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  1. Tyler0420

    some cats

    Some nice fat kitties.
  2. Couple from earlier today. Fished for 1.5hrs
  3. I was standing on top of a bridge lol. The water is very shallow and looks like the dump. Put is this way It’s so gross I don’t even wanna fish it.
  4. That’s the exact type of water I was fishing suckers on the river.
  5. The fish pic are carp smerch. I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen one.
  6. Hit the grand this morning for a lil change. Had some worms so went to drown some. Targeting carp, suckers n catts. Had my carp rod and decided I had to change to some lighter gear. a few bites later I had a sucker on witch came off while I was swinging it in. next I hear a guy yelling at me letting me know up the street there’s an officer ticketing 3 cars. They couldn’t of been there long cuz they weren’t there when I drove by. So not knowing if I should be out I packed up and left. I was pulled off the side of the road fishing. No boat launch, no trail, no other people around me. When I left I seen what looked like the ministry ticketing 3 vehicles n talking to one guy. not sure why they were getting a talking to though. Most people park there and walleye fish which is OOS right now. so anyways I headed to my carp lake which was a skunk. However fishing was slow but seen some action. Fish jumping, cruising, swirling around. found some fish up the canal so I might see if I can get them eating bread off the surface sometime. The water is only 1-2ft deep so I don’t really wanna fish it anyways.
  7. Smerch I hope we can trick them soon. I need some time off to get out. Most people are home and I’m working more hours then ever. my work is doing temperature checks before you start now so maybe I’ll have to put a hot pack on my forehead so I can have two weeks off 😉
  8. I grabbed 8cans the other day plus I have the maize to use also. I got the girlfriend to add some frozen corn to groceries, we’ve been getting them delivered lately.
  9. Some cool rigs for sure. The multi rig is great for switching out hooks without tying a new rig. The Ronnie rig is also a great rig. I’ve Beene looking at tying the combi rig also.
  10. If fishing with other people outside your household don’t drive together. Heard of many people getting $750-1000 fines for driving with people from different house holds in same vehicle.
  11. I went to fish a creek mouth today on Lake Ontario but the 4’ waves were crashing the beach pretty hard And the creek was pure mud so went to check out CCIW. One of the regulars were there so I got all excited. (Yes the carp must be in) I pull into the parking lot and he’s packing up. He had his bait boat out with the finder on it and marked no fish at all. Guess it’s still going to be a bit. So headed back home to fish this lake with no luck either. The wind was crazy today.
  12. steve when we getting out for social distance carpin?
  13. Can’t believe the garbage smerch and who’s eating hungry mans on the bank? Wonder if the garbage is from overflowing garbage cans and it getting blown around.
  14. Beauty flys guys. NICE BROWN....
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