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  1. Beautiful weekend, I hope you guys are putting some carp on the shore while I’m at work. Hopefully I’m going to try after work for an hour before the sun goes down.
  2. I chummed my spot last night and I’ll do it tomorrow morning then an afternoon fish sounds good.
  3. Looking forward to fishing stateside again. Let’s hope the rivers clear soon.
  4. I picked up some real nice spinners. They almost look to good to use.
  5. Finally some pics. That deer looks like a trophy forsure.
  6. Not sure if it’s just me but I can’t see the attachment you posted. Nothing comes up
  7. I don’t hunt but if I lived in a area where their coming into my back yard or killing my “farm animals” I’d probably take some down. To see them out in the bush though I’d leave them alone. Can you not get money for their fur?
  8. How’s come their antlers fall off? Do they grow new ones? Don’t they use them for self defence? Thanks for any info guys
  9. Streamers in every colour you can possibly tie. Never know what will work that day. White, white/pink, white/purple, black. Try them all.
  10. Thanks guys. I work a lot so I might try some night fishing at Dalhousie or a west trib pier. Pools are out of the question pretty much since zone 16 is closed.
  11. Glow spoons at night work for salmon, has anyone tried the same thing for bows? Or are salmon more active at night then rainbows?
  12. I seen the jordon area was muddy the other day, soon the boats will be out fishing browns and spring kings along the mud line.
  13. Checked my spot last night and the canal is mostly open and the mouth of the lake where I fish looking like some slush sitting there. After today I might start the chumming.
  14. Looking forward to the show tomorrow. I’ll see yas there.
  15. I’m excited to see some action in the carp section again. Can’t wait to get out.
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