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  1. Bruce do you eat a lot of fish from the river ? I'm talking west of aqueduct
  2. I'm In need as well I'm on foxtail ... I know Paul's lawn does it but my issue is I have concrete walkways to backyard and really don't want the machine going over them even with wood down
  3. We need warmth if u find the. They prolly aren't stacked up yet (50-56) they start to do there thing .... I've been monitoring water temps ! That's all I will say lol You can still find them tho .... Look for them to be suspended over deeper water this time year
  4. Gunner wonderful job ! They all look great ! Can u pm me some info on pricing ?
  5. I'll pop in if I go buddy !!!
  6. Thank you ! My exp is if it's murky then it's not worth the time !
  7. Anytime ! I find by heating both plastic and scraper it makes a easy fill !! And smooths at same time but don't push to hard you will warp it !!! Cheers
  8. How Murky was it ? Foot wise vis ?
  9. I've fixed many tubs ...... Try using a propane torch and old metal scraper ....I use some heavier plastic then heat the tub plastic and the scraper then smooth out ! Works great for me
  10. I used to keep a journal right down to the tiniest of details ! I use a in home weather station that sits on my counter top lol it very cool to look back to it n compare seasons ! You ll find some interesting correlations,I know I did ...don't do it anymore as I found after few years you just know exactly what to do without referring back ! Have fun !!
  11. Awesome thnxs so much I'm in welland ..... That's more like what I'd like to do !
  12. The stuff will be going to a family who enjoy outdoors but unfortunately I haven't had anyone come forward so as of now it's a no go ! Sad but hey I'm offering I've posted several sites and even called local charities so if no one comes forward with a family to donate to by early next week it will be too late for me to do it .... I wish I did it earlier but I was out of country
  13. Cmon folks still have to find a family ! There's gotta be some children in need of outdoors stuff ???? I know my boys get pushed out the door ..... At first one didn't like it now he's hooked and puts the games down ... Other is thrilled to death at age 2 .... Gotta keep our kids " real" these days
  14. That's very generous of you Pauly ! I'm yet to find the right family but I'm working hard at it this week as I'm a bit late this year ! I was away in Vegas and now gone to try n catch up before Christmas I'll keep you informed thanks again !
  15. Hey guys and gals ! In the spirit of Christmas every year I make a donation and this year I will not make that donation ! I would love to help out a young family who is interested in the outdoors , whether fishing or hunting or any sort of outdoor activity ! I openly welcome PM s , it wil, not be a cash donation but in the realm of stuff to help these families enjoy there favourite outdoor activity ! Would prefer if local ( niagara) !! Thank you everyone and I know it's not a fishing report but trust me this is more than important to me ! Cheers .... Buckshot !
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