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  1. I have no experience on the welland river but I have watched a bunch of videos of guys carp fishing it. I’m sure there’s carp through the whole river.
  2. I tried cdp last night for two hours. OMG the bugs were so bad. I stepped on the grass and was instantly covered. Made my way to the beach/lake side and it was a bit better. I’ll be back after the hatch is over. The clouds of bugs looked like smoke on the north service road.
  3. Ive heard of really good reports on lake o for salmon. Anywhere from 40-100fow.
  4. I believe Niagara is keeping their ramps closed for now.
  5. grass carp are built like rockets. id say its some type of shad.
  6. Sounds like an awesome day smerch. I took some time off next week, I have to work only 2 days thats unheard of for me so I’ll be on the bank lots. Looking forward to some full day sessions.
  7. Hopefully you'll get out again. The perch will be there later and the honey do list can’t wait a bit longer.😉 Turkey closes soon.
  8. Glad you’re back in action. Looking forward to some reports.
  9. I watched them fly over the bay the other day. They were out trying to brighten everyone’s day during this pandemic.
  10. Looks like smoke smerch. Glad I wasn’t fishing during that.
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