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  1. curious

    Fishing Today?

    Hoping to get out on Sunday for perch, we’ll see if their in the usual spots.
  2. curious

    Fishing Today?

    Looks like they might have moved on, we did get some on Monday although we barely marked anything. 4 on a 40 jet and 2 on a 30 jet. They r up high! Mark a lot of what might be perch in about 68 fow in front of pc. Thinking the next trip might be for perch.
  3. curious

    Fishing Today?

    Took a chance and went out about 10 am the lake was a bit bumpy but fishable by 1 it flattened, a bit of cloud cover made it a enjoyable day out there. Ended up with 6
  4. curious

    Fishing Today?

    Wondering how the lake looks today? Chrisb?
  5. curious


    Thanks chrisb. has anyone tried for perch yet?
  6. curious

    Looking for a rod

    Hi Guys, we r looking for a shimano stimula 5.6 ultra light spinning rod, trying to replace grandsons fav rod. Wondering if u might have one in stock? Thanks!
  7. curious


    gave dominion bait a call no minnows yet guess we'll have to keep going for walleye for a while longer.
  8. curious


    Does anybody know if dominion bait has minnows? Cool weather has us wanting to try for perch. Thanks.
  9. curious

    Lake update

    Thanks chrisb. Gone fishing 🎣
  10. curious

    Lake update

    Hey Chrisb can u tell us what the lake is looking like in the morning? Thanks
  11. curious

    Fish report

    Finally! Got out tonight , 72 fow straight out of pc, 2 hrs picked up 5. Then the storm chased us off the water. 💨 ⛈
  12. curious

    Fish report

    Anyone get out out of pc today? If so any luck and where abouts. Im wondering if they have moved after all the high winds.
  13. curious

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    I'm pretty sure that the warranty is prorated so that by year 10 Legend only pays 10% leaving the boat owner on the hook for 90% of the cost.
  14. curious

    Hope to get out already

    We were at the crystal beach ramp yesterday, if u look out from the ramp it didn’t look too bad, but if u looked the other direction it was a whole different story, crashing waves.
  15. curious

    Hope to get out already

    Lake Erie blows again!!! windfinder says Friday might be the day, hoping ChrisB can give us a live lake report Friday morn. 🙏