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  1. I wish Italo did some fishing on the american side of the river. I would love to meet the guy!
  2. This is going to be a great year I caught my first bow of the year in early September! Good luck and tight lines!
  3. It's because no one ever catches small fish. They are always "huge" haha
  4. Don't you hate losing huge fish? Yesterday I was casting some spoons and I hooked into a monster bow. I had her on for a while and get her within 5 feet of shore and boom my spoon comes flying at my face. It's kinda bittersweet don't you all agree? It sucks that you lost a fish but it feeds the addiction and drives you to become a better angler! Does any one else agree?
  5. Where is the fun in this? I just don't understand why people would snag salmon when you can get them to hit a cleo or skein. The challenge is part of fishing, Snagging makes me sick.
  6. Sweet Video, I want to start filming but don't have the money.
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