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  1. No perch, after I pulled up a walleye we changed it up and went back to trolling ended the day with 11. Maybe next time for perch.
  2. Thanks Chris very much appreciate it. Going for perch today.
  3. Wondering if Chrisb could give us a live eye report on the lake conditions out of p.c. this morning? Thanks.
  4. curious


    Planning for tomorrow, will let u know how we do.
  5. curious


    time to put away the pickerel gear and get out the perching gear. Has anyone been perch fishing off abino? does anyone know if Dominion Bait have minnows? Thanks.
  6. That would be nice! Lol it wasn’t the wind it was the rollers!🤢🤢
  7. Went out got tossed around came in!!
  8. Thanks Chris, if u can let us know if it flattens that would be much appreciated
  9. Does anyone have eyes on the lake for a real time wave and wind report?
  10. That’s why we try to fish away from other boats, We will stay away from everybody as much as we can provided we are catching.
  11. 12 much better, yesterdays catch fed 4 families!
  12. We were out today the lake flattened right down at around 11 - 11:30. Got first lines in the water at 9:50 had a two man limit by 12:30. Hated to leave the conditions were near perfect! By the way this was out of P.C. From 74 fow out to 83 fow. Tomorrow is looking great again.
  13. We do the same chrisb, once we reach a certain point we turn it around and try to follow the same line as close as possible.
  14. Wondering how many turn around and troll over the same spot when you get one or do you just keep going and covering water?
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