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  1. Decided to hit the river and catch a meal. I knew a spot that the sun would be behind the trees so off I went. If you wanna catch fish put a spinner on, so I did. Caught a nice smallie a few casts in then a stick, nope 15”ish walleye pulled it up on shore and it spit the hook and back it went. A few casts later feels like a log, lost it. Then another log (19.5” walleye). Some decent action then it died off. Its nice to have the grand almost in your backyard.
  2. Beautiful trip Bruce. Glad you guys had a great time.
  3. Looking forward to some pics Bruce
  4. Guys, we’re not going to start arguing about covid again. Go out and fish...
  5. Wow I can’t believe people are swimming in the Niagara there. They look like kids, where are these kids parents? Go swim on the shore line of the lake.....
  6. I soak it for 24hrs ish then boil for 30-45min. I cook it till about half the corn splits. I don’t use it as a hook bait so I don’t need it to stay whole. Cook it at least till you can put your nail through it fairly easily.
  7. It was a great day smerch. Bites were slow but we stayed busy for a couple hours. The backs of my legs are burnt but it was nice to be carping again. Looking forward to the next adventure.
  8. I fished maitland River this morning. Pretty slow but managed 4-5 smallies bottom bouncing leeches.
  9. are you using a heavy rod and braid when fishing the pads? id love to try frog fishing at night. maybe one night we can meet up.
  10. I haven’t had too many carp days lately. I fished the harbor for 3 hours the other day and got skunked. After Saturday I’ll be back to carping
  11. Seems like those tactics will work. My favorite way to fish bass is top water poppers.
  12. With the rain today head out to the backyard tonight. Should be loaded.
  13. Good luck when you get up there Bass-turd. I’ll be fishing a Huron trib for some smallies. Then back to full time Carpin.
  14. Nice shirt rick. I wasn’t even around for those.
  15. Going back out tonight. Hopefully we’ll get a few more.
  16. It’s not being enforced. It’s only a recommendation not a law. If we can protest 1000’s of people inches away from each other I’m sure boating with 2-3 is fine. If not bring a sign and say your protesting.
  17. For you experienced cat fishers, what rig do you guys use? I usually use pickerel rigs but thinking a bolt rig would be nicer.
  18. Not sure if I can make it out tomorrow now smerch. Took a holiday from one job and the other job calls......
  19. You can bait an area 100m out if you have a spomb, I have a throwing stick I can chuck corn out pretty far. Most places smerchs spoon trick will work.
  20. Maize Is definitely cheaper. Lots of people boil it and use it as is. It definitely stays on The hair for a long time.
  21. Good job on the carp smerch. I haven’t been out today still waiting for my truck to get out of the shop.
  22. What’s a water tank? Cooling system? So gas ran through the cooling system and blew the boat up? how did this boat blow up?
  23. Mnr maybe. Haven’t seen them before
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