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  1. Having boated the hole before and landing big lakers and steel, Im wondering what guys do on a boat fighting huge kings. Worried about other boats above or below me, whether to run engine if i get to bottom of drift with a fish on to keep from going thru plant water, or just have the other guy run the trolling motor to keep us in line. Any thoughts from those more experienced at this? Would 20 lb main line wnd 15 leader be overkill? Ran 12 from shore in the past.
  2. 3 way rigging from a boat...eggs, minnows, kwikfish, streamers etc. Anyone ever tie on a flutter spoon, a pink senko, or just a big juicy crawler from a 3 way?
  3. Im planning a trip late September but am also not cool with devils hole by boat yet. Can lower drifts produce kings? Also thought about boating the oak...does anyone troll upriver?
  4. Also hear about the right wind. Is wind with or against you or none better for this technique? Do you use trolling motor just to stay straight or is any speed control involved?
  5. Ive whooped up on steelhead from shore for a long time on kwikfish and flatfish, but never by boat on a 3 way rig. Can someone explain to me what the lure is doing under the boat? Is it going straight into the fishes face or is the current making the lure wobble just like it normally does and you are just slowly backing it down the river? I just cant imagine it wobbling down current as it needs water pushing against it to have action. Like swinging them from shore its mostly an upstream retrieve. Just trying to get my head around it as im a boating rookie for trout. My first instinct would be to slowly ease the boat down river with kwikfish well behind boat letting the current work the lures and slowing boat down with trolling motor. As I understand it you guys just drift down the river with 3 way rigs under the boat. So how is the lure moving? Thanks for the help!
  6. Well I am a carp fisherman just as much as im a hardcore steelhead nut! But I love the chase of all fish, the technical expertise, and the surprise of a fish im not after. But going after fish like lakers and kings is something I can tolerate. Kings took flatfish all weekend for me and gave me brutal fights. It wasn't dead weight but hardcore runs. Browns fight just like lakers and I refuse to call them all trophys when the creek is loaded with 8-20 lb browns everywhere. What's funny is the biggest fish ive caught in many species were accidents. 2 35 lb flatheads- cranking for eyes. 35 lb carp- shiner fishing hybrid stripers. 20 lb musky- bass fishing with a trout rod. I could go on and on. If it swims and has fins, im not breaking off a fish because its not what im after.
  7. Notice on ontario tribs in ny guys love to hate kings and only want browns and steel. On niagara guys hate lakers and kings and only want steel and browns. What gives? Maybe im spoiled in PA with ludicrous numbers of steel and catch rates. My weekend in ny included a 16 lb brown, but i had a ton of fun and brutal fights with kings up to 35 lbs, all on lures. And the lakersive caught on niagara hit cranks and gave me tons of fun. Am i alone here or should i feel like a carp fisherman for wanting to catch kings and lakers?
  8. I'm an erie steel guy going on 14 years. Lots of fish since early September. But its not pin water and definitely not the nut. I still don't get steel going downriver into the upper. Also, why do people love steel so much over all other salmon and trout? I find lakers and salmon fascinating to fish for especially in Niagara, but I'm a newcomer. Any fish I can get to nail a wiggle wart in a big river is my favorite fish! Any advice on winter trout in the lower? Drift and float bait only or are lures and metal still effective? Ill gladly trade an in depth erie steel trip for a upper/lower trout trip anytime.
  9. Is the coast guard station at the mouth of niagara an option for shore fishing in a few weeks? Have a feeling my dad will be pretty tired from hikes to devils hole. Aside from smaller streams east was looking for an easy access to give him a break one day. Late september...can we catch a salmon? Bass, eyes, anything from shore?
  10. What are guys fishing for in the winter near the peace bridge?
  11. New to fishing Niagara, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the laker and rainbow fishery in the upper. Why are so many trout in the upper, downriver from Erie? Are there smaller streams that dump into Niagara they are looking for? Headed to lower last year a few times and after seeing some pics on here and driving past guys on the wall near the peace bridge I questioned if I was driving a half hour too far.
  12. Dont know about that but getting in some erie steelhead fishing this coming sunday and on the way home dropping the boat on a lake for musky. So a steelhead/musky slam in one day is my challenge of sorts. Did a big flathead/steelhead slam in one day before and also a 7 lb largemouth and a 9 lb steelhead in the same day before, this one might be tougher.
  13. Erie steel, nw pa musky, pa flatheads, niagara salmon, and lake o tribs east for steel and browns!
  14. Just heard about large jointed raps. Have 3 i use on musky. Ill throw them in! K11 kwikfish this year, but you cant beat the castability of mag warts. Lost a very large king after 60 seconds on camera last year on american side of whirlpool. No other guys down there. Too long a hike? Not enough fish to bother? Just the site alone was worth it. Saw niagara when i was 8. Took me 20 years to get a line in. Just feel priveleged to fish it. Look forward to hiking it with my twin boys. Few years off.
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