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  1. My neighbor had problems also. He needed a bilge pump installed. He took the boat out of the marina and left it with them. I think it was a week. They installed it. He thought everything was good. Put his boat back in the marina. He gets a phone call from marina. We had alot of rain overnight. Goes to see his boat more then half full of water. Tries bilge pump and nothing. Pulls boat out again brings back to PC marine. Another week. He told everything is fine. Puts boat back in. Tries bilge seems to work. Tries fish finder it doesn't work anymore. Now he's looking for a new fish finder. I think he said he into them for around four hundred. He's going to erietracker for new fish finder and said he was not going to bring it to them to install and the worst part after a couple of days the bilge pump runs and runs but no water goes out. He's saying if I have to pull the boat out again. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Just wanted to add he's a very shaky older fella so doing the work himself is impossible. I told him about all the problems everyone is having. I'll keep you all posted on what happens next
  2. Byng has camp sites on the grand river. I think the campsites are in the section called sulfur Creek. It's great there because the sites are in line with the river and they aren't on top of each other like the ones on the island. Bring corn and worms last time we camped there we had a mix of fish carp, catfish, bass, suckers and walleye. They have a huge pool too!
  3. I have to work till one. I might pop by to see how your doing. Monday is my day to fish.
  4. Just went down to check it out. There was one guy out in a hut but he was close to the dock. I would walk the dock. Not down the boat launch. Ice looks thin close to shore.
  5. The area is super shallow. You would have to walk out almost to the south wall. We tried it last year. I'll take a look today to see how the ice is. I thought I wasn't going to get ice fishing in this year so I haven't been looking.
  6. One of these days I will have to take you out to the pond. If it wasn't for you and your posts I wouldn't be as lucky as I have been. Thanx smerchly. Your posts have always been a big help. Anydangway I went over tonight for dessert to mom and dads. Went fishing for 2 hours. Only a cat fish.
  7. Went to my mom and dads pond. Tried out my new oats and flour press bait. I put Louisiana spice in the mix and orange food coloring. The first carp hit around twenty minutes in. It was around 9 pounds. Then they must have liked the chum because after another hour of nibiles and ten rebaitings the area had lots of chum. They turned on. I had five fish in about 15 minutes. All around 9 to 15 pounds. After replacing my hook and sinker. I caught the biggest carp yet. It was over 35 pounds:-) it didn't even fit in the net! My buddy I was fishing with took a few pictures I'll get him to email them to me and post them up. What a great day:-) I wanted to get a 30 pounder last year and I had no scale to weigh it so I can't say forsure. This year first day out I'm over that. So I'm going for my first 40 pounder:-) I love carping
  8. shortys

    Erie Pike

    I've been going for three weeks and still nothing. I hope today :-) I guess at long point the pike have already been in and gone two weeks ago. I hope this isn't a sign of what's to come for summer. Short times for fish. I'm use to three weeks of pike fishing not three days. I'll let you know if anything is in. Fingers are crossed.
  9. There are quarries at the end of clearance st in port colborne. If you use Google map you can see the position of them. They are great for bass. Silver and black babyos and yellow and blue medium divers work great. If they aren't hitting on that use worm set about 16 inches from the bottom. Cast out to the middle. You get something for sure. I've had the best success on the west side of the small quarry with all the houses around it. The other quarry that's horse shoe shaped was hot last year but this year seems slow.
  10. I'm sorry smerch. The pictures are great. That mess of garbage is something else. Its funny why is it that we clean up garbage and there is always more the next time? I have to take pictures of our next trip even if we don't catch any carp. How many pics of the same size catfish do you want to see? Monday I'm trying a new spot. Any money says I get skunked:-) I hope not. I keep thinking I'm doing something right.
  11. I wish 40 carp. They were catfish and only two carp.I went today and only caught catfish. Still 20 plus catfish is a busy day. I can't tell ya where. my dad would be pissed if people started showing up to his pond. Sorry
  12. We were using corn with a press bait. Just got back from carpin. Got two nice ones. One on corn and press bait other on worm. Again the catfish to many to handle. We caught well over 40 between the two of us. Only two carp. Still a great day.
  13. Just got back from an alright day. To many catfish. Only three carp for three hours. Lost count of kitty fish after 20 or so. I had two monsters on and lost them. I think I'm going to use some bigger hooks. I'm using #6 and #7. I took two pics of fish but number three was just the same size as the others. Now to get the pics off camera and on to wife's computer. I'll post them asap. id did something wrong with this pic. I'm going tomorrow I want those big ones.
  14. I'm going tomorrow and I'm bringing the camera. If I forget my buddy has his cell phone. I want to catch the big one I lost and there was a nice orange one I'd like to catch. I wonder if the shallowness of the pond is why their hitting. I think its because the pond hasn't been fished in a few years. I'm going to try a different spot on Monday and see if I get the same results. Now I have to read how to post pics.
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