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  1. curious

    New To Site

    Welcome MH, it's not just u, we haven't had much luck lately either. 4 fish the last 5 times we've been out. 20 and 30 jets and worm harnesses. 55 to 60 fow seems to be the sweet spot for now. Good Luck to u!
  2. curious

    Thieves in Welland

    sorry to hear that yakfish, makes you wonder what parents are teaching their kids these days! if it ain't yours keep your hands off it!!!!
  3. Could u possibly tell me whether u were using jets and harnesses and if u caught up high or near bottom ? Taking my daughter out in the morning and would love to getter on some fish . thanks for the help.! Greatly appreciated 👍

    1. curious


      We were using 20 jet, and harnesses, however yesterday we seemed to be in the wrong spot they were getting them in front of pc just a bit west of the mouth of the canal. 

    2. fishingking


      Thanks for the info!


  4. curious

    Sugarloaf parking

    Can anyone tell me if the parking machine is operational yet?
  5. curious


    Windfinder looks good for tomorrow, anybody thinking of going out?
  6. curious

    The Curse of the Gray Photobucket Box

    So much better! Now if u could do something about the wind 🚫 💨
  7. curious

    How’s the Lake?

    Thanks Chris! Much appreciated!
  8. curious

    How’s the Lake?

    Is there anyone with a view of Lake Erie this morning?
  9. curious


    has anyone one been out for perch at pt abino?
  10. curious

    Looking for a Navionic card

    Gil is that a app that u have, if so which one? thanks
  11. curious

    Erie Tomorrow any suggestions

    That's a long ride in in a thunder storm glad u got in safely!
  12. curious

    Erie Tomorrow any suggestions

    if we get out we will be heading to the can maybe start trolling about 2 miles away we always seem to do ok doing that. we try to stay away from the pack as much as we can.
  13. curious

    Trouble Posting

    Hi FisherFinder, no problems here.
  14. curious

    Fine discrepencies ...

    Some expensive lessons for sure.
  15. Going out from crystal Beach heading towards river ( east).20 jets and harnesses to start fishing 35fow


    1. curious


      Thanks for the info.