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  1. Target walleye and you will inevitably get Pike. They will refer to them as Jackfish. They being the locals
  2. Well, it's my favourite lure in some situations, and they just look so good. But really, give us a detailed account of where your username came from? -Cleo
  3. Let me tell you about Buy Canadian I Live in Dryden, the best fishery, and best walleye fishing, in the world (sorry welland river aquaduct) So, there's a restaurant that I go to often, and he wanted to put Walleye on the menu. There is a commercial fishery here so you can buy commercially caught walleye. Anyhow, he told his food supplier that he wanted to put walleye on the menu. He got his first box of frozen walleye fillets. PRODUCT OF RUSSIA! What the heck! There you have it folks, and somehow it is the fault of bass pro shops.
  4. What about how this is just going to make fishing more popular in Niagara and there will be more and more people fishing and then your local fishing hole is now going to be littered with BPS bags along with everything else. What if they start giving away hot spots and publicizing fishing opportunities in Niagara in a poster-board kind of way? I DON'T LIKE IT!!! You can almost guarantee that they are on here reading every single last post and maybe they even have people on the inside who have set up user accounts and are pretending to be posters themselves? SEEMS PRETTY LIKELY TO ME! The only question is, who is it and when will they step forward? Change your profile picture to a head and shoulders photograph of yourself if you are not THE MOLE!
  5. I would no longer consider this individual to be a "friend." Remove from facebook, unfollow on twitter, delete from contacts, lose my number, text me never. He might as well have injected you with the plague. Next time you're over there you'll be halfway through your meatloaf and he'll reveal it's actually baked dog food. I would be ticked.
  6. I agree. I've been around here for a while and it feels like its never been more inviting. Your membership and number of new members seems to be rising. Thanks everyone.
  7. TC's the bomb! Love that guy. Keep up the good work cplummer. Board's never been stronger.
  8. Hi! I wonder if the site will ever have retro days. For example, when it will go back to its original 2004 configuration Possibly crofeather will stop in for a visit and post one of his awesome long stories. Maybe TC_1OZ will be there too!
  9. Yep, sounds like a fluke. It likely came over the falls and is on its way to l. ontario.
  10. Hi! It's been a great summer so far with some excellent angling reports posted. It's good to see all of the great niagara anglers out there. So, in the spirit of building community, where did you get your username? I'll start. The Little Cleo is a small blue spoon used for catching trout.
  11. True. I retract my last comment.
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