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  1. Nice spinnerbaits. Must be nice to catch a fish on something you made.
  2. Sunday. Tomorrow rain.
  3. Hey guys, looks like we’ll meet up at Charles Daley park the east pond and go from there. The carp master (smerch) was out scouting for us today. Meet up around 8:30-9:00am. I’ll be there earlier I’m sure. Hopefully meet some new faces so everyone come on out and enjoy the day.
  4. Spent a couple hours last night building bed frames for the gardens that are being expanded. Glad the gf and I showed up as there were only 3-4 other volunteers there.
  5. Hey guys. I’ll post a spot for the meet up later today.
  6. I’m going to make a bag and try hooking it your way. I’ll let ya know how it works.
  7. What kind of rig are you using for your mesh bags? are you using a baiting needle? Pretty much pull the swivel of the rig through the bag till the hook bottoms out in it?
  8. What are you using to catch walleye off the dock at night? I might have to give it a try at the cottage.
  9. Smerch you have the greatest inventions.
  10. I didn’t put too much time into it. It was getting dark. Not sure how I like it. Takes too long to set up. If the fish are hot you’ll be spending more time putting your rig together then actually fishing. I’ll be putting some more time into it forsure.
  11. Nice pictures. Congrats again on the bird.
  12. Sorry thought I posted them yesterday. They will show better today anyways since I figured out the posting pic problem.
  13. HEY guys. Sorry it took so long but I think I finally figured out the picture posting problem of the pics always being too big. Post away now, let me know if there’s anymore problems. I tried it out and it’s working.
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