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  1. We were at the crystal beach ramp yesterday, if u look out from the ramp it didn’t look too bad, but if u looked the other direction it was a whole different story, crashing waves.
  2. Lake Erie blows again!!! windfinder says Friday might be the day, hoping ChrisB can give us a live lake report Friday morn. ?
  3. Doesn’t legend have lifetime warranty on the boat itself? http://legendboats.com/block/welded-warranty/
  4. thanks for the info L. great tool to add to the other ones I use to check the weather before we head out.
  5. Welcome MH, it's not just u, we haven't had much luck lately either. 4 fish the last 5 times we've been out. 20 and 30 jets and worm harnesses. 55 to 60 fow seems to be the sweet spot for now. Good Luck to u!
  6. sorry to hear that yakfish, makes you wonder what parents are teaching their kids these days! if it ain't yours keep your hands off it!!!!
  7. Can anyone tell me if the parking machine is operational yet?
  8. curious


    Windfinder looks good for tomorrow, anybody thinking of going out?
  9. So much better! Now if u could do something about the wind ? ?
  10. Thanks Chris! Much appreciated!
  11. Is there anyone with a view of Lake Erie this morning?
  12. curious


    has anyone one been out for perch at pt abino?
  13. Gil is that a app that u have, if so which one? thanks
  14. That's a long ride in in a thunder storm glad u got in safely!
  15. if we get out we will be heading to the can maybe start trolling about 2 miles away we always seem to do ok doing that. we try to stay away from the pack as much as we can.
  16. Hi FisherFinder, no problems here.
  17. Some expensive lessons for sure.
  18. Finally! The weather bouy is sending out real time reports!
  19. Strange that it's not in yet, government cutbacks? Maybe the giant floating duck will transmit weather info! ?
  20. Same here, I'm sure other years it was in by now.
  21. Good luck to you, be sure to let's us know how you did.
  22. Took a chance drove to PC turned around came home guy said there were rollers out there spoke to another fellow at the ramp said just coming off the lake said it was picking up and getting rough out there. Darn winds!
  23. Wondering if anybody can let me know what the conditions are like on Lake Erie out of PC this morning? Here in welland doesn't seem to be any wind, but the reports from the weather bouy tell a different story. Thanks!
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