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  1. Perfect. Just the answer I was hoping for. I don't drink, so no issues there. I'll report back after the weekend and let everyone know how I made out
  2. There is NO signage at this spot saying anything about the canal bankside being closed or not having anyone there after certain hours, so to me that means I have the green light. That being said, i will be keeping quiet and to myself. No loud noises or fires or anything. Just me fishing the night away.
  3. Thanks Gil, however I'm a shore fisherman. So will be fishing from shore. I just dunno where the City starts considering fishing as "camping" I'll have a small shelter up to keep out of the elements. Hence my question. Don't want a bylaw officer kicking me off the bank at 3am
  4. Hey Everyone, haven't been posting recently, just moved up to Keswick and have been extremely busy with the new house and everything. As the title states, I am curious to know about wether fishing overnight on the Rec Canal is allowed? My schedule for this weekend is a little wacky, so overnight would be my only chance to fish.(coming to Niagara for the weekend). I couldn't find any information online about it, and I have a feeling that the City is going to take along time to get back to me about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated !
  5. Great report ! I fished this spot for 2 weeks in April and managed about 4-5 fish, but combined with a few friends seen about 20ish to the bank. My biggest was 30 pounds. I havent had any success post May, but if you go down the boardwalk path to the mouth of the river, and you'll see an area along the shore line that's like a little bay, there are often fish there in the summer, seen some CHUNKS, but never got back to fish for em (was just scouting the are out). Best of luck if you go back !
  6. Well the fishing for me has now become lot more infrequent as I am back to work. However I managed to get out to Port Credit agin for a few hours after work and was rewarded with this chunk of a carp. She weighed in at 30 pounds and 8 oz. Jumbo pineapple maize and pop-up corn were the ticket. Hopefuy Ill get out fishing a few times this week after work, and Im hoping to have a day session on the Holiday Monday. This thread will be updated if i get any more !
  7. I use my catapult to launch out balls of bait all the time, but I never Fire out PVA bags / mesh. That would get too expensive too fast for me. Just add more crushed boilies / groundbaits or blended oats to make bait balls to fire out. HANDY TIP: Make the groundbait balls the same size as the PVA you're using on your line. If it's a lot bigger or smaller some of the spookier carp may catch on.
  8. I use PVA all the time. Korda Solidz solid bags are the way to go ! I find they're the best. Korda is always more expensive, but in some cases, you pay for quality. Now before using PVA, and depends on your size, make sure your rod can chuck PVA. my 3lb test curve can throw a large bag about 150 feet no problem. A 2.75 might struggle, but it's possible. My usual PVA mix is 75% ground bait, 20% sweet corn and 5% crushed boilies. Always drain the liquid off the corn and make sure the groundbait has dried it off enough. Mesh I find is great for shallower water and using larger particle. I use solid bags when fishing deeper water, as I want the bait to be tightly clumped on the bottom, if it dissolves mid water column, it's not gunna be tightly spaced. Also, keep in mind that the colder the water, the slower it will dissolve as well. And Simon (Carpkit) is the best stop for Carp Fishing gear. I've spent many hours talking with him and have definitely spent too much money there (according to the wife anyways)
  9. Went out the other day with a few buddies and the bite was hot (for them, i was skunked) 5 fish total with 3 over 20 pounds with the biggest coming in at 29lb 10oz. My buddy who caught the 29 had recetly had shoulder surgery, so with an arm in a cast, I held the fish with him for the pictures.... here's the 29 in all her glory ! Fish were caught on a "Secret" flavoured, pink 10mm pop-up.
  10. A good bend and a screaming take, my alarm woke me up from a backside nap. Glad my new carp rod finally got a workout (12' Sonik SK4 XTR). Put out about 10 spombs of particle mix in the AM and fished a XXL Vanilla corn with a Fluro pop-up corn about 120 feet (40 yards) out. Took 3 hours before it went off. Then silence for the next 5/6 hours. Going to be hitting the spot all next week in the hopes a few pre spawn chunks make their way through.
  11. Hey Everyone, Been a busy week of fishing here on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Managed a few carp in the lake so far, and lost one. Lots of rain coming up which will force me to change up spots a little, but should still be making it out few times. Anyways, Ill probably keep posting pictures in this thread as my year carries on. Good luck, tight lines and wet mats everyone! 22 Pounder from last Wednesday
  12. Smerch, the big round nets are either trammel or hoop nets. They act like big minnow traps in the water, fish get in but they can't get out. It's also my belief that the DFO didn't get all the Grass Carp out of Gibson. Electrofishing boats can only shock down roughly 2-3 metres It it would be possible to catch them on anything. Corn, pop-ups, boilies, insects etc. I think it's just presenting the bait in a proper fashion. I would approach it using a modified Combi-Rig, with a 15mm pop-up (I use Dynamite Baits Duo in plum and pineapple flavour). I use rig putty to make sure the hook is just off the bottom, especially when using particles as feed. I have a few spots in Toronto where I think they will show up next. Just waiting for spring to come...
  13. This year we caught none in the GTA, which after catching multiple last year was a good sign. We used Trammel Nets, Trap Nets, Fyke Nets and the Boat Electrofisher all summer long. We we got a few calls about people sighting "All the Asian Carp" in the Islands. When we went the next day to investigate the area we found nothing but common carp. If ANY are caught, the DFO has a Grass Carp Hotline I believe. Call and wait for them to arrive. There response time is generally pretty quick. If anyone has any questions about the work I do involving fisheries work and Grass Carp, feel free to ask.
  14. I'd pay the 700$ a week to fish Redmyre Pool in the UK. it's on my bucket list.
  15. won't be able to access my low water fall Carp spots at TTP now but it I am glad the levels won't drop as much. Duffins, Humber, Rouge and Carruthers marshes we're almost all dried up this fall. Weird sight to see for sure.
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