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  1. Ice conditions

    Dunville might be a wash i defintly wouldnt trust it
  2. Fishing line spools

    Thats awesome
  3. Last night

    I'm not 100 percent sure how deep it gets there when the water was down the main part looked really shollow maybe 5 to 6 feet in the middle where I was must be a bout 12 to 15 not 100 percent sure tho
  4. Last night

    It is defintly fun I just love the way they grab and go if you were there last night I only ever see one other person there I defintly know other people go because I clean up the line and broken beer bottles because the dogs like to tag along..... I went a little deeper because there was someone out fishing where I normally go so I stayed back a bit and it paid off
  5. Torrance Barrens trails

    Me and a friend are going to go away for the weekend mainly for fishing another buddy of mine recommended Torrance Barrens looking at the maps not sure how good it would be and how close I could get to the water with a canoe because it weighs a ton any info would help thanks in advance
  6. Last night

    Headed out after work well had a cpl things to do then went got out at 630 and the fish were on again with in 5 mins rod went nuts and as I'm bringing it in there's a bass jumping all around the carp couldn't figure out what was Goin on untill finally getting it in and what do u know I got a 2 for one was pretty wild to see also never seen a bass on corn but also alot of stuff happens there that I never seen ended up Goin 8 for 11 between 3 people had 4 on with in the first hour all on my rod I felt bad and let my girlfriend bring one in then my buddy I got 2 more then finally tHey started getting some action on there own rods was a great night and only fished untill 9
  7. Summer solstice

    Nice job
  8. Question

    Nice I was about to ahead put yesterday then the rain started so I stayed in and had some beers only to watch it blow over and sky's cleared up might give er a go after work see what happens
  9. Question

    I had two the other day run me into something and had to break the line both times never had it happen befor and been fishing there steady this year I can't believe how smart they are keep running meinto the rocky shore too makes it intresting
  10. Met the legend

    Getting a couple carp guys together for a fish sounds good I only fish one way for carp.and would love to see how other people do it I haven't tried anything different becasue where I go what I do seams to work but am always willing to try something different
  11. JMo's Carp 2017

    Nice I'm still trying to break that twenty mark hopefully soon
  12. Right on bud!


  13. Fishing when I can

    I may be intrested how much u looking to get
  14. Fishing when I can

    I was wondering the same thing Tyler
  15. Fishing when I can

    Also I think I need a bigger net it is quite a task to land one alone with a 12 foot rod and a 5 foot net makes it intresting I guess