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  1. Thank you Chris b... got the perch itch was hoping to get out this afternoon
  2. Any chance anyone near Erie today and can give a live report would be most appreciated
  3. I wish I could help but baycity marine in Hamilton does everything on my boat
  4. Go to whackem tackle online smerch and get their double down inline trolling weight.... much easier imo dragging a harness.. they have 1,2 and 3 oz... I have a " trolling chart " for it as well
  5. WalleyeChaser


    Might try and fill a limit.of.both this.wknd if weather cooperates
  6. No jigging supplies? Not even a slab grabber ?
  7. I'd just jig... mister twisters or swim baits.. minnows..worms... leeches.... maybe a vibrato or some jigging raps
  8. I seen a 30 ft pontoon with a 250 Yamaha on it.. guy said it does 35 mph... says he trolls with it he pitches with it he jigs with it.. he says nothing compares.. says he can run multiple rods spaced out with out clustering them together and he said you can walk all around not stuck sitting or only being able to move a few feet and he says he can go as shallow as a bass boat.. plus the bimini and plastic sides would be ideal in non ideal weather.. cold or rain... it's actually quite something to consider I'm thinking... of course not 30 ft long tho
  9. Also would like to know.. wanna get out today or tomorrow
  10. Only 4 that day..3 were in the first half hour 45 min than the bite died aside from the 1 more . evenings have been better for myself anyways.. posted a pic in the other topic from an evening last week with a 3 man limit.didnt get on the water till almost 6 pm
  11. It's fishable....further out you are bumpier she is but in 53 fow she's alright... especially if your running a purple harness
  12. Commanda lake has cottages and boats I believe..i believe restoule lake has a few places that do as well.quinte has good fishing in the fall. even the muskokas or muskokas lakes or parry sound because kids r back to school it'll be so quiet than . check kijiji too for private rentals just change your city to one closer to what your looking for..
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