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  1. curious

    Lost Visa

    Perchin has been awful for us this year.
  2. We’re u able to retrieve your net?
  3. Ramp is open marina is still closed. 🎣
  4. Got out this afternoon, got enough perch for a meal. The lake was like glass, the ramp was not busy at all.
  5. Anyone out of surgarloaf today? Wondering what the ramp was is like? asking for a friend!
  6. curious

    Hoppy Easter

    Happy Easter! 🐣 may we all be fishing soon!
  7. Lord Mr. Ford! We fed 7 families with last years fish from our freezer on Good Friday! We need to fish!!! its essential. Lol!
  8. Hope u don’t have too much damage Chrisb. My brother in-law lived out there in the 80’s they lost their wall from a huge wind storm. I Remember them hiring big bull dozers to bring in huge rocks in front of there break walls.
  9. Nothing blows like Erie in November!
  10. We also got nothing but gobies over at point albino, we found the perch right in front of P.C last time we were out.
  11. Is yours a cottage Chris or are you there all year long?
  12. Wondering if anyone has eyes on the lake? Hoping to get over to albino to do some perch fishing for what might be the last time this year.
  13. curious


    Did u try around the gas wells?
  14. curious


    Looks like the wind is going to keep us off the lake all week long! Hope we can get out early next week and try, maybe the water temps will come down and the perch will move in by then.
  15. curious


    Let us know how u make out
  16. curious


    we didn't go over to abino, we tried in between port and sherkston where we were getting them while trolling for walleye. planning to go to the gas wells next time a try again.
  17. curious


    No perch we gave up after a while and trolled for walleye instead
  18. No perch, after I pulled up a walleye we changed it up and went back to trolling ended the day with 11. Maybe next time for perch.
  19. Thanks Chris very much appreciate it. Going for perch today.
  20. Wondering if Chrisb could give us a live eye report on the lake conditions out of p.c. this morning? Thanks.
  21. curious


    Planning for tomorrow, will let u know how we do.
  22. curious


    time to put away the pickerel gear and get out the perching gear. Has anyone been perch fishing off abino? does anyone know if Dominion Bait have minnows? Thanks.
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