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  1. shoemaker

    boat ramp

    Docks are being replaced with brand new ones at Crystal. Halloween storm destroyed both. They are being manufactured by an outside marine company. No word on when they will be installed though. Can't really get much info at town hall what with the covid 19 pandemic .
  2. So lucky no one hurt when you see how vicious and widespread that storm was
  3. Wow was that a crazy couple days around here!. Lost power for over 30 hrs, luckily no major damage for me, a couple broken shingles and lots of branches fallen. Along with all the damage that occurred on the shoreline from Ft Erie and West at least as far as long point , I heard the docks at Crystal are gone. Havnt had a chance to check it out yet . Can anyone verify this? I guess the most important thing is I don't believe anyone was injured. I plan on checking the docks out tomorrow. Will try to post pics
  4. Crown believer. 11 yr old Silverado with over 300k.. one small bit of rust on tailgate right beside bezel for latch. Other then that ,mint. Fall for me as well
  5. shoemaker


    Star tron additive available at bass pro shop. Just happened to notice it today smerch
  6. shoemaker


    I use sea foam I'm everything .2 stroke and 4. You don't need much . Never had ANY issues with any ofu equipment.
  7. shoemaker


    Cliff are you talking about sea foam or star tron that smerch mentioned,
  8. shoemaker


    Love that stuff! Small auto parts store in port cologne has a good price on it as well. Around 8 bucks a can I believe. Autoknow is the name. The old joeys pizza store on main st
  9. Thanks Lund. Just a couple questions for ya. Does it cut thru the larger walleye effectively? Also,if you don't mind me asking,why did u return the American angler?
  10. We'll my rapala electric is on its final days. Housing is cracked and the on off trigger is causing me a lot of grief. Was a good knife but it has been well used for a few years now. My biggest issue with it is how hard it has to work on larger walleye (5lbs or so and up). Not to mention how hard it is on my hand. Smaller fish are not a problem. Just wondering what everyone out there uses.. After some research I'm thinking about an American angler. Thoughts?
  11. Bass pro has everything u need. Go to back parts counter. Good prices too
  12. We'll I live half m8le down road from lake and there isn't a leaf moving in any trees around. Not a live report but pretty close lol
  13. 11 for 2 of us. Fishing by 8 am in by noon. 70' off of port. Lost a few as well. Had to leave for work. Ugh! Dipsys and riggers. Got 2 on a 40 jet as well.Yes quite bumpy today
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