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  1. I use my finder more for presentation ,see what fish are reacting to ,than actually finding fish.
  2. That is just crazy, it makes you wonder how many cities do not report stuff like this and we never know ,Hamilton spent millions cleaning the harbour meanwhile it is dumping billion of litres of sewage into the lake,That is why you can not trust politicians at all
  3. Plain medium black rapala ,just cast and slow retrieve always worked good for me on the Key river area.
  4. Thousands of shad run up the creeks in jordan this time of year.
  5. They spray the trees that pushes them out of orchards.Into areas just outside the orchards.
  6. You can go south past train tressell almost to twenty first st. ,depending on how much water coming through.Some panfish and lots of catfish where it opens up just past tressel.
  7. Yes there is lots of ticks down there ,especially off the trail,there and Short hills are bad .
  8. Pond was runoff from winery for years, not very clean at all ,would not eat anything out of there.
  9. You can fish for cats and carp just not trout or salmon till last saturday in april
  10. I was down there a week ago and the amount of cigerette butts on shore and in the water were awful . Some people seem to think that butts are not litter .
  11. I caught a small pike on a small minnow yesterday while trying for crappie at grt.No crappie though.
  12. That,s a cool picture ,never new owls played possum.
  13. If fishing in port with spoons, try to get as deep as possible and fish in current, cleos work good sometimes.
  14. Thanks for the great forum ,sure it will only get better,
  15. Henly island, martindale pond good for pike from kayak, just stay away from rowers.
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