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  1. Well fished 9hours and skunked. Spent 4 hours in the first spot then moved 5 times and fished each spot for an hour. Bye bye lasalle on to a new spot. Tried the grand the other day but it’s blown. 3oz lead wouldn’t hold bottom.
  2. Swans, geese, ducks their all here. Mostly by the boat ramp though. There’s a walking trail that people feed the birds at so most of the birds stay on that side.
  3. Hopefully I can post more then these two pics today. Come on carp where are you??
  4. thanks smerch, the bivy(my truck)will be warm. Coffee will be warm up the street (timmies). I need to get myself a little stove for my longer trips out.
  5. I’ll be at lasalle marina sometime after midnight tonight and staying most of tomorrow. If anyone wants to come say hi I’ll be there.
  6. Ya it was about 10-12fow. Was pretty clear but had a greenish/blue colour to it. The guy said usually it’s gin clear and if the carp are in you can see them. He said in the spring it’s absolutely loaded with carp. smerch 5blanks aren’t bad. I’m at 5 in the last week. Just makes it that much better when we get one. Keep the carp gear out the hard water around here is no where close.
  7. Happy new year NFN. Be careful driving out there today, it’s slippery out.
  8. Fished a new Toronto swim yesterday from 1:30-5:00. Once again a skunk but was nice to fish a new spot and chat with a fisherman that was walking by.
  9. Ya when it’s crapy out I’ll sit in the truck. I have the receiver with me and I’m close enough to see my rod and hear my alarm.
  10. 30km wind and gust 44k. Maybe I should of stayed home it’s crazy out here. Threw some corn 20’ out. fishing in close tonight,
  11. Smerch you just had to get me looking at them eh? They really get nice over $400. 7-800 hmmmmm pay rent or buy a bivy hahahah.
  12. Once the rain starts today I’ll be done work and back there to toss a line in and chuck some more corn out. I’d rather sit in my truck and wait for a bite then sit at home. Can’t wait for one of my next purchases....A bivy.
  13. Smerch this spot has everything lol. Overhead lights, washroom, parking steps away from where you set up and timmies two blocks up the road. Im mostly baiting this spot for a New Year’s Day outting. CAG has this “event” going on New Year’s Day. It’s world wide. I’m the only Canadian signed up so far lmao. Man the guys Down south sure have it better then we do.
  14. Fished 5:30-10:00pm tonight with maybe one short short run. 3 beeps on the drop back I picked the rod up and nothing there. New line on the reels tomorrow after losing another spod. Pva bags with goodies inside tonight.
  15. Great spot. Nice looking fish.
  16. Nice carp. Did ya catch any over 20lbs?
  17. 2/2 for me..... 2 sunsets and 2 skunks. Back at it tomorrow.
  18. Thanks for the heads up. I’m actually tempted to fish the channel coming in from the bridge but not sure how many carp will be coming in and out of there or if their hanging out that shallow. Again wish I could fish two rods......
  19. Fished Lasalle last night 4:30-9:30pm with no bites. Atleast it was a nice evening to watch the sun go down. Back at it this evening
  20. Thanks gunner. Merry Christmas to everyone on Nfn. Have a safe and happy holiday.
  21. Tyler0420


    I knew Santa was a fisherman. Nice fish
  22. Beauty day today. Who’s getting out? im at work
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