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  1. Tyler0420

    Flies in Port Dalhousie

    I’ve seen many anglers fishing a 3way rig with streamers. (When the minnow bite is on). Right now I’d think it’s egg patterns.
  2. Tyler0420

    Fishing partner needed

    Enjoy your trip out while I’m at work.
  3. Tyler0420

    My new boat..

    Nice. Did you get the motor all fixed up?
  4. Tyler0420

    Van Go (Gone)?

    Wow An insurance company actually came through. Now next year your premiums go up. Really who’s winning?
  5. Tyler0420

    Salmon spoon chucking rod/reel combo.

    Thanks steellee
  6. Tyler0420

    Salmon spoon chucking rod/reel combo.

    Im not worried about using the baitcaster in The dark it won’t be my first one and what length rod are you using?
  7. Hey guy, for some reason I feel like buying another rod/reel combo. What are you guys using for chucking spoons for salmon? I’ve been using an 8’6” medium heavy rod and baitrunner reel for years and works great. I just want another set up. Probably looking for something 10’-11’ and even a baitcasting setup maybe. Should I be looking for something with a “fast tip” to get a good bend/load in the rod to get a good spoon launch? I’d like to use the rod for bottom bouncing also. Anyways let me know if you guys have any recommendations on rods and reels I’m open to any price range. Thanks
  8. Tyler0420

    Brantford to Caledonia Grand River

    I don’t think the grand around Paris/brantford is ever really busy. There’s so much room to fish. I think I seen 1-2 people fishing from pairs to brantford. The dams people might crowd but wade out and get away from them.
  9. Tyler0420

    Erie fly fishing from Shore

    Dave when we going?
  10. Tyler0420

    Brantford to Caledonia Grand River

    The outskirts of brantford to calidonia dam as far as I know is not wading water. Paris dam- cockshutt bridge in brantford is all wading waters. Walk the river and find some deeper holes and maybe some fish lurking around. Live crayfish/minnows were working at the brantford dam. Stay back 75 meters or whatever it is from the dam as CO’s are patrolling it now.
  11. Tyler0420

    Brantford to Caledonia Grand River

    Brantford to Cali is usually deeper but muddy water. Well from Newport rd -Cali.
  12. Tyler0420

    Brantford to Caledonia Grand River

    I’ve done Paris to brantford twice this season. Honestly usually it’s 20+ fish day. This season 3 fish in two trips. I don’t know what’s up. As of yesterday the water is crystal clear and low and only seen a handful of fish.
  13. Tyler0420

    Simms wading boots

    Felt nice to have dry feet after a day on the river. New g3 boots felt great with lots of support and new waders kept me dry. If only the fishing was better.
  14. Tyler0420

    Carping on the fly

    Good idea. So who wants to tie me some dog food flies? Hahaha. Jk
  15. Tyler0420

    Attacked by a Muskie

    Great video. Thanks for sharing once again.