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  1. Yes we were there also, we were trolling from the the 2 mile marker to the ship and back again. Lots of marks down at the bottom. Also picked up 2 silver bass so could have been what we were marking.
  2. The fog had pretty much lifted by time we went out, we ended up with 6. Stayed right in front of port colborne and trolled from 57 fow to 72.
  3. Wondering if our buddy Chrisb could give us a unofficial weather report this morning? thanks!
  4. We went 4 for 5 today, my bad, forgot to check if the harness had any nicks in It, broke off !
  5. How did u make out today walleyechaser? We never did get out, by the time we got to the boat it was blowing pretty good.
  6. Hello everyone, anyone with eyes on the lake is it calming? Thanks!
  7. is anyone out today on Erie, wondering what the conditions are like out of P.C. my 3 go to sites all have a different report. thanks....
  8. Sad news. My condolences to the family.
  9. Praying the man turns up ok. https://www.wellandtribune.ca/news-story/9490222-possible-drowning-at-port-colborne-s-sugarloaf-marina/
  10. curious

    Wave report

    Thanks Chrisb
  11. Morning all, anyone have eyes on the lake this morning, windfinder and weather bouy reports differ. thanks!
  12. curious

    Full moon

    Spent 6 hours on the lake yesterday fishing for walleye east, west, in the middle nothing!
  13. curious

    Full moon

    So Monday was a full moon, wondering what everyone’s thoughts are in what affect it has on catching (or not catching) fish?
  14. I always check the marine weather websites conditions at the Bouy, lots of time it’s not very accurate I also use wind finder and windy.com but none are as accurate as Chrisb’s weather report!
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