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    No luck on the perch Saturday. Moved around out of Albino in 60-65 ft and wasnt marking any schools either.
  2. I think if you have a leader coming off the three way with a snap swivel attached and then your harness it should help negate some of the line twist.
  3. tolly82


    Thanks for the update. Were you right off Albino?? Were you trying on bottom? Strange not much perch being caught yet. We are hoping to go this Saturday and give it a shot.
  4. tolly82

    FOR Smerchly

    We might have to try this same idea Saturday.
  5. I have always used a snap swivel. If your worm harness has a loop at the end, have a bit of leader coming from the 3 way with a snap swivel. Then just snap the loop into that. I dont have a chance to send a pic now but if you need one, PM me and I will when I get a chance.
  6. Did this down in Erieau waters a couple weeks ago. Turned out alright for me. Usually only run 2 lines so a little easier to make the turn. Seems like fish always hit any time I made a little adjustment in speed, or turn. Probably something to do with depth of dipsys. All I know, it worked for me. My buddy was in the same area in his boat and was no as productive. Still new at this trolling thing so this is definitely something for the repertoire on a slow bite.
  7. tolly82


    Any luck with the Perch? Went out weekend before last as a first try and didnt get any on minnows. As long as the weather cooperates, might give it a shot this weekend again.
  8. Excellent! Thanks for the research. Have always used this on the comp. Will get more use of it on my phone or ipad as well
  9. tolly82

    Wave report

    Thanks for the report. We had been debating on going but sounds like rolling along out there all day. Saved us the drive.
  10. Nice video. Thank you for sharing. It’s mezmerizing watching fish underwater. Will be following to see more.
  11. KGM: That weedy bay that is out the entrance to St. Caharines marina eh? Yakfish: That sounds like a good day on the water! I want to fish the lower but wasn't sure how long of a run it would be from the city. I'll have to give it a ahot on a weekend when I kniw I have more time. I know there is Queenston launch but an inexperienced wife at launching or towing we aren't quite ready for that launch yet.
  12. Thank you. This might start to be my post work adventures. A lot quicker for me to get out for that than heading to Erie for walleye and I'm not set up for trolling the depths for salmon.
  13. Still pretty new at this whole boating thing in this area. Are there smallmouth in lake Ontario? Keeping in mind I would be launching from St.Catharines. Just looking for general areas that I can hit on an evening after work, not looking for your secret honey holes. Thanks in advance.
  14. tolly82


    Want to get out but current weather report doesn't look friendly
  15. Whoa! That's pretty neat. Love seeing other catches. Sounds like fishing was golden back in the day. Wonder what it's going to be like in another few years for the next generation.
  16. Good looking spinners! Always wanted to try my hand at lure making but figure I have enough hobbies I never make the time for.
  17. I agree. Even when out perch fishing. 50 is a decent amount per person but we need nowhere near that many for 2 of us. Get pretty selective of what we take. I also don't like cleaning a tonne of fish at once.
  18. I have been on the fence about attempting this launch (Just bought my first boat last year) but just can't seem to pull the trigger on it. Have a 16ft Legend that probably would work but I think I also need to get my wife trained a bit more on driving the boat near a ramp before I attempt. Will probably use it quite often for an evening boat ride when we get the confidence.
  19. tolly82


    Perch game was strong today on my end. Don't know about anybody else. Was on the water at 930. Left at 1130 as I ran out of minnows and had 51 perch in my boat.
  20. New to fishing the area as well. Been wondering if anything gets in there for the summer. Good luck!
  21. Incredible information. Being new, now just have to figure out the wind that works for me to get out. Thank you for the info
  22. Is there a link you look at? New here and just trying to find good info on weather. Thanks
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