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  1. Need to run and gun if you wanna find the jumbos. They gotta be out there. Leave the minnows at the tackle shop and use lures instead. Some quiet back lakes would be nice to fish, I could care less about the perch I hate cleaning them, I just needed to get out.
  2. Besides the weather it was a pretty good trip. Can’t believe I made it home without stopping. 5 vehicles in the ditch’s but didn’t slow traffic. Sure it wasn’t 120km/h home but it was a solid 80km. I was one of the first on the ice and when I looked out around 10:00 couldn’t believe how many people braved the storm and came out.
  3. We fished 1.1km straight outta gilford. Didn’t move all day. Got on the ice around 5:30 and had two in the bucket before sun up. Bite was pretty steady. Bigger fish cam on lures, mostly slab grabber. Post some pic shortly
  4. Nice pics. Hopefully I’ll have the same luck tomorrow on cooks.
  5. whens this pier project suppose to be done?
  6. Tyler0420

    Lower today

    beauty fish jack. that's a gamble going to the river with 5 weights, some days you only need one though. nice day out to be fishing.
  7. Looks like some kind of jigging lure. Almost like a jigging rap
  8. Damn I was hopeing between you two you guys would of caught one of those elusive carp. More fishing days ahead......
  9. Ya same waters. This water is highly polluted, most people don’t go near it or ask me if I’ve caught fish with 3eyes from here. It’s the first fish I’ve caught that’s looked like that. Probably should of left it on the bank
  10. Not much of a carp but it’s a fish. Not sure what it has all over it. Some disease or something. I never touched it.
  11. Every time I walk by snails in the grocery store I always think of grabbing a can. Next time maybe I will
  12. Minnows on bottom could possibly work. I’m thinking of going to worms. Drove past my local lake to check the ice out, completely open water.... what the heck it was just frozen over. I see some swirling and head n shoulders out of the water so I set up. I’ll be putting time back into here. Don’t have to drive sofar for a skunk.
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