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  1. Too late, already did a half a$$ job on it. Just a spod rod so I’m not too concerned. Note to self, never build a rod. Sometimes just easier to pay someone else and let a little guy make some $$. thanks though Dave. Now let’s gey out fishing.
  2. All I seen last night was thunderstorms. Still stayed out through them and was rewarded with a skunk.
  3. So looks like I’m just going todo it myself. It’s only a spod rod and doesn’t look hard. Can I use a epoxy from CT or Lowe’s? Or does it have to be for fishing rods?
  4. Now you can take it back for warranty exchange. Benefits of buying the same rod twice lol.
  5. How’s the circus at hope? nice fish but I’ll never travel that far again for salmon too many rivers on the way there to fish. Hope just gets the run first.
  6. Has anyone done well in Jordan this year? I only fished it once with no bites
  7. Glad you guys had a good day out. Looks like some nice fish were caught.
  8. Good job on the fish smerch. I fished local yesterday after work for a few hours and landed one and lost one. I’ll be tying some new hair rigs today with some new hooks. I was sitting in my truck up on the bank and seen two pods of fish about 70m out so I reeled and casted between the two pods and fired out some boilies. 5min later I landed one. Going back out tonight for a short shift 4-8. Hopefully there’s a lunker hanging around.
  9. They look like light poles the they took down and laid over some rocks with the black blanket stuff on top. A way to reuse and make a new home for some birds or something.
  10. Great way to spend the day.
  11. Checked out a local creek yesterday, I haven’t fished it this year. Not much around besides some chub.
  12. Fished a new part of the harbour today. Skunk and skunk
  13. Maybe 20-30lb mono leader. Using wire,braid,fluorocarbon will all pull the popper under water. Mono helps keep it floating since it floats. I don’t worry about getting bite off pike fishing. I use 6lb line icefishing and catch them.
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