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  1. 11 for 2 of us. Fishing by 8 am in by noon. 70' off of port. Lost a few as well. Had to leave for work. Ugh! Dipsys and riggers. Got 2 on a 40 jet as well.Yes quite bumpy today
  2. We were out there today. Definitely not 4 -5 foot waves. Was bumpy but waves were under 2 feet all afternoon. Came off water at 4 pm
  3. Fished this lake a ton for 10 years. Used to have a trailer there. LOTS of walleye in there. Lots of structure for them and a few man made spawning grounds for them. Great fishing in June and July. Slows down considerably Aug and on. October was tough to get fish. Never went after thanksgiving wknd as trailer park would close. Try fishing the river past bridge over center rd. Caught some Walters there after September. Deer bay mite produce fish and the deep water in the center of the lake near Taits island. Beautiful lake and pretty quiet that time of year. As someone stated be careful with the prop. Lots of shoals and submerged rocks
  4. Erie tracker has those blades in stock
  5. Just got off the lake . 6 for 9. 2 guys 20 and 30 jets and rigger set to 23'. Purples,greens. Had a first timer today. He Had a blast!. We went out at 5
  6. I think it might have been mentioned a while back but you can now send a text to a phone number,enter number of weather bouy you want and it will send you back the info you need from that bouy! . The phone number is 7057108011. Port Colborne weather bouy is number 45142.. This is pretty cool technology, very helpful. Try it!
  7. Float stuck in bowl of carb?
  8. I havnt been out in a couple weeks but thinking soon..Anyone still fish in in the east end? If so are you having any luck or is it time to head west. Thanks
  9. Buddy had a similar problem on his. 2010 merc 115hp. Needed a module of some sort. Can't remember which one . He ended up bringing it to a marina after trying a few things himself. Was in the middle of walleye season last year! Lol
  10. Is it carburated or injected? If injected prolly a module or sensor of some sort. If carburated could be deposits in carburated from sitting over the winter. First time you ran it this year?
  11. shoemaker

    Ice Boom

    Doesn't look like boom coming out just yet. Just read an article where it says there needs to be 650 sq km of ice coverage or less to remove. According to this article , there is more than 2000 sq km still on Erie. They will reassess on April 1st.
  12. shoemaker

    Erie ice

    Ice boom still in. I read where they take it out when there is 250sq. Miles of ice left or April 1st. . Looks like there is less than 250 square ft. Now but hard to say. Drove the lake shore from pc to Selkirk today and didn't see much ice
  13. Sounds like he does it regularly. Hidden compartments?. Doesn't say but I hope they confiscated boat and equipment used to catch theses fish. Throw the book at em!!
  14. Yes but unfortunately it isn't under warranty any more. I just disconnect from the battery and it works fine when I reconnect
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