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  1. curious

    End of the season

    Well that’s it for us for the season! Brought the boat home this week just about ready to cover it up and tuck it in for the winter. It’s been a great season hate to see it end. Just wanted to say a big thank u to everyone on this forum for all the great tips and info. A special thank u to Chrisb for the all real time weather reports this season. Hope everyone has a good winter and that spring comes early!
  2. curious

    Lake conditions today

    Wind finder and the trees here in Welland told another story! I’m thinking we missed another opportunity.
  3. curious

    Lake conditions today

    Checking the weather bouy shows the wind has backed down now. Wondering if Chrisb has eyes on the lake?
  4. curious

    Current conditions?

    we also salt and freeze leftover minnows they work well also.
  5. curious

    Current conditions?

    we also could only get dead minnows.only were able to catch 10 keepers, a few monsters and a few had eggs!
  6. curious

    Current conditions?

    RJR did u go straight out of P.C.?
  7. curious

    Current conditions?

    Thanks Chrisb the lake was good today but the fish were stubborn!
  8. curious

    Current conditions?

    Will do FF heading out soon! Good luck!
  9. curious

    Current conditions?

    Maybe Chrisb would be kind enough to give a wave report in the mourning if he can?
  10. curious

    Current conditions?

    planning to get out Wednesday, winds r looking favourable, sun is suppose to shine! anyone else thinking of going?
  11. curious

    Current conditions?

    Heading back in winds r picking up! Did ok for the short time we were out.
  12. curious

    Current conditions?

  13. curious

    Current conditions?

    Is anyone ( Chrisb) able to report on what the lake looks like this morning?
  14. curious

    Lake conditions

    Wondering what the lake looks like out if PC today? Hoping to take the grandson out for some perch fishing.
  15. curious

    Fishing Today?

    Hoping to get out on Sunday for perch, we’ll see if their in the usual spots.