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  1. Smerch I hope we can trick them soon. I need some time off to get out. Most people are home and I’m working more hours then ever. my work is doing temperature checks before you start now so maybe I’ll have to put a hot pack on my forehead so I can have two weeks off 😉
  2. I grabbed 8cans the other day plus I have the maize to use also. I got the girlfriend to add some frozen corn to groceries, we’ve been getting them delivered lately.
  3. Some cool rigs for sure. The multi rig is great for switching out hooks without tying a new rig. The Ronnie rig is also a great rig. I’ve Beene looking at tying the combi rig also.
  4. If fishing with other people outside your household don’t drive together. Heard of many people getting $750-1000 fines for driving with people from different house holds in same vehicle.
  5. I went to fish a creek mouth today on Lake Ontario but the 4’ waves were crashing the beach pretty hard And the creek was pure mud so went to check out CCIW. One of the regulars were there so I got all excited. (Yes the carp must be in) I pull into the parking lot and he’s packing up. He had his bait boat out with the finder on it and marked no fish at all. Guess it’s still going to be a bit. So headed back home to fish this lake with no luck either. The wind was crazy today.
  6. steve when we getting out for social distance carpin?
  7. Can’t believe the garbage smerch and who’s eating hungry mans on the bank? Wonder if the garbage is from overflowing garbage cans and it getting blown around.
  8. Beauty flys guys. NICE BROWN....
  9. Some things are better kept quiet, kinda like the crappie runs. They gone before anyone posts about it. when the Simcoe forums die out the crappie are in.
  10. Looks like we’re getting a few more fly fishers on the forum. Looking forward to some fly pics this season. I’ll try and add some also.
  11. when i see guys carp fishing their usually using 4oz .
  12. I don’t know much about Niagara bass fishing, I usually fish the grand river and throw pretty much anything. I like finding some lily pads and throwing poppers on lakes/ponds.
  13. It’s kinda out of the way. It’s down a back road with some run down factories and brown fields. It’s not very popular but it does get fished. Hopefully one day the city will clean it up, it is a beautiful place minus the garbage, needles and poor water quality.
  14. I don’t think the needles are from the fisherman. That’s what happens when junkies throw their needles down the Sewers. There was also a homeless camp up the canal that probably didn’t help either. (Now it’s gone). I don’t touch the needles, I use a scoop and place them in a coffee cup. We have needle drop boxes around the city that I’ll dispose of them there.
  15. If I see guys here fishing and they opened their cans like these guys did there going to get an earful from me for sure.
  16. Went to bait my spot so I can fish it later on. I see the fishing slobs have moved in. Corn cans, 100lb braid attached to a stringer (please tell me no one is eating out of this lake) and some needles along the shore line.
  17. usually their in the creeks when trout opens end of April.
  18. Fished for two hours last night as the sun was going down with no luck. Wanted to get out earlier but work got in the way. Hopefully the water will warm up a bit more this week.
  19. Tyler0420

    boat ramp

    Looks like a good day to be out on the water. Wish I had a boat.
  20. Tyler0420

    boat ramp

    Hope that helps a bit.
  21. Tyler0420

    boat ramp

  22. I filled up for 71 the other day. Nice to see more liters the dollars going In the tank.
  23. Tyler0420

    Happy Man

    Nice lunch Bruce. I hope to get out the next three evenings.
  24. Wow and I thought salmon season was busy. Smelt can’t be that good.
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