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  1. Zero, but couldn’t leave her on the corner downtown Hamilton 😬
  2. that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read. So true.
  3. I had a quick ten minutes to fish today while my gf got her eyebrows done. I fished by pier 8 in the corner by where the police boats are or opp/minestry or whoever they are. 5mins In I get a screaming run, pick up the rod, couple head shakes and it’s gone. Set back up and sit in my truck. Look at my phone and 7 missed calls from the gf. Packed up quick and headed out.
  4. I just started using pop up boilies lots this year. I had no confidence in them before. The hi vis yellow pineapple flavor has been working.
  5. I’m sure it will work smerch. Take it to the pond and I’m sure you’ll hook up.
  6. Thanks for the corn update. I don’t flavor my maize unless it’s going in a spomb with some other goodies then I add some flavor sometimes.
  7. these guys make awesome vids, watch them all if you can.
  8. Let me know when your going out maybe we’ll meet up. I’ll be out in the evenings.
  9. Cciw has a lot of weeds two weeks ago when I was there. I fished lasalle twice in the last week 3-4 hours each time. No luck. Seen one small carp caught. Heard of a few being caught. Nothing big. Pier 8 area I didn’t fish but I was walking around and seen some carp in the marina by Williams.
  10. There’s a lot of big carp over there smerch. Most are pay lakes with stocked fish, all they do is eat eat eat. France is known for some big piggies.
  11. Smerch and his creations. Looks good
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