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  1. You guys can figure the rest out... Tired of beings trolled... Thread looking a little sparse c'mon boys, post 'em up
  2. Don't need the rabble, a cast of thousands...merely a thousand casts...toughens the mind...no room for ADD brah
  3. My boy's b-day man, but thanks!
  4. No need to remind him...HE always reminds me...think he'd be keen to join in again soon.
  5. It is largely personal choice...I know Timo will wax his thread to cinch down the first couple of wraps on his wings...shouldn't have terrible adverse effects on applying head cement. I've used waxed thread when spinning deer so I get good grab and can load the tension onto the material.
  6. just talked to a guy that works for me out of w-by...says everything is blown out there... And rain all day tomorrow...sounds like NY is the ticket
  7. Yeah, and I would be the person to do that...
  8. Absolutely good point Dave...I had fogotten that...I ONLY use select M-boo. Yeah, and the 'ol Schnip is a poster child for yoga waders....jus sayin
  9. Tower of Babel man...that site is in its' death throes...jmo, and what would I know about that having spent most of my time lurking there anyway...
  10. Don't let it get around...stop by OFF they'll tell you otherwise... I'm up to my eyes with a bunch of NA fly swap obligations...best I can tell you for the moment is tie slowly, it's something I've had to remind myself of frequently....
  11. Tom...see what I can do about posting up an SBS for swing things...
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