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  1. Truck radio

    GMC vin coded some of their radios because onstar and the vehicles security system was run through the radio. At least that’s how I understand it. You can still install a different deck but there is an extra piece to the wiring or something like that. I dont think dodge ever did that. I’d just switch them up and see. Don’t put the dash back together until you try out the new one that way if it doesn’t work you don’t have to pull it all apart again. I’m sure it will work though. Hope it works out for you
  2. Truck radio

    AS long as it’s not vin coded you should have no problems. I don’t think dodge ever vin coded their radios
  3. Truck radio

    Likely will fit.
  4. Tim Horton

    It’s unfortunate but it’s not uncommon. I work a 9.5 hour day and only get paid for 9 of it. Lunch break is unpaid. (We do get 2 paid coffee breaks though, but they are not legally obligated to provide them for us). And most places now have to pay a portion of their benefit packages as well. We pay 50% of our benefits package. It’s all signs of the times. No more well paying long term jobs anymore. If we want a good price at the cash register, and higher wages we will pay for it some other way unfortunately.
  5. Glad to hear it’s illegal here as well. I’m a younger guy and find technology great, but it certainly has its appropriate uses and inappropriate uses. Hunting is definitely an inappropriate use of it
  6. Drones are already illegal to use for hunting in Saskatchewan. I assume it won’t be long until they are made illegal to use in Ontario as well.
  7. Gas Line Antifreeze

    I also use sea foam in all my small engines as well. Keeps the carbs clean and the fuel stabilized. Works great
  8. Controlled Deer Hunt

    How did everyone do on the controlled deer hunt? Anyone get any deer?
  9. Deer butcher near Fonthill?

    If I remember correctly he was in port colborne. Did an excellent job.
  10. Deer butcher near Fonthill?

    I used this guy last year. Great job. Good sausages.
  11. Water fowl loads

    Thanks for the advice. I was thinking on trying the black cloud as I have heard good things. I am always hunting Lake Erie as that’s the only place I currently have for waterfowl, and I think consistency should pay off at some point. I use the full choke with the Kent shells because when I patterned with the modified it was not too impressive (although I have not patterned with the full so maybe I should give it a go). Hopefully I will be posting a hunting report soon of some birds in hand. Thanks again
  12. Those are some nice fish. Way to go
  13. Just wondering what everyone uses for water fowl loads? Anyone using heavy shot? I use 3” Kent faststeel shells through a full choke. Most of the places I hunt is pass shooting. Although we do get some ducks coming in to land with the decoys, most shots are flocks that come down and fly by the decoys kinda like “hey you all should come with us”. These shots seem like although they are in range, they are at the outer limits of range. I am wondering if we should step up to heavy shot, or maybe an extra full steel choke would do it? This is my second year waterfowl hunting, an advice is appreciated thanks
  14. marlin xt-22 vs savage mark 2

    My brother has an older mark 2. Very nice gun. Very accurate.
  15. Welland river

    There are pike, walleye and bass at that end of the river by o'reillys bridge. There are certainly more on the other side of the aqua duct in welland (clearer water and more weeds) but you can find them where you are. The water on that end is pretty muddy. Try throwing black or dark color crank baits and spinners. (I like darker colours in dark water. Other people will say bright colours but I find the dark colours show through the muddy water better ). Good luck