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  1. kgm

    Reg. ?

    "Hooks and Lines – An angler may use only one line, unless otherwise stated in the regulations. Two lines may be used when angling from a boat in parts of the Great Lakes and for ice fishing in many areas. A fishing line must not have more than four hooks attached." That's from the regs. Still not super clear. You'd likely have to look up the fishery zone quinte is in and see if there are exceptions to the rule listed.
  2. Went and set up my blind yesterday. Then went for a walk in the woods. When we cam back out onto the field we saw 2 turkeys run across the field about 30 yards infront of my blind. Looks promising. Good luck everyone!
  3. kgm

    Funny boat names

    My brother and I used to call my dads tin boat the "dink". Cause it wasnt that impressive, but got the job done.
  4. I bought mine online on my phone with no problem. Downloaded the tag, as well as emailed it to me for printing. Hope it's not too difficult for you to get your tag.
  5. kgm

    Liscence renew

    In my experience most co's are pretty good about checking your licence. I was ice fishing once with a guy who accidentally brought his wife's licence. The officer didnt say a word about it, called in to verify he had a licence. Then let him know infront of all of us he had the wrong licence. Was a good laugh. I think if you have a digital copy they would be ok with that. I wonder what they'd do if you phone was dead and you only had a digital copy though.
  6. Awesome. Thanks Tyler0420! And thanks Cliff for all your time with it as well. Much appreciated
  7. I would pay $20 a year for this. A fee would also weed out the people who dont contribute, and make the members more likely to contribute. If it goes to Facebook make sure you post a link so we can all find it.
  8. I have that problem with my 115 Johnson 2 stroke (not trolling but at lower speeds). Use good gas, make sure your oil mix is good. Put is in neutral and give it more rpm every once in a while to clean it out.
  9. Wont work on 110v but you can always install a 220 plug where you want the stereo to go.
  10. A freezer full of meat would have topped off the day nicely though. Maybe next year
  11. Spent 3 days chasing deer with a few friends. No luck. A few great opportunities but all the deer stayed out of range,...except the 2 that walked right in front of my blind at 3 minutes to shooting time. Gun was still cased. Still a great time spent out with some good friends.
  12. Anyone hunting the controlled hunt next week? I have a tag with a group of guys. We do second week every year, and have got a deer between us every time. Hopefully willbe a good week hunting. Good luck everyone.
  13. I don't know of any closer but I do know Bodner does a good job.
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