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  1. kgm

    opening day

    I didn’t get out either. One last fishing trip north this weekend, then the fishing stuff goes away and the hunting stuff comes out. Looks like the weather is starting to turn in the duck hunters favour as well. Good luck this season gunner
  2. kgm

    Gravelly Bay hunting

    I filled out the survey. Unfortunately I don’t think it will help much. Most likely there will be new rules about how far from shore or the break walls you have to be, etc,etc. I have never hunted at gravelly bay, but do enjoy another spot from shore on the lake that was attempted to be shut down for hunters but didn’t end up going through. Hopefully gravelly will not change either.
  3. kgm

    Marine grade plywood

    Turkstra lumber has decent marine ply. Not the best but it’s pretty good
  4. kgm

    Merc start problem

    Check your fuel hose connection at the motor. I had this problem with my trolling motor, would hear air bubbles in the fuel tank when pumping the ball, and motor would not start. It’s likely sucking air in around the fitting. Nice simple and cheap fix if this is the problem
  5. kgm

    Wood varnish/protective coating

    I am a wood worker by trade. The helmsman spar varnish is likely your best bet. We used to use it for all our exterior products. The higher the sheen the better it will protect and the longer it will last. Just takes a long time to dry. Make sure to use 2 coats with adequate dry time and sand between. Re-apply every few years. If you can find an exterior polyurethane it will last longer, but all the big box stores polyurethane is not a true polyurethane, they are generally a water based poly enhanced varnish and are not that great. You could try Niagara protective coatings in Niagara Falls, you may find a better product, but the helmsman spar varnish will not disappoint. Best of luck
  6. kgm

    Prospect lake

    I’m heading up to prospect lake just outside of Bracebridge next week for a few days. Never fished it before. Anyone on here fish it before? Any advice of what to use or where to start? Thanks in advance
  7. kgm

    Newbie to fishing.

    August Can be tough. Waters too warm in a lot of spots. Too many weeds. Try a deeper spot like snags said. Also, try a minnow with a sinker in the deeper spot when it’s warm. The fish are slower when it’s hot so don’t make them work so hard. Once things cool off a bit the fishing will pick up
  8. That is amazing!
  9. kgm

    must haves for basic tackle set up

    #5 mepps black fury. Works everywhere I have ever fished it. If you wanna improve it, take the treble hook off and replace it with a single hook, then Texas rig a black twister tail on it to make it weedless. Also a white big O. Those are my go to lures
  10. kgm

    Bass on Lake Ontario

    If you launch from municipal beach and head right, just on the other side of the canal there is a decent weedy bay out in front of happy Ralph’s. You might have some decent luck there
  11. kgm

    Bass on Lake Ontario

    There are smallmouth in Lake Ontario. They aren’t in the quantities you will find in Lake Erie, but they are definitely there. Try 12-15’ depth where there are weeds or other structure as a good place to start. Good luck
  12. kgm

    Missing person

    Thanks very much gunner. Much appreciated
  13. kgm

    Missing person

    Hey all, this is my brothers step son if you could keep an eye out for him that would be appreciated https://www.niagarapolice.ca/en/news/index.aspx?newsId=9f81c490-9af4-41c7-8576-45401b507cd1
  14. kgm

    Boat launch at sunset beach?

    Will it still be free of charge?
  15. kgm

    Boat launch at sunset beach?

    Launched there once. If the water is a little low it’s not deep enough for a decent sized boat. Also like everyone else said, with a chop on the water it is very difficult to use. On the bright side it is free though