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  1. I’d go with the 4/5wt. It’s a good all around rod unless your only targeting salmon n BIG steelhead.
  2. Cliff you bringing any streamers to the show?
  3. Gotta be a minnow bite for them to work well. I had no confidence in them but have gained some over the last two years.
  4. beauty fish. whats the hot bait?
  5. Would of been cool to witness it.
  6. I watch johns videos all the time. It’s nice that he’s local.
  7. I’ve seen guys throwing rapala j-13’s. I only use spoons. Salmon fishing off a pier is pretty fun though.
  8. Lol sure looks like it but definitely didn’t feel like it. No ice on the harbor this year. Wonder how they walleye fishing would be from a boat.
  9. Brrrrrrrrr hopefully a carp will take the trap.
  10. Looking forward to the show. I’ll see ya there.
  11. Tyler0420

    Old Reel

    Looks like it needs to catch a fish smerch.
  12. I can’t wait to get back carping. Hopefully I’ll catch one like that. Nice fish
  13. What’s up with the cheap gas lately? Seen it for $.88 last night in Hamilton. Of course I just filled up for $.99
  14. Drove past this creek I fly fish sometimes and stopped for a pic. Looks beautiful, water is up a bit which is perfect, too bad it’s closed till 04/25. You can catch chub and rezi trout with the a steelhead run also. Not much time to catch steelhead though this creek is timed so perfect with the opening n closing dates.
  15. I believe I have a 5wt. It’s good enough for most fish. Lessons will definitely help the headaches. This guy taught me ⬆️
  16. i'm going to fish the grand for a few outings, maybe ill find some active carp. i just like being out, i don't actually expect to catch any fish till spring anything before that is a bonus.
  17. Was going to fish the river for an hour but seen my carp spot was open water. No luck, this spot was like 2’ deep, was hoping for something small maybe.
  18. Thanks Chris. I guess I didn’t win the Garmin either.
  19. Hopefully the wells catts show up. I’d love to battle a 100lb kitty.
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