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  1. Tyler0420

    Whis is this forum so slow?

    I’ll be trying to get it fixed also. Going to get Everything switched over first and I’ll see if anything can be done to speed things up.
  2. Tyler0420

    announcement to members

    I’m going to plan some kind of meet up shortly. We’ll see how the ice does in the niagara region. I’ll start a new thread and see what people are thinking and who will be able to get out.
  3. Tyler0420

    Toronto Spring fishing and Boat Show

    Never too late to switch it up honeyv. Local shows are my go to now. Haven’t been to Toronto one since I was a kid. It’s nice to be able to support smaller shops and see some familiar faces behind the tables.
  4. Tyler0420

    Toronto Spring fishing and Boat Show

    I can’t go..... I’d leave with a boat. Don’t wanna get into that till the truck is paid off (aug 2019) this fall hopefully a boat for me.
  5. Tyler0420

    announcement to members

    Of course you can stay a mod I’m not firing anyone lol.
  6. Tyler0420

    announcement to members

    I’m pretty excited that I have the chance to keep this site going. I’m not from the niagara region but I’ve fallen in love with this site over the years. Looking forward to meeting more of you guys, we’ll get together soon
  7. Tyler0420


    I’m sure the mesh would work. Or scrap it all together and throw a raw shrimp on.
  8. Tyler0420


    Pretty sure I’ve tried them and they didn’t wanna stay on The hook.
  9. Everyone just needs to be a lil greener and The world would be a happy place.
  10. Tyler0420

    announcement to members

    No Facebook for me either...
  11. Tyler0420

    announcement to members

    Weird. Can email me at sk8_tyler@hotmail.com
  12. Tyler0420

    announcement to members

    Pm sent
  13. Tyler0420

    announcement to members

    thats definitely terrible news. It’s been a great couple years meeting up and fishing with Nfn members, two of which I spend all my fishing time with. It would be nice to see the site keep going.
  14. Tyler0420

    Liscence renew

    You still need the yellow paper they give you, that’s your license the card is only an outdoors card unless you get the 3 year and they print the license on the back of the card. We should have lifetime licenses like the states and it gets printed on your drivers license. One card for everything....
  15. Tyler0420

    State side trip

    Fished an Ontario trib yesterday, this river fishes well dirty but was a lil dirtier then we’d like to see. I Fished daylight-3pm caught 5 browns and a bow. 5 fish caught in 2-3 hours of fishing then it died off. No picture worthy fish all 3-4lbs and dark from being in the river for a while. Pic from a few weeks ago