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  1. We did go out, just got back ended the day with 5, looks like they are out much deeper 80fow was the spot today,
  2. Thanks, Chris, r u going out?
  3. Wondering how it is this morning?
  4. Thought tomorrow was going to be good, now I’m doubting it very much.
  5. thanks for the report chrisb.
  6. How’s it looking today Chrisb? Here on my deck not a leaf is moving but the weather bouy says different!
  7. thanks chrisb I guess its another landlocked day.
  8. Wonder if Chrisb can give a wave report this morning? Would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Thanks chrisb, maybe tomorrow
  10. morning all, is anybody able to give a live eye repot on the lake this morning? windfinder is reporting wnw going to nw? wondering if its fishable? thanks!!!
  11. curious

    Wave report

    We ended up going out to was pretty bumpy until about noon, still fishable if u ran out and trolled back with the waves. We ended up with six today.
  12. Morning, wondering if Chrisb can give us a wave report this morning. Thanks!
  13. Hoping for the same luck tomorrow.
  14. This harness has consistently caught fish for 3 years now!
  15. I think it’s more getting to the right depth than the specific colour of the harness.
  16. I try to upload a pic.
  17. Big dipseys, number 1 setting, 150 back, cherry bomb worm harness. Probably was down about 55 - 60 ft. Trolling speed at 2.0 - 2.2
  18. We got 12 right in front of port, 68 to 74 fow trolled north and south.
  19. It’s not bad at all out here, it’s fishable!
  20. We r going to give it a go. Hoping the north winds flatten the lake.
  21. Is anyone else planning to go out today? Wonder if Chrisb could post the lake conditions ? Thank you!
  22. Thanks Chrisb, decided to sit this one out. Not enjoyable being tossed around.
  23. Wondering if our unofficial weather man Chrisb can give us a report on the lake conditions this morning? thank you!
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