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  1. Tyler0420

    Berlin Germany

    Thanks gunner
  2. Tyler0420

    Berlin Germany

    There’s a tackle shop 17 min from where I’m staying. I have to get a license and a permit anyways. Maybe if I buy a reel they will help me with some fishing spots.
  3. Tyler0420

    Berlin Germany

    Wow I forgot reels..... looks like I’ll be buying a new one
  4. Tyler0420

    Berlin Germany

    So I fly out tomorrow, got my fishing stuff packed and that’s it. Anyone know of a higher end German made centerpin? Maybe I’ll buy one when I’m there.
  5. Tyler0420

    Berlin Germany

    I like beer but not too sure about German beer. I’m not one for a heavy hoppy beer.
  6. Tyler0420

    Rod setup for carp.

    Fly rod, weighted fly, hammy harbour, cruising carp.. pretty fun I might grab a fly rod this year. Last year just used a spin rod.
  7. Tyler0420

    Rod setup for carp.

    Don’t let your reel free spool backwards not sure if it would birdsnest in a hard hit. I use a bait runner real so it has two drag systems. Set one lose for when the fish hits and it can run and when you turn the handle it shuts off and you use the normal drag system. When the line is in the water I usually reel in enough so there is a slight bow in the line. I pay attention more to the line then the rod tip to detect bites. If it tightens or bows more “FISH ON”. Hope this helps a bit I’m not not he best at explaining it.
  8. Tyler0420

    Berlin Germany

    I’ll look into some carp recipes for us.
  9. Tyler0420

    Berlin Germany

    I wasn’t going to fish, but the people we’re visiting I don’t really need to visit anymore. (Not getting into it) so anyways this trip is pretty much a ME trip so I’ll be able to do whatever I want. And fishing it is. I’ll probably never be back there again so I’d like to fish. Don’t care what I have to pay to do it and apparently English is pretty common over there. Bringing fishing equipment isn’t a big deal even if I don’t use it. I’ll be exploring around and maybe see what locals are up to.
  10. Tyler0420

    Berlin Germany

    I can’t see them doing this with carp. Every carp they catch in a pond they have to keep? Definitely something I’ll be asking. I’ll have to get a permit to fish when I get there so I’ll be talking to someone that knows. I think the person we are visiting has friends that fish so that will help.
  11. Tyler0420

    Berlin Germany

    Hey guys. I’m going on vacation may 22 for 9 days to Germany. I’ll be staying in Berlin in the wedding area. There’s some close ponds that I can fish. I was reading to get a license there you have to do an exam. It’s on basic regulations. seasons, sizes etc...(which out of country fisherman don’t have to do). you also have to get a permit for the specific body of water your fishing which I do have to get. I figure I’ll be fishing for carp and those kind of species. Not really sure what else is around or what to expect. Does anyone have any info they would like to share with me? I’ll be bringing weights, hair rigs, hooks, swivels, Etc.... so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Tyler0420

    Beginners Luck

    CONGRATS on your first time out. Nice looking fish. Pretty sure photobucket you have to pay for nowadays.
  13. Tyler0420

    Cheap Gas

    Yes that’s 1.16 for everyone. They pay .80 probably.
  14. Tyler0420

    Cheap Gas

    I remember when I had a turbocharged gtir from Japan. Only vpower in that. 1.35- 1.50 is normal. Now I drive a truck. Even worse.....”gotta pay to play though”
  15. Tyler0420

    went for perch caught bows

    Decent day anyways. Weather was nice and you caught some fish.