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  1. Potential fine it’s up to 3000$ for taking 290 fish over the bag limit is a joke
  2. Both great Choices I shoot tikkia t3x in 270 Win I shoot the winchester super x 130g love the rifle Good groups at 100yards
  3. Same things keeps happening to me weird
  4. I'm starting to get a bit scared with the coyote problem this past bow season I can't count how many coyotes I've seen its only getting worst
  5. Saturday to Sunday 6am Monday to Friday 7am
  6. It's the same fish people are buying at the grocery stores every day
  7. The detail On the painting of the lures looks great
  8. Mattcrash


    The synthetic chemical, called perfluorooctanesulfonic acid Is in the water sounds vary healthy
  9. Took mine at silver dale great place you can go on there website and see all there class dates
  10. The only place I can think of fishing world in hamilton or some times we get smelts from the grocery store they work
  11. Those are some amazing pictures vary nice fish
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