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  1. UFished local for a few hours and caught a scrappy 4-5lber. Fought better then the 19lb one I got last night took me all over the river. The two best fights have been from the grand Their much stronger then lake fish.
  2. Fished last night from 7:00-1:00am. Caught my new PB at 19lbs and 4catts one channel about 4-5lbs. Using pineapple flavoured pop up boilie with a stick bait mix. 9FED8468-56BD-46E9-A836-8F82FBCA4937.MOV
  3. I still have the puff corn you gave me. Yes there’s definitely carp in there. Seen other people catch them over the years and the guy I was fishing with has caught them up to 22lbs.
  4. Definitely a Rocky bottom. Probably 5fow. Not too strong of current. Using 1.5oz method feeder and it’s staying in place. Two guys in a canoe launched right beside and and anchored on our baits. So my next cast I asked them to move over and no problem they did. Glad they were good about it.
  5. Going to put some time into the grand river in brantford. Fished this evening from 330-715 with no takes. Going to keep at it though. Fished with two other guys that will hopefully join the forum.
  6. Looks like a nice trip out. Did ya get any fishing in?
  7. Maybe we’ll meet up this week at the harbour. Usually lots of room to fish.
  8. Nice that you got out. Sucks about the crowd. Atleast you got one hook up. I spent two days in the sun without a pull.
  9. Fished sat and sun 10am-5pm and no fish. Guys that were there all weekend said fish came 7pm-9am. This week I should be out during the evening/nights.
  10. I’ll be at cciw if anyone wants to stop by. Be there around 10am
  11. Good luck with the thermocell. Heard they work great.
  12. I was out the Other night and no bugs.
  13. SKunked and burnt today. Hopefully tomorrow is better.
  14. I’ll be putting in 14hours of day fishing over the weekend. Hopefully I’ll see one over 20lbs. Next goal 30lbs.
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