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  1. shoemaker

    Merc start problem

    Float stuck in bowl of carb?
  2. shoemaker

    Fish report

    Thanks fishking
  3. shoemaker

    Fish report

    I havnt been out in a couple weeks but thinking soon..Anyone still fish in in the east end? If so are you having any luck or is it time to head west. Thanks
  4. shoemaker

    2002 merc 115hp 4 stroke idle problem

    Buddy had a similar problem on his. 2010 merc 115hp. Needed a module of some sort. Can't remember which one . He ended up bringing it to a marina after trying a few things himself. Was in the middle of walleye season last year! Lol
  5. shoemaker

    2002 merc 115hp 4 stroke idle problem

    Is it carburated or injected? If injected prolly a module or sensor of some sort. If carburated could be deposits in carburated from sitting over the winter. First time you ran it this year?
  6. shoemaker

    Ice Boom

    Doesn't look like boom coming out just yet. Just read an article where it says there needs to be 650 sq km of ice coverage or less to remove. According to this article , there is more than 2000 sq km still on Erie. They will reassess on April 1st.
  7. shoemaker

    Erie ice

    Ice boom still in. I read where they take it out when there is 250sq. Miles of ice left or April 1st. . Looks like there is less than 250 square ft. Now but hard to say. Drove the lake shore from pc to Selkirk today and didn't see much ice
  8. shoemaker

    10 year ban for being way over his limit

    Sounds like he does it regularly. Hidden compartments?. Doesn't say but I hope they confiscated boat and equipment used to catch theses fish. Throw the book at em!!
  9. shoemaker

    Hummingbird ice 55

    Yes but unfortunately it isn't under warranty any more. I just disconnect from the battery and it works fine when I reconnect
  10. shoemaker

    Sugarloaf Harbour

    Still full ice
  11. shoemaker

    Kayaks in Erie

    Took the dog for a walk at Waverly beach this morning . Sun was shining beautifully and was looking out at the ice boom. Then I noticed movement. Two kayaks paddling in the channel made on the Erie side,crossing over the boom into the river side. ? . Wow! That would be a pretty cold ride. Not to mention dangerous Imo
  12. shoemaker

    Hummingbird ice 55

    i have a 5 yr old ice 55 . This unit is not overused by any means. Took it out last couple times out and found that after turning it on I cannot turn unit off. Dial turns to allositions including off but will not shut off unless I disconnect battery. Anyone use any of the hummingbird ice units and have this issue?
  13. shoemaker

    Careful out there everyone

    Totally agree with the float suit theory. Time is of the essence. Also pics to help you get out. Be safe everyone
  14. shoemaker

    Awesome day

    Awesome! They will remember that forever! Sounds like everyone had a good day
  15. shoemaker

    Hello to all. First post

    Welcome! Sounds like a sweet haul! Enjoy!