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  1. Helix 5 for sure. You wont be let down.
  2. haha fishing man! i'll introduce myself next time im there
  3. ive seen a few roaming around those waters. never caught one tho
  4. spoons do the trick thats for sure! i used to crush pike on weedless spoons over weed beds in and around Gibson!
  5. nice fish! there are some giants in there!
  6. Buckeye ...mark knows his stuff ... i highly suggest you call him up
  7. paul lets get out and fish! i have to pick up some yeti-flies from you
  8. great! then nobody can say anything when i launch my boat in there!
  9. nice fish paul! i scored one today too! love it! keep em coming!
  10. nice fish! ive seen you floating out there a few times while ive been in my canoe. the pikey bite is on!
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