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  1. valens and Christie are closed until bass open cause they are part of the hamilton conservation areas and mountsberg is halton. everytime I have been there when they have no envelopes and I usually get to pay when I see the guy replace them. I fish from shore and he usually goes for a walk and asks if I paid and I walk back up with him and pay. I never gotten a ticket but that is the city of hamilton.
  2. opener went 1-2 and today went 0-5 the fish are really close to cover, as close as they can get to down trees. all fish but one lost on spinners. water is clear and low on the two creeks i fished but the weather was alot better today and i was the only one fishing till 10:30. worst opener for me in a longtime.
  3. I don't think closing it would be any better they will find another way to get the fish. the spawning salmon are actually doing fine and so are the bows, way way up stream where no one snags, nets or even dares enter the water during the closed season, there are more fish spawning then you can count. it is the lower section they need to patrol or protect more. if they want to eat the dead, dying or decaying salmon let them cause we will just pay again for it with their trips to the hospitals or clinics. there is another creek west of bronte that is closed for fising during the fall and it seems to do pretty well expect for the odd idiot that just wants to pick up some fish and show his kids. i called the tips line twice and nothing that i know of happened after giving them license plates colour and make of the van. i only got one question, what do these guys do with all the eggs they get, do they sell them to fishing stores who tie bags or sell in bulk. i rarely use eggs and have had better luck using spoons, spinners or streamers. i might go for a walk down there sunday to see what it looks cause i like to fish bronte once and a while cause it is close to home for me.
  4. just a couple of funny stories to share. I heard and seen some of the dumbest things this past weekend. i took the wife and the kids to a nearby trib to watch the salmon do their thing and seen three guys walking in the creek with the biggest net i have ever seen. the creek has been a has been off limits to fishing since oct 1, so i stopped them and asked what they were doing. i got the best answer ever from some guy " we only catch and release, we don't keep any fish, so it's ok". i asked it's ok for what the creek is closed for the season. i called the tips line and they said they already knew about the guys, so i asked if the CO in the area cause one lives nearby and she said she cannot give me that info. this all happened sat evening. so sunday i go back cause the little guy was a little bit tired the day before and what do i see but two guys with 5-6 kids and they are walking in the water scaring the fish towards a guy with gloves so he can tail the fish to show the kids. once again i get the dumbest answer possible " it's ok we are only showing the kids fish and not fishing or keeping any fish, so it's ok" "and do they got tiny cuffs to put on the kids". i told them it is closed for ALL types of fishing and the answer was "there are no signs so it makes it ok" i happen to carry a regs book with me in the car and asked if they want to read it cause it might be a better way of showing or teaching kids what not to do, some harsh words were exchanged. so i called the tips line again ,cause i am getting kinda sick with all the clowns that come out during salmon season. what a weekend in the hammer!
  5. I got my first niagara bow on tuesday, it took me a few times going there to get one. bronte does have fish and i got a nice female sunday, took the eggs out when i got home and tied bags monday and got the bow on one of them tuesday morning. the whirlpool isn't the easiest place to fish, the current, the slippery rocks and snags, the green moss you have to keep clearing from your line and guides hooks and lures, the walk down is ok and the walk back up can be pretty tough, and most of all the scenery is awesome and it might be the only place around here where you never know what you got till you reel it in.
  6. nice fish and i know that spot really well but i don't fish there untill the opener.
  7. the slaughter will continue cause the loogans follow the salmon but one the parking places will soon be gone cause the new carwash being built. nothing like seeing some guys ripping fish off the beds. i was going to try and get out this monday but the rain is not stopping and i think it might be a washout.
  8. petro canada refinery is right there, lots of good news coming out of bronte now and maybe it might get better monday when i am fishing there but not at the park somewhere else that's far away from the loogans.
  9. that's fishing bronte in the fall, i have seen anything from treble hooks to size 5-6 spinners, a muskie spinner some trolling spoons but have always wondered how hungry a fish must be to attack a lure or roe bag with it's back, tail or a$$, maybe its about time to make ppl take a test to ge their license, just like hunting or driving. it shouold be a privilage not a right for some ppl. i got a question, why would anyone floss, line or snag fish illegally in the fall. just to fish legal in the spring for bows.
  10. this time of year brings out the best and worse in ppl it's not the thread u start. it's what in it that, sometimes they take a life of their own. it's kinda cool how a little post about a days fishing turns into 5-6 pages of comments and so much information.
  11. lake erie bows are not as pressured as the ones on lake o. two creeks in particular boost bigs runs of bows and some decent salmon runs.
  12. i totally agree with C_P_A and i have seen stuff that would make some ppl skin crawl. ont time at bronte i foound a spot wherer some ppl dumped 200-300 bodies heads and tails of fish in the woods. they used two hockey nets and what looked to be a tennis or badminton net i don't know how many guys there were but they did pretty good. i have seen guys using buckets, nets, rocks, trolling rods, mooching rods, braided line that looked like a small rope, steel line, leadcore line, and best of all some guys even tried a pellet gun, to catch some salmon. most years i went fishing creeks and rivers near by the loogans out numbered the guys really trying to land a fish legally. it's that time of year again the circus is back in town and it gets better and better each year. i think i am going to stick to fishing the spring, summer and fall for bass, walleye, pike, brown and rainbow trout and best of all i got the itch for steelhead fishing now. that's my 2 cents.
  13. it's not only the guys who use trebles snag fish i have seen guys with the nice 13' float rods and reels snagging fish and lining, the circus comes to town on l y once and year and it's a blast to watch what some guys will do to get a half dead fish. i have fished bronte for sometime now and it's a different place eveytime and petro can park is the loogans hangout , i am not going for salmon anymore i want to try bows and browns in the fall and maybe early winter. i wouldn't eat a salmon this time of year.
  14. the creek is a santuray from sept 30th but opens again in time for trout season and if they really cared then make a santuary during trout season and let the chinnies be open for fishing, but they really don't care about the fish and wildlife just the plants and trees. but if u like carp and suckers then it's the best place to fish, and i have seen cormorants as far up as the foot bridge near the end of the rbg area before u get to hidden valley park.
  15. bayfront is only good to fish in the summer when the weather is nice and warm not when it's freezing cold and no one rollerblading or jogging................!
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