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  1. Flooding

    From the bridge to the river is roughly 30’. The ice/river was crashing the walking bridges.
  2. Flooding

    Has anyone seen the grand river lately? It’s a huge mess right now and is jus about to flood over the dike in brantford. They are getting people to evacuate. I’ll post some pics later on.
  3. Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    Expensive?? Or your cheap. Cost me 70$ In gas to go from Hamilton to lake simcoe and back. Plus hut rental (40-50$ a person) plus bait and pizza. Seems like a decent price. I’m sure you’d want it to be free though.
  4. Careful out there everyone

    Looking forward to seeing some pics.
  5. Searching for sucker

    Grand river. Worms on bottom. Couple mins in the water and should have fish on.
  6. Careful out there everyone

    Can ya tell how thick the ice is from up above?
  7. Careful out there everyone

    The other day people were walking on the ice on the grand river in brantford down from the casino. There’s heavy current and rapids there usually and the ice is all broken and Jammed together. But hey it must be safe. 🙄
  8. Oh my aching hips.

    If it was moved the guy who started it wouldn’t be able to read his own thread
  9. Oh my aching hips.

    It’s Lake Erie I’m sure there are miles of ice for people to fish. And half the people won’t come because you have to walk 45 mins to perch grounds.
  10. Frabil Nets

    Good customer service.
  11. Bulk perch fillets

    Ya fish wasn’t working. She’s on pork and potatoes now.
  12. Rec canal fish... summer

    LOoks like the summer was good to you.
  13. Fishing on vacation in the Dominican

    Go to the beach and find a local to take you out. Way cheaper.
  14. Fishing on vacation in the Dominican

    Bring any rod you want. I put one in a hard case. Pretty sure I didn’t pay any extra for the oversize. Check who your flying with
  15. Ice conditions

    There was 8-10” a week ago. With the warm up the grand had a flood warning. I’d stay away from dunnville for now it’s going to be a mess.