all ur f@%ked
  5. WalleyeChaser

    I am just going to leave this here ...

    Congrats man thats a gorgeous ski.
  6. WalleyeChaser

    2002 merc 115hp 4 stroke idle problem

    I always run top premium in my 70 hp Yamaha 4 stroke
  7. WalleyeChaser

    Turkey Opener Coming!

    If hunting in city limits was allowed my bird feeder would be quite the spot.. 24 come down 3 times a day to eat and strut.. 4 real big toms 1 smaller tom a few jakes and the rest hens. The one big toms beard practiclly touches the ground. They show up every spring (3 weeks ago this yr) and are usually gone by first few weeks in may except for a few hens that stick around for the summer with their young.
  8. WalleyeChaser

    Chasing Browns!

    Sometimes it pays to be in 100 fow but only fishing 15 - 30 ft down........ 😉
  9. WalleyeChaser

    SPRING ?

    Springs here now, hope all enjoyed the festivities yesterday...
  10. WalleyeChaser


    Terrible news.. condolences to anyone and everyone effected
  11. WalleyeChaser

    Grimsby Tackle Spring Sale This Week

    Tekota 600 plus rod for 300 is good but Pete's is selling same thing but longer rod for cheaper....
  12. WalleyeChaser


    Ditch is there and yes u can...
  13. WalleyeChaser


    No question u get what you pay for.... my last knife I bought was the electric and I'm not going back to the old way
  14. WalleyeChaser

    March 26th Welland

    Nice gator man
  15. WalleyeChaser

    Cleaning fish riverside

    I was up north and had filleted a few walleye and kept skin on and put in cooler and threw carcasses in lake x and mnr pulled up few hours later check us out and seen the carcasses and pulled em out measured for slot size ( I always double triple check) they were of course fine and they tossed em back in the lake.. I asked if that was proper practice and the guy said it was ok..