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  1. Haven’t heard anything but hopefully the water has cleared up since the last time I was there. I’m sure there’s fish around.
  2. Made it out for a couple hours and managed one cat fish. Good day to cancel the meet up it was windy,cold and small snow storms rolling through evenly Hf hour.
  3. Sounds like a plan to me. I’m off to Lasalle for some copper now. It won’t freeze till it’s -20 for a week or two.
  4. Saddest day ever 😭😭😭..... went to my local carp spot and it’s completely frozen over. Time to start a new thread “winter carping”
  5. I’d just leave buddy alone. If he’s fishing illegally then he’ll get busted one day. Why stress over something you can’t control. There’s a ton of water to fish in niagara just pick a new spot.
  6. Anyone want to meet up Hamilton Harbour tomorrow ? if not I’ll go to work.
  7. Went to sail today to get a few things. Ended up getting a bunch of rig making stuff. Bought some chilli tiger nuts to hopefully heat things up. I check out the hunting section and seen they had apple flavoured corn for only 2$ more then the stuff I buy from tsc. They also have some flavouring call “buck juice” that I’ve seen guys use as a gulg. Pretty cheap compared to carp glugs. Both things I passed on this time. Went to tsc to get some feed corn and ended up getting deer corn that was mixed with molasses. Hopefully the carp will like the sweet treat.
  8. Stopped by Lasalle today for a quick hr fish. Open clear water. Sitting in my truck about a Hf hour after my first cast and seen a carp come out of the water where the docks use to be. Then I remember a guy saying fishing is good when they take the docks out cuz they scrape the zebra mussels off the docks before removing them. So I tossed out a line where I seen the carp jump with no luck after 20mins and I had to leave. I was feeling pretty confident in getting a fish, wish I could of stayed the day.
  9. 80 pills a day is insane. i don't get how our health care system couldn't detect it. she should be able to sue them.....
  10. Sorry smerch. I seen those thought you were talking about different pics. Looks fishy to me.
  11. Lots of room in my mailbox , not sure what’s up. Can email them if you want
  12. No I didn’t see any pics. it’s frozen over maybe we can head to jordon.
  13. Wear your survival suit and you should be warm. I’ll even do a coffe run for us. Since when is november cold n snowing? We hardly get snow for Christmas usually.
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